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I may have a complete meltdown but I promise you, I will bounce right back. I know this because I have seen my darkest days and truly believe there can NOT be any darker days for me to witness or experience. _ _ _ _ _ #selflove #selfcare #self #love #poetry #words #motivation #loveyourself #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poetry #mental #healthawareness #takecare #spilledink #thesimplelife # #mutedcriespoems #onedayatatime #itsgoingtobeokay #wordstoloveby #mood #livemoremagic #ownyourjourney #shine #leavealittlesparkle #indie #levelup #beawsometoday #love #shineon #thoughtfvl #thatsdarling

16 2 Sep 26, 2018

・・・ ithurtstobecome Just released a piece for the end of summer collection. . . #shopwithacause #transgenderbusinessowner #nonbinaryclothingculture #thisisyourshirt #neverconform #brandwithapurpose #gendernonconforming #ftmfitness #transcendshame #ftm #sexytransmen #transgenderboy #ownyourjourney #ftmofinstagram #transboy #transgenderftm #ithurtstobecome . . . . follow transcend_shame as well, our 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization, founded by me (Jordan Santamaria), to help mentally ill people who fall under the Trans* umbrella.

10 0 Sep 25, 2018

We often find #strength deep down in our bellies at the darkest of times. If we #ownit, we can use that gift we didn’t know we had to fight like a #WARRIOR. #Ownyourjourney, it’s yours. #FuckCancer, it can take us physically, but your legacy is #YOURS! So excited to be in #charlottenc , can’t wait to speak to #financialadvisors on #mystory! Thank you transamerica for having me share my story and the #lessons from it! The #booktour and #speakingtour continue! Next is #newyorkcity at jpmorgan on #ParkAve on Thursday! #cancerwarrior #beatcancer #share #inspire #motivate #health #wealth #realness #purtity

24 0 Sep 25, 2018

We often find #strength deep down in our bellies at the darkest of times. If we #ownit, we can use that gift we didn’t know we had to fight like a #WARRIOR. #Ownyourjourney, it’s yours. #FuckCancer, it can take us physically, but your legacy is #YOURS! So excited to be in #charlottenc , can’t wait to speak to #financialadvisors on #mystory! Thank you transamerica for having me share my story and the #lessons from it! The #booktour and #speakingtour continue! Next is #newyorkcity at jpmorgan on #ParkAve on Thursday! #cancerwarrior #beatcancer #share #inspire #motivate #health #wealth #realness #purtity

22 0 Sep 25, 2018

The hard truth is that most people, even your parents, coaches, friends, etc., are going to try to put you in a box. They care about you and want you to be successful, but safe. But that’s not good enough for you. Playing it safe can’t be an option. Follow your passion. Trust your gut. Break out of the box. Stand out. Create the path. See it. Back it up with the work. Become. #OwnYourJourney

1459 11 Sep 25, 2018

The business of art is much the same as any other business. You exchange something of value - for something else of value, right? But this exchange of value becomes murky when we recognise that a lot of creative work doesn’t have a ‘sum of its parts formula’ to working out what that value is. And to add to that, creative work is an expression of who you are – which makes it incredibly hard to assign value to. Your creative work is valuable because of the *emotional* value it has to your buyer – but that emotional value is also linked to you the artist, and this is why it's so hard to set your own prices as a creative. And art history hasn’t done modern creatives any favours. The archetype of the tortured, starving artist has been romanticised by society’s attempts to understand the people behind great works of art for hundreds of years These narratives reinforce the myth that great work is only born out of poverty, suffering or conflict, and that pursuing a creative life isn’t a practical or profitable career path. Whether you subscribe to these myths consciously or not, these values underly the fear in your ability to become successful in your creative field. But with some conscious effort, (and a little help) I believe you can find a way to overcome your fears and learn how to communicate your value to your clients. The best part is that when you begin to value yourself, others begin to understand your value too. And I want to live in a world where creatives routinely partner with all sorts of industries to help them, communicate and empathise, to bring innovation and enrich our work at every level. I want to live in a world where creatives aren't just valued - they're *celebrated* #artsaveslives #art #connection #contextsellsart #emotionsrule #sellmoreart #creativebiz #creativesofinstagram #artistsofig #rebels #bebold #ownyourjourney #tellyourstory #freelancers #creatives #createeveryday #supportlocalartists #creativecontent #copywritingforartists #SEO #valueyourselves #creativerebelbiz

35 4 Sep 25, 2018

Being YOURSELF is the prettiest thing you can be! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Just how you are! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #thepaperclipcoach #creativeresourcefulandwhole #awarenesstrustandchoice #alwaysachoice #ownyourjourney #onestepatatime #whenyouready #youcandothis

7 0 Sep 25, 2018

Where the bloody hell has Grace been?! I’ll tell you where ... she has been doing L.I.F.E. You know when she told you that when you separate you need to make notes of EVERYTHING? Well, one of the things Grace had to set 5 minutes aside for is in the above image. You may have to attend a court hearing or trial where you are given up to a years worth of calendar templates to complete, at the courts request, as part of your evidence pack. Yes... 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours detailing your separation, or divorce - in this particular example, where your children are involved. Where were your children every single day? With proof. What were you doing for your child every single day. With proof. What have you bought your child? With proof. What communication have you had with the other parent in regards to your children’s upbringing? With proof. When has your child been ill, seen a doctor, stayed off school? With proof. Who is the main point of contact for your child in case of emergencies? With proof. All 👏🏼 Of 👏🏼 It. So. Before Grace has to mutter the words, “I told you so,” do yourself a favour. Grab your phone calendar, a notebook, the free fridge magnet shopping list white board thingy that you got with an online shop and start noting everything down. File everything. You’re not going to remember every call from school or jumper bought or swimming lesson paid for or conversations you’ve had with your child’s father. If you never need this information, awesome! You can have a therapeutic bonfire and Bourbon night. If you do, no worries, you’re ready to go. Saves time, eliminates feeling overwhelmed, encourages honest accounts, promotes self confidence and, most importantly, it’s a habit created that allows for other best practice habits to be formed as you move forward. #separation #divorce #singleparent #singlemum #singledad #empowerment #honesty #iam #selfworth #knowyourrights #womenempowerment #perspective #getorganised #lifestyle #positivity #habits #create #writeitdown #prep #bestpractice #helpyourself #courage #ownyourjourney #beresponsible #happiness #relax #hellograce

16 3 Sep 25, 2018

1. Consistency is everything in my life. Consistency in showing up in my business and to my followers. Consistency in my relationship with Stu. Consistency in my workouts and my nutrition. Consistency in my self care and self acceptance routine. 2. I could shout it at the top of my lungs— good things take time and instant gratification is a joke. 3. How long could you put work into something you are passionate for but not see the fruits of your labor? 4. I have been coaching consistently for 6 months. 5. I just received my open work permit and I am going to begin teaching yoga again, but do I need to? 6. How about serve again? Do I need to? 7. I need to teach about 4 yoga classes a week to be financially stable. I’m also going to be doing a little online side gig cause I really like having the even extra money to get my hair highlighted if I want or take Stu out. As my coaching continues to grow. 8. That’s pretty freakin’ rad. 9. I show up daily. In all parts of my life. And I build this really beautiful and authentic business cause I need to in my soul. I need to help people. And I am so, so patient in the process of sharing. Cause I know, showing bits and pieces of my heart every single day, allows you to trust me. 10. To all of you who want to coach— it doesn’t happen over night. Don’t expect to work hard for 2 weeks and automatically have people trust you. It’s not how the world works. I’m rooted in my why and if you want to build a business of SERVING others, that means you need to focus on that— the rest will follow. #instantgratification #forwardmomentum

145 3 Sep 25, 2018

Some people have a journey others don’t accept. They have an experience, a condition, an illness, a disability, a test in their lives that feels like it doesn’t fit in the narrative of society’s view of what is acceptable. Own your journey. It’s easy to edit our journey and try to erase the parts we don’t accept But you’ve got to own the whole thing, Love the whole thing. It can feel like you’re here to be perfect But you’re here to learn If you don’t accept that the lessons that are in your soul path Were designed for you to evolve You’ll never be whole Your journey has an intelligence Trust it Embrace it Love it And you’ll begin to love yourself When you love yourself? Doors open🚪 to something else #ownyourjourney

45 5 Sep 25, 2018

Sweaty selfies are great and all, but if ya don’t deal w the shit goin on in your head, you’ll never stay consistent. . . . I feel, especially as women, nutrition is the hardest subject to concur. We are taught to be small. But also curvy. But also have a flat stomach. But also have a great ass. But also have a small waist. And have no cellulite. And hide our stretch marks. And make sure we have zero body hair. And that we wear yoga pants. And do you see the freakin shorts they create for us?! But what if we wear those shorts and they can see my ass and then they think I’m a slut? But I can’t wear bermuda shorts cause that will show I’m not confident. But am I confident? But only if we fit a certain size. And if we don’t fit that certain size that society has decided, we fail. We are not worthy. I honestly say, fuck that. . . . 1. What is your go to meal that makes your body and mind FEEL good? (Ie, no stomach aches, cramps, regular bowel movements, no acne, no bloat, no anxiety, no guilt, etc.) 2. What is your go to meal that you eat when you are using food to COPE and does NOT make your body and mind FEEL good? (Ie you feel bloated and you feel guilty AFTER you eat it but you feel comforted in the moment?)

83 4 Sep 25, 2018

We often only see the highlight reel of people’s lives which can make it easy to get caught up in comparison mode. - I get many compliments about how amazed and impressed you all are with how well I’m doing with all that I’ve come through and yes I truly appreciate each and every single compliment and all the love and support!! I really do! 💕 - But, I want you to know that I still have plenty of hard days, days I don’t want to do anything besides lay in bed and cry. Days I just want to give up on everything. I get angry. I get sad. I ugly cry. I ask why??! All the imaginable. - Yes, I have come a long ways, but it’s because 👉🏻I👈🏻 made the *choice* to do so. I *chose* every day to make the best of what I do have. Focus on what I do have. Love what I do have. Cherish the moments I do have. Better myself each and every day. Because, I’ve done the opposite and it not only made me suffer but all those around me. - Am I perfect? Absolutely not, I don’t believe in perfect. Do I work on it daily? Absolutely. Is it easy? Some days, others not so much. - It all comes down to what 👉🏻YOU👈🏻*chose* to see and 👉🏻YOUR👈🏻response to every situation that approaches you. 💖 - Chose happiness. Chose love. Chose laughter. Chose to smile. Chose to forgive. We know that, that’s what those watching over us want to see. 👼🏼💙

36 2 Sep 25, 2018

🧘‍♀️ + 🍷 = 😁🐣

89 7 Sep 26, 2018

Great Morning mii gente. . I apologize for being away so how about I make it up 💪🏽 ... How ? Well I got some tips for y’all my IG people 🙌🏽🙏🏽 10 WAYS TO REDUCE BODY FAT .🔥 ... ✅Reduce sugar . ✅Consume healthy fats . ✅No white carbs . ✅1 gallon of water per day . ✅Increase veggies intake . ✅Manage stress . ✅Eat lean protein . ✅Lift weights . ✅Move your body . ✅Love the body you have while working for the body that you want. 💪🏽🙏🏽 ..... #tips #fitnesstips #weightloss #nutrition #ownyourjourney #workout

97 0 Sep 25, 2018

What a fun morning 🤗 I got to spend the morning sharing one of my favorite recipes on studio512tv & it was a blast 🙌🏻 I love making these recipes, but even love more being able to share them with y’all 💕ill keep ya posted on when it airs, hopefully ya won’t be able to see my nervous sweat🤣happy tuesday❣️

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