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#needsnofilter We have almost grown up together and the thing that has stayed constant is this man's sense of humour.😆😆 I love how he can make me smile through the worst of times. He will always find a way ,no matter what happens!! He is my rock and my armour. My support and my admirer. May sound cliche and cheesy but he is my soulmate by all means!! I am so glad our boy has you as his father.It's great to have a parenting companion like you.😍❤❤ It's important for you child for both parents to complement each other's parenting style 😇😀 How has your parenting journey with your spouse been like? Leave comments. #throwbackpic #husbandgoals #parentingdiaries #parentstogether #soulmate #bloggerlife #blogger #love #bestfriend #bloggerthoughts #photoshoot #happyus #followme

76 15 Oct 9, 2018

Si fiile after this, ba funa a dedicated driver moving forward (oh and the car must please have wifi mommy) 😂😂😂 #Safaaa #ParentingDiaries

58 0 Oct 4, 2018

Flashback Friday: Before my hospitalization, I took kiddo with me to #HowardU Commencement 2018. He was so excited to see chadwickboseman up close and personal. Lol

30 1 Aug 31, 2018

As parents we contemplate over every little aspect of our child's life. From what food they should eat to what they should wear! What school should they study in to what sport they should play! Lot goes into becoming parents and giving our children a good childhood. I suggest,stop worrying over the minutest detail of their life.Let them explore,let them learn. Here is what I have realised over sleepless nights and too many hours spent contemplating. 💛 Children learn through example and observation,so be a good one. 💛They will eat when hungry and sleep when sleepy,just maintain a healthy routine. 💛Let them socialize,converse with them,introduce them to music,books and colors,it will help them always. 💛 Plan and invest financially for your child's education and future.Teach them financial planning through small games. 💛Trust your gut and your doctor when it comes to their health. 💛Remove time for yourself,it's important to be a happy parent 😊 ❤ Last but definitely not the least,don't be judgemental of other parents,each child is different and unique 💕 PS: Spread love and happiness 😍 #mommyblogger #mommyhood #mommylessons #parentingdiaries #mumbaimommy #mumbaiblogger #instablogger #personalblog #parenthood #randomclicks #thoughtsonthego Follow musingsoftheheartandsoul

55 4 Sep 11, 2018

That it is. And with that I’m off to bed! Just want to say one last thank you to ktm_fitness and widecellsuk for my competition win. Really excited to be going to thebabyshow next month, I know I’m going to be spending a lot of 💷 🤦🏽‍♀️ New finds for work and new business venture. Cannot wait! #thebabyshow #raisingtinyhumans #verytired #actuallyimexhausted #shoppingspree #itsallworthitintheend #nannydiaries #parentingdiaries

38 6 Sep 26, 2018

Flashback Friday! Kiddo was 4 when I surprised him with his first Marvel live show. It was such the spectacle. “Are you excited?” “YETHHHHS!!!!” 😂😂😂

27 1 Sep 7, 2018

i’ve been crying a good chunk of time over the past week. so very hard. this guy is happy and kind and then angry and mean. about 400 times a day. more angry and mean lately. which we’re thinking means he’s growing. so while i’m crying and praying and trying to not SCREAM and lose everything - i’ll look at this picture from 15 minutes ago when he was sweet and kind and asked if he could marry me. #danielleunedited #parentingdiaries

41 11 Aug 15, 2018

Wishing all the Grade7’s FVP learners a great market day and hoping they learn from their entrepreneurial skills. Thanks to aunt kimbothadrennan for being my extension when I can’t be at home getting more ingredients to complete final product and at GogSbo for allowing her space to be filled with all sort leading up to now. #parentingdiaries #SQSuperSonicBombs #foreverrelaxed

31 0 Sep 6, 2018

My kids transportation for the day akere #ParentingDiaries

44 3 Oct 2, 2018

I love how you raise Eli. I love how you adore Eli. I love how you love Eli. I love that Eli lights up when you enter a room and that even at 2am in the morning you guys are crazy enough to enjoy playing with each other. I love that God is at the center of our journey and that he chose you to be Eli’s Daddy. We love you endlessly and I’m immensely grateful for the father and partner I have in you❤️❤️. . . . . . . . #dad #fatherandson #loveliveshere❤ #babyboy💙 #grateful #blessed🙏 #parenthood #diaperdutydad #parentingdiaries #basicallytwins #dadsminime

60 2 Aug 29, 2018

Mixed a few different dals and I get a wholesome meal for a baby with stuffy nose. Kids are universally known to be fussy when it comes to meals.It sometimes gets worse when they are sick. With the repetitive dose of medicines they need food as well to replenish the lost energy!! A simple dal rice can be wholesome too!!💫💫 I used masoor dal,tuwar dal and the split green moon dal!! Added some tomatoes and spinach while cooking it.🍛🍜🍅🍅 Dinner ready earlier than usual today 😊😉 #mommycooks #mommyblogger #dal #homecookedmeal #simplefood #bloggerstyle #daysofparenting #parentingdiaries #fooddiaries

30 0 Sep 18, 2018

Metro ride 🚝 We daakus😜 Mommy and Benny gonna loot everyone by mastiiiiii😇😍❤ #trainride #hyderabadi #familia #parentingdiaries #mommytales #mommyandbenny #daaku #snapchat 😇 #instagrammer #instaupdate #instafun #instalike #instapic #likeforlike #like4like #l4l

61 0 Sep 29, 2018

MJ would have been 60 years old today! • • “Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts and only asks to be loved.” —Michael Jackson ❤️❤️❤️

14 1 Aug 29, 2018

FaceTime with the kiddo: Showing me his best emoji faces 😳😐😄 LOL

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