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Our Mango Dance students rocking it at The India Day fair ! #fun #bollywood #dancers #indiaday #parramatta #sbs #hinducouncil #fian #mangodance

8 0 Aug 18, 2018

aussie_bloke_food - This is how Saturday night would look if it was burger!!! . . . Repost from issac_eatsalot - 🚩🚩 milkylaneofficial PARRAMATTA 🚩🚩 🍔 POST MALONE: southern fried chicken, mash potato, gravy, french fries, aioli, maple bacon + extra fried chicken and fried mozzarella patties as the buns 🍔 . Good ol' Posty, Post Malone, Postman Fat 😅 I took his tribute burger special from ML In Parra and doubled the chicken, replaced the bread buns with fried mozzarella buns and gave myself a heart attack lol. It was comforting though. I love mash and gravy. Only reason KFC is better then Maccas is their sides game. But the burger was epic. Messier then a prostitute 5 seasons into Game Of Thrones, but still epic. I ending up eating it in two levels so every mouthful had chicken, mozzarella and potato. Made me a happy man. The crunchie milkshake special helped from the saltiness of it all too. Available August only! . #milkylaneofficial #milkylane #milkylaneparramatta #parramatta #bondi #cronulla #postmalone #special #mashandgravy #friedchicken #heartattack #friedmozzarella #tribute #crunchie #milkshake #gameofthrones #epic #hacked #burger #happyman #sydney #goldcoast

814 8 Aug 18, 2018

The afternoon before the 2017 Australian Open finals at Grill'd Healthy Burgers. I was so sure Rafa would win but he didn't. 😔 #grilldburgers #parramatta #australianopen #burgerday #rafaelnadal #ilovesydney #withgalaxy #micampeonparasiempre #kingofclay #unfortunatelyheplayedongrass

9 0 Aug 18, 2018

• 📍 drboomcommunications • // S I L V E R COLLECTION 💿

132 4 Aug 18, 2018

Thanks for the lemon love x_ray_mike 🍋 💛 You matched it like a pro with this beauty from bradesburgers 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 ・・・ 🏠Brades Burgers 🍔Peanut Butter Relish Time 🥩🥩 2 x 80/20 Smashed Beef Patties 🧀🧀 2 x American Cheddar 🥓Streaky Maple Bacon 🥜Melted Crunchy Peanut Butter 🥦Butter Lettuce 🍓Sweet and Savoury Strawberry Relish 🥜🍞 Peanut Butter Injected Milk Bun 🌶Jalapenos (added) 🧀Liquid cheese (added) Loved this last time I had it but decided to add two ingredients, jalapenos and liquid cheese to add some spice and some extra cheese.  The jalapenos definitely added the intended spice and it gave a unique taste with the relish, sweet and spice and all things things nice, even with these two hacks it doesn't detract at all from the relish which says a lot about how great the relish is.  Liquid cheese was messy but I felt it didn't improve the burger like the jalapenos did, still enjoyed it though especially dipping each bite in left over cheese.  If you haven't had this burger yet I would suggest the jalapenos but this is a masterpiece without the hacks. Shout out to lovebitedrink loved the lemon drink

44 1 Aug 18, 2018

Saturday in stars ! ⭐ neoprocycling #neoprocycling #parramatta

380 9 Aug 18, 2018

Coming into Parramatta today on the river boat ferry #parramatta #daytrip #ferryboat #parramattariver #sydney #australia

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