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Last day of Term 3... only one more term of prep left - where has the time gone? They’re both growing up so fast 😭 - Watching these two together makes my heart skip a beat, the love they share for one another honestly takes my breath away 😌 - Growing up alongside a sibling at the same time was something that always looked & sounded so magical from the outside looking in (even the squabbling and the rivalries 🙄😅) As much as being the MUCH younger baby had its perks (and it had many💁🏻‍♀️) that kind of closeness and connectedness has always been something I craved while growing up. I feel beyond blessed to be witnessing that bond blossoming between these two. They truly are amazing little souls. How’d I get so lucky that I get to be their mamma? 💗

4 2 Sep 21, 2018

You, my friend, are perfectly imperfect. Embrace yourself as you are. Flaws and all… #beYOU #URenough #flawsarebeautiful #lynnschroeder #perfectlyimperfect

4 0 Sep 21, 2018

Mis niñas! Muchas de nosotras hemos estado en situaciones tristes, bajo mucha presión y depresión. Hoy quiero decirles que lapapetoestudio está con ustedes! No se sientan solas! Nos encanta que nos escriban! Estamos para escucharlas... Con la tshirt de hoy queremos dejarles este mensaje: Deja que fluya! Desahógate, lo más constante en esta vida es el cambio. Recuerda que EL TIEMPO. TODO. LOCURA.

7 2 Sep 21, 2018

Beautiful Lecce! 💛

15 2 Sep 21, 2018

#perfectlyimperfect #SS19 Women’s collection, #lookbook featuring tinakunakey Photographer alessandrotreves #MFW #dondup

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