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Virgin bourbon 🥃 bruichladdich

1 1 Sep 20, 2018

Chapter 1: “You are not fit for PhD” I must admit, the idea of opening up and sharing vulnerable moments is not an easy thing for me. I’ve realized that maybe by sharing my story others can learn from it, while others can relate to it if they are struggling as well. So here’s my story! It all started in August 3rd, 2015 with a message I got from my previous supervisor “Hi, I'm busy on the clinical ward. I'll be in my office in approximately 10 min.” I didn’t know that I was supposed to meet with him that I rushed to be on time at his office. I knock at his door, walked in holding my laptop to my chest. He asked me to sit down. I sat downs and opened my laptop. He waved with his hands and said “there’s no need for that. You know, I know that you have developed an interest in medicine...and you know what..I think you are very compassionate and caring and you would make a good doctor, however, I don’t see you as a scientist and I think you aren’t fit for PhD. You are not X and Y (he actually named two of male colleagues), they are a true PhD candidates and true scientists. I think you should wrap everything as a masters and finish, the idea of you finishing with a PhD is not going to happen.” ... -to be continued

3 4 Sep 20, 2018

No joke, na only bed remain. Rant part 2. . . . . . #builtenvironment #Coach #phd #doctoratelife #damilojuadeyina #theyouengineer

0 0 Sep 20, 2018

“Porque tú eres una diabla dentro de una mujer, tú hombre te ama pero tú le eres infiel” 🖤🖤🖤🌻 #phd #manhattan #slutwalk #nyc #newyork #wine #winelovers #sighseeing #snowflake #travelgirl #vscolovers #vscomood #tbt #snowday #nature #white #cold #vscomood #lol #love #life #laugh #nj #nyc #boots #usa #manhattan #brooklyn #oceanavenue #parade #love #bw #instablackandwhite

12 0 Sep 20, 2018

My diploma has just been delivered! Now it's not just a dream anymore. Ph.D. (in Comparative Law) is in my hand!!! The life-changing journey, called "Ph.D. life", was absolutely not easy, and would have never completed alone. I am sincerely grateful to my family, friends, and supervisors for their continuous encouragement, kindness, support, understanding, and teaching a passion for research. 博士号とったぞーーーーー!!! やっと手元に学位が届きました。本当に大変でしたが、頑張りました。ここまで支え、励ましてくださったすべてのみなさまに、心から感謝申し上げます。これからも感謝の気持ちをもって、一層努力していこうと思います。 #PhD #phdlife📚 #lifechanging

5 0 Sep 20, 2018

COMPUTERS THEN, NOW, and THE FUTURE . Computers use to be gigantic! One use to occupy one room & need multiple people to operate it. Now, we have personal computers that could fit in the palm of your hand with more features than original computers. You’re more than likely holding one now — your cell phone...unless you’re an android user. . Imagine telling people in the 1950’s and 1960’s that you would be able to hold a computer in one hand in the year 2018? You might as well purchase a ticket to the nearest psyche ward. It’s like telling people in the 1200’s that we will have robots on other planets and orbiting moons of other worlds. . Did you know that your phone has more computing power than the computer being hauled into the building in the picture in the left? . An even more mind blowing fact, the computer you’re holding in your hand right now reading this has more computing power than NASA’s computers in 1960 that sent astronauts to the moon? 🤯 Of course the NASA computers could do more in terms of sending rockets to the moon, but your phone with some installations and attachments could do something similar and be more efficient. . Computers are everywhere. One day, we will merge with them! Does this possibility scare you? It shouldn’t! When you think about it, our cell phones are already like an extension of us already a phantom limb. That’s why when we lose our phones or someone breaches our information we take it so personally. Some of you think it’s the end of the world. Some of you always lose your phones or break it. First world problems. . In the future, computers will be a part of our clothes, in your bathroom able to take pee and blood samples to send to your doctor to give you a diagnosis of your vitamin deficiencies. We already know about google glasses. Prototypes of computer contact lenses are being made. Nanobots mini computers may be able to attack tumors and extend your life. The possibilities are endless! . Can you see yourself using these technologies? Let me know below. .

16 3 Sep 20, 2018

YOU GUYS!!! I'm so happy to announce that I got into my dream PhD program today! I will be working toward a PhD in Depth Psychology with a Specialization in Somatics Studies 💛 Depth Psych focuses on the unconscious parts of ourselves and how our unconscious influences our behavior and life experiences. Somatics is understanding the physical form as being extremely intelligent, and understanding how we hold repressed parts of ourselves in our physical forms. I couldn't heal my Celiac Disease until I started to work the hidden, repressed traumatized parts of myself. I will be working towards helping people who suffer from physical illnesses develop a better emotional relationship with themselves, unlocking past traumas that may be keeping them ill 🙏🏽 I am soooooo excited to be apart of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara pacificapost! I will be focused on health & wellness and the symbiosis of the emotional & physical parts of ourselves! I worked so hard to get here & I'm really proud of myself today! I can't believe I'm a doctoral student! Like what?! 😍🙌🏽 #graduateschool #phd #psychology #psychologist #somatic #somatics #santabarbara #healing #holistic #insta #instagram #instadaily #education #school #grind #motivation #life #blogger #healer #pacifica #pacificagraduateinstitute #california #omg

41 6 Sep 20, 2018

Before and After Sooo I made this like a year ago then redrew it like a month ago and I’m surprised to see how much my art improved tbh!! ~ ~ ~ ~ >Credit: Meh< ~ ~ ~ ~ >Unloved Tags< #aphmau #jess #phd #fcu #kawaiichan #garroth #laurence #zane #nana #melissa #dante #trashvis #phoenixdrophigh #falconclawuniversity

0 0 Sep 20, 2018

نمونه پروپزال آماده موضوع:بررسی تطبیقی رابطه بین هزینه هاي نمایندگی و ارزش شرکت با مدیریت سود در شرکتهاي درمانده مالی و غیر درمانده مالی فعال در بورس اوراق بهادار تهران. ‌ جهت مشاوره برای انتخاب موضوع پروپوزال پایان نامه و مقاله njn16 دکتر ابراهیمی #مقاله #پروپوزال #پایان_نامه #اموزش_مقاله_نویسی #سابمیت #ترجمه #اموزش_پروپوزال_نویسی #دوره #h_index #isi #ابسترکت #مقدمه #بیان_مسئله #دانشجو #کارشناسی_ارشد #دکتری #کنکور #phd

1 0 Sep 20, 2018 Beasiswa FULL + Biaya Hidup di La Trobe University AUSTRALIA #Australia #Doctoral #International #LaTrobeUniversity #PhD #beasiswa #scholarship #BeasiswaIndo

18 0 Sep 20, 2018

CYBERBULLYING IS JUST NOT COOL! . SEGi University has organized an informative workshop about cyberbullying at SMK Taman Bukit Maluri to bring awareness to the students. Let's fight cyberbullying now! 😎

1 2 Sep 20, 2018


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