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Model: mommy Photographer: babyboy/babyloves Location: Mall . . . Thank you very own Photographer 😂😅😍😘 #model #modelwannabe #mall #photographer #photographed #photosoftheday #picsoftheday #photographylovers #bondingtime #moment #bondingmoments

21 1 May 22, 2018

Էն պահը, երբ դու ուշանում ես աշխատանքից, բայց չես էլ ուզում «չգունավորվես»: )) #clicked #clickwhilewalking #sunny #sunisshining #flowers #flower_daily #springcolors #photosoftheday

12 0 May 22, 2018

People always ask me WHY I'm diving? Oh, there are lots of reasons. From the beginning of humanity, we (humans) were always curious about our surroundings. Feeling that there is something unknown and unexplored always attracted people who seek adventures and new places. Hunger for new stuff is humanities power engine that pushes us forward and improves us. As oceans are about 70% of our planet Earth there still a lot more to explore and discover. First steps in scuba diving are usually frightening and for most people not so easy to take. Our body is not used to breath underwater and our brains need to adapt to new feelings and surrounding around us. This takes time. If you tried snorkeling or free diving it may be as easy as couple of seconds to feel comfortable underwater or it may take even hours until your brain adapts, but this is all natural. According to scientists, then we have new, unknown things in our life, it could be anything from new type of tasty ice cream to traveling into space, our brain makes endorphins and they are primary impacting our happiness. They are our hormones of happiness that everyone wants to have as much as possible. Some people find happiness in meditation or traveling, some in tasting new foods or wines, some in sports or different activities that are called dangerous which bring adrenaline into your blood. There are 6 main reasons why people go diving. Check out them in our Diverlust blog.

19 3 May 22, 2018

photo de parisvisuals 👍 RER-Châtelet-les Halles . . Please suivez nous 👉 bonjour_parisiens si tu aime notre contenu ❤😏 . . . #parismaville #pariscartepostale #parisphotography #paris_tourisme #lorealparis #paris_focus_on #parís #pickoftheday #photograpy #magnifiquefrance #photosoftheday

8 0 May 22, 2018

Great reflection shot by aaronfortin

54 3 May 22, 2018

🍭🍭🍭 mezofficialphoto 📸: tdangy

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