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: proud to say BXS is among the most affordable stickies shop there is! producing stickers can be very time consuming with lots of trials and errors. god knows how many broken files, printing and cutting errors i went through. but thanks to you, im standing still! cheers!

1 1 Jan 16, 2018

I just saw that I forgot to post my January monthly spread so here it is anyway! Better late than never right?

1 1 Jan 16, 2018

This week spread is by happyplannergal27 and I absolutely love it. Perfect for this week. Still have no idea what to fill some of the boxes with but things will pop up.

5 1 Jan 16, 2018

Meu planejamento da semana passada. Bemmm ‘cute’ ... que eu 💕. Meu aprendizado da semana: a gente não muda ninguém, mas podemos mudar a nós mesmos. É difícil, requer esforço, mas não é impossível. 😘🎉

31 2 Jan 16, 2018

I received my order from stickerpalooza! Cutest little stickers and I love the monthly set up. Works perfect in my A6 planner. I had already penned the dates for February (darn it) so that's why you'll see my handwriting a bit on the days of the month. I'll get that cleaned up though. Love my freebie from using promo code "Courtney" too! #nevertoooldforstickers #plannergirl #a6planner #plannerlife #stickerpalooza

1 0 Jan 16, 2018

This was my favorite week of 2017. I had just started my first week at my new job, and I was finally dealing with my emotions surrounding the loss of my father two months earlier. This was also the week I looked closely at my time management skills and took the phrase, “you can do anything, but not everything” to heart. This was also the first week I started setting time aside to design stickers, which bloomed into my first side business! This week marked a fresh start in my life in so many different ways. . . . . #2017passionplanner #passionplanner #pashfam #plannergirl #plannerlife #planneraddict #plannercommunity #plannernerd #plannergeek #plannerstickers #goals #newbeginnings

21 0 Jan 16, 2018

W2 | 大地色 💛

12 1 Jan 16, 2018

New Erin Condren planners arrived 😍 Got a neutral vertical for spreads & a neutral hourly for social media! Can finally start sharing my weekly spreads again 🎀

5 2 Jan 16, 2018

I may have put a cheeky order into yourworldofcolour for all the new rainbow stickers! Don't forget to use my code for your own discount.

2 1 Jan 16, 2018

My break is official over 👎🏾lol. Time to get this work! 📚💻💊 #blogger #plannergirl #plannercommunity #lovedoki #recollections #happyplanner #keepittogether #butfirstcoffee #student #mph #prepharmacy

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