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If You Are Waiting For a Sign, This is It! 👉🏽Go Vegan 🌱

6 1 Feb 26, 2018

I’m looking for 2 more people to host a fun class this month!! The class can be on: -Essential Oils 101 💧 -Natural/Chemical-Free Living 🌱 (or a variety of other topics!) . I’ll bring everything, you’ll just get your friends together for a fun, relaxing evening! ❤️ **The hostess will get a special thank you gift from me** . Who’s ready to party?—>send me a DM:)

3 1 Feb 26, 2018

I like my sauce to pasta ratio right around 2 to 1 😉 ••• this is a go-to because it's warm and delicious but also the easiest thing ever. just boil some pasta and red lentils into a pot together. drain them, put it back in the same pot, add lots of tomato sauce and *lots* of nutritional yeast (or parmesan). eat it hot, pack the leftover in a jar for tomorrow, and clean your single pot 🙃

18 2 Feb 26, 2018

What do I make myself for dinner on a night I don’t have to cook for anyone? Hummus & veggies and peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. All oil free of course! #treatingmyself

8 1 Feb 26, 2018

Unfortunately you can't get the hibiscus tea unsweetened, but it tastes just as good watered down tbh 🤷🏼‍♀️ a good way to get less sugar in! 😋 #hibiscus #hibiscustea #starbucks

3 1 Feb 26, 2018


16 6 Feb 26, 2018

Tonight's dinner 😋😍😋😍 #vegans #vegan #gardein #veggies #plantpowered #plantstrong #govegan #dinner #vegangains

4 0 Feb 26, 2018

Not too bad for a morning recovery spin 🚴🏼‍♂️😎

4 1 Feb 26, 2018

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers and everyone who joined us in celebrating the animals!❤️🐖🐑🐄🦃🐐🐓

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