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3 0 Oct 18, 2017

Good Morning..It's my #pleasure to C the Beauty lies in Nature. 😍 #earlymornings #nature #village #sunrise #greenary

6 0 Oct 18, 2017

2017.10.17是一个值得纪念的日子🤗 工作满一周年,拥有了人生第一个纹身☺️ #胖景or景胖 #happyday #pleasure #me

1 0 Oct 18, 2017

It’s ok to be alone. It allows us to better understand ourselves, our bodies, our sexual being.... so when we are ready to share it’s beauty we can give fully and completely. #bondalone #youdeservethis #Experiment #Play #GoBeyond #TurnAFriendontoBOND #sensualoil #Omy #pleasure #suspense #hunger #desire #cannabis #orgasm #findpleasure #TheBiggerO #trysomethingnew #fantasy #experiment #loveorlust #bdsm #guiltypleasure #sexy #bodyheat #bondage #gothankyourself

6 2 Oct 18, 2017

When you think you don't deserve to feel good... When you think you aren't enough... When you fear what others may think... When you try to hold back your truth... Become the warrior you need most. You are made for this. You are magic. You are literally a masterpiece on earth. Close your eyes and caress your skin. Turn yourself on. You are made for this. Light your own fire. Play with your innate sensuality. Learn what makes you primal, wet, pulse, moan, ecstatic. What are you waiting for? You are made for this.

11 1 Oct 18, 2017

Check out our vibrating friend! His name is Hip Hop! #safesex #hiphop #sextoys #pleasure #bedroomkandi #sex #fun #pleasing

5 0 Oct 18, 2017

Be prepared and find your #confidence; pretty simply right?

6 1 Oct 18, 2017

Pleasure Post Day 114: It’s finally spooning weather again. #pleasure #spooning #1000daysofpleasure #day114

0 0 Oct 18, 2017

Your yoni is a flower. There is no separation between nature and your pussy. Do you look at all the many flowers outdoors and think, "Wow, this one flower is SO ugly." I mean, sure, you might have a favorite flower that just lights up your soul. But do you shame other flowers for not being beautiful, for having too big of petals or too small of an anther? I didn't think so. So why on earth would you shame your pussy, or another woman's glorious flower for that matter? I still remember the first time I was photographed naked. I got the photos back and was totally embarrassed by the "hangy down bit" (aka my inner labia). I asked my partner, "Does it ALWAYS look like that?" And he said, "Yes, and that's my favorite part of your vulva. I love tasting that part of you." 😳 That was the day I got schooled in my own pussy shame, and chose to see her differently. Your yoni is beautiful. She is magical. She is unique and glorious and capable of SO MUCH POWER and PLEASURE and CREATION! ALL of her parts are gorgeous in their own right. She was created through nature herself, to birth new life from within your very being. When you begin seeing your yoni as beautiful, you begin owning your power. And when you own your power, you begin owning your life. And when you own your life, you can do fucking anything. You're an unstoppable badass goddess who has the capacity to heal and change the world. Don't shame your pussy. She's the prettiest flower you've got. [[[*** STAY TUNED for my free ebook that is coming out on October 24!!! It offers practices you can do to develop a sacred relationship with your beautiful yoni, plus so much more wisdom on how to heal your sexuality. ***]]] 🙏🏽 Amazing artwork by jacquelinesecorart 🙌🏽 This beautiful vulva is titled “Spring,” which is the season of my own sexuality. I’m having an awakening, a birth, and it feels oh so good! More on that later...

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