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106 0 Mar 1, 2016

•steps•1)Get a place where u mostly charge your phone 2)make a bag for your phone 3) hang it around the plug 4) there's your easy steps #diy #tumblr #posts❤️

3 0 Jun 3, 2015

😁😍 #our #posts❤️ پوسته كانتان به دله؟ 😆😍 7az akan chy zyad kain bo postakanman yan har raxnayak atwann bilen w dastan xosh ❤️

97 1 May 31, 2015

-steps- 1)get cheese grander 2) paint it like colour u want 3)let dry 4) and hang up what u want to put on it #tumblr #posts❤️ #diy #easy

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