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When you find out Easter and April Fools’ are on the same day 😏😈 #easterholidays #aprilfools #pranksallday

24 3 Apr 1, 2018

Lmao! I told her she had worms in her mouth because she didn’t brush her teeth🤣🤣🤣🤣 #ImThatMom #PranksAllDay #AsthmaticLaugh #MommyLovesYouZoë 😁

108 47 Apr 9, 2018

He's supposed to be getting dressed but he's silent instead of whining...I walk in on a broken leg and my boy in shock! Hahaha! 😉 He's such a little prankster lately #ocean #prankstar #pranksallday #pranksonmom #bammargera #inthemaking

32 3 Feb 26, 2018

And the last prank of the day, tomato cake pops 😂😂😂🍅🍫 #aprilfools #pranksallday #fakepops #gotem #icrackmyselfup #easterfoolsday

14 3 Apr 1, 2018

Wrapping up the weekend with another introduction! Today we’re highlighting Sara Kronenfeld - entering her third year of Real Estate and leaving glitter/confetti everywhere she goes! Spend too much time around her and she may rope you into joining her tough mudder team for 2018. When she’s not out in the Real Estate world, you’ll find her relieving stress at the Barre. At the end of the day, her happy place is with her puppy Benji unwinding from the whirlwind of a day in Real Estate. {stay tuned for the rest of our introductions!!}

51 4 Mar 5, 2018


66 1 Apr 27, 2018

HAAHAAHAA!!! #sucka #easter #aprilfools #pranksallday

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