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Official countdown!! to the day i marry my best friend!!. I always roll my eyes when i read the “marry your best friend speech”... now i understand it.Oladipo mi, thank you for letting me be unapologetic about who i am. I am grateful for the way you love me,warts and all the mess that i am. I love you like an ijebu girl loves garri❤️😩. You are the wind beneath my wings and i am grateful for you, always. #olowoorimi #mysunshine #mysugarbear #wedding #marriage #preweddingphoto #preweddingbants #officialcountdown #becomingmrsani #becomingmrsani #lalalove

21 4 Apr 21, 2018

Deixa o mundo lá fora rolar, hoje só quero você!

7 2 Apr 21, 2018

C O U P L E G O A L S ~ repost from the wonderful studiorougephotography who I would recommend to anyone for wedding photography....any photography actually! 🎥

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