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King 👑 Kiesza - my boy has passed his puppy foundation assessment with flying colours. Thank you to Helen caninekinetics for all your help and support. #myboy #kingkie #germansheperdpuppy #summer2018 #8monthsold #proudfurmommy

9 0 Jul 13, 2018

Her first Vet appointment ❤️ best moment was when they called her to the back by Roxy Reynoso. I lost it lmao 🤣 #proudfurmommy #babyRoxy #BlackGermanShepherd

28 0 Jul 10, 2018

Yasssss!!! Miso finally swims .. #proudFurMommy kicking some fish ass under water..

23 0 Jun 10, 2018

Fresh out the groomer! #TitoBandito #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahua #mybabyboy #proudfurmommy

5 0 Jun 21, 2018

🐶 #ProudFurMommy

10 0 Jul 5, 2018

He’s such a handsome boy~ #huskylove #proudfurmommy #unamusedhusky

5 0 Jun 15, 2018

#furbabies #proudfurmommy

6 0 May 27, 2018

Beach excursions with AK go a little something like this : Catch some waves, hog the blanket, chase the birds, lay down and catch some rays, play with the humans, spill the beer, relax again. 🐶☀️🌊💙 #waterdog #saltlife #proudfurmommy #dontbullymybreed #lover

37 2 Jun 10, 2018

I can’t handle this! She’s way too cute! 😍😍😍🐶 #willowlilly #dog #dogsofgville #doguinha #furmomma #proudfurmommy

35 1 Jul 7, 2018

✨ 5 more minutes, please! ✨ #sundayvibes

99 6 May 27, 2018

I have the funniest, craziest, most determined #Pitbull and her name is P.A.N.D.O.R.A. AKA the #DroneDistructor ....🐕 #ProudFurMommy 🙆 #SummerFun #MyProtector #RIPDrone #PandoraShow

55 2 Jun 25, 2018

Somebody got a new bed~ #spoiledhusky #proudfurmommy #huskylove

7 0 Jul 2, 2018

Happy birthday to the most amazing dog on earth! Tú haces mi vida más dulce y felíz! ♥️🎈🐶 #happy6thbirthday #july #proudfurmommy #myluigi🐶

34 2 Jul 6, 2018

My stress reliever #furbaby #shihtzulover #proudfurmommy 🐶🐕 #2days old😘

11 2 Jul 11, 2018

I’m just gonna sit here and love on this pic of baymax_the_mutt ❤️❤️❤️ Das my goodest girl. #bästavän #puppiesofinstagram #pittielabmix #muttsofig #sotrained #proudfurmommy

39 0 Jun 18, 2018

I’m not sure how his last family was able to give him up so easily. Max is such an amazing fur baby! I am so proud of him and how far he has come since September. Everyone at the dog park is amazed how much he has changed in such a short period time. He went from peeing when he saw a leash (due to being afraid of it), not playing with other dogs (afraid of them), not going near people (afraid of them), not going up stairs (afraid of them), and being afraid of car rides. He has learned that the leash is good and means walk or dog park, loves other dogs besides the alpha males he knows they are the boss and he is a little baby haha, stairs he still goes up and down awkward but he is getting there, car rides he knows it’s dog park time or going home to PA to see his family! We are still working on him not being afraid of people who try to pet him, but he is letting more and more people pet him at the dog park. He only dodges and runs sometimes. The last thing to probably see a change is him being afraid when we come home. He usually lays on the couch or our bed and tucks his paws and ears. He shakes a little bit as well, because he thinks we are going to yell and hit him. I feel like that will be his last habit to change and we just have to continue coming home saying Maxie I’m home with lots of belly rubs and kisses! Anyway though he has helped me so much through this pregnancy. He cuddles with me during naps and when he knows I am having a mental break down, he helps me eat my food so I don’t gain even more weight, he gets me up and moving to go on walks when I think I am too tired to move, and he keeps me company when Nate’s gone doing army things! #ProudFurMommy #Max #gsdofinstagram #Blessed #ArmyLife #PregnancyLife

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