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God wants you to be willing when it comes to His will for your life. He also requires your heart to be ready to serve who you are called to. But if you don’t stay hungry to receive His word, you’ll surely lose your way. #purpose #beintentional

0 0 Mar 24, 2018

Two years ago…my mind was totally fucked. I was happy on the outside! But on the inside there was an emptiness. . I hated my job, and I let some health issues and a toxic relationship really deplete all my self-worth and self-love. My confidence in myself was at an all-time low. . I tried to fill the void with all the things…I’d thrown myself into fitness, so certain that a better body would automatically bring me what was missing…what I was seeking…VALIDATION, LOVE, PURPOSE. . It wasn’t until I decided to shift my mindset to LOVE, JOY, and GRATITUDE that things started to shift dramatically. I took myself on a journey back to SELF-LOVE. I realized the person I was looking for was ME! The validation, love, and purpose I was seeking had been within me ALL ALONG. . I realized that all the shit I’d put myself through physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…was my truth and my PURPOSE. . So that is what I teach other women to do now- to EMPOWER themselves to un-fuck their minds, learn to LOVE themselves again, and finally look inward and discover the passion, the purpose, the MAGIC that’s been inside of them this whole time! . I see so many women out there who just feel STUCK in a cycle- . Of being in jobs that don’t bring them joy, of hating who they see in the mirror, of numbing themselves with food and alcohol, of letting their minds take them down a rabbit hole of negativity, of being totally lost and in desperate search of what will finally bring them happiness. . I’m here to tell you that ALL THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN YOU. But you have to DECIDE to make a commitment to yourself, to recognize your own worthiness to invest in your wellbeing, to transform! . If you are ready to shift and radically transform, I’m taking on a few select women 1:1 on my 12-week journey to empowerment, self-love, and soul-connection. . You’ll completely shift your way of thinking. You’ll not only recognize, but CELEBRATE your own self-love and self-worth. And you’ll re-connect with the truest, highest version of yourself. . If you’re feeling the pull to explore this deeper, let’s chat! Link is in my bio for a free clarity coaching call. xo

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I love this quote! We may succeed in many good things. But the question to ask ourselves is: do those things really matter in eternity? Are they bringing glory to God?

5 1 Mar 24, 2018

Please don't miss out on the incredible adventure of your life by failing to be present in every moment. You can make each moment better just by bringing yourself to it. #bepresentinthemoment #success #focus #vision #goals #seizeyourmoment #positivity #entepreneur #leadership #fitness #business #personaltrainer #hustle #workethic #grind #productivity #priorities #intent #lifecoach #gratitude #selfawareness #integrity  #purpose #community #changinglives #spartanrace #spartansgxcoach

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🏖 So many of us are spending so much time living our life for other people, or other things. The norms of society, Expectations of parents, To impress our friends or significant other. . These people already have their own life to have their way with. Don’t let another’s impression of you dictate your reality- You should be able to experience your own life and follow your own path, not someone else’s. .⛅️Let today be the day you commit, or re-commit to taking command of your life purpose- It’s never too late to start anew, so long as you draw breath. 🍃 No matter what you do or where you go, you will still be loved. And you’ll have more to give. #love & #peace y’all. . . Click follow for more future content and travel-related things from around the world! 🗺 #liveyourlife #liveyourpassion #liveyourbestlife #travel #today #newbeginnings #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #motivation #dailyinspiration #inspiration #justdoit #fastforward #lifestyle #followyourdreams #peaceofmind #followyourheart #passion #purpose #selflove #selfcare #leapoffaith #livingthelife #livingthedream #millionairemindset #makeithappen #now

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Life is not about merely paying bills and going through the mundane tasks. Each of us was MEANT FOR GREATNESS. If you aren't living the life you want, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The universe creates a space for you when you open up the POSSIBILITIES. What are you waiting for? . . . #meantforgreatness #dosomething #possibilities #purpose #vision #entrepreneur #mompreneur #entrepreneurlife #millionaire #millionairemindset #ladyboss #businesswoman #businessman #homebiz #onlinebiz #laptoplifestyle #enlightened_living

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B-Y’s Honey Farm had the opportunity of being apart of a TVO kids show last summer. Thank you kiddinerstvshow for this opportunity! We had so much fun! Check out the full video , link in bio! #honey #bees #niagarafalls #important #nature #healthy #great #community #purpose #qualityoverquantity

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We should be here for Justin’s production. We should be here for the craft he is making, that’s how it all started. We shouldn’t be so far up Justin’s ass that we unstan him for breaking up with Selena and his personal life. That shouldn’t matter, and it sucks that our fandom has gotten so far out of the point that we can’t go back. I understand now why jay doesn’t communicate with us anymore, we’re terrible at supporting him.

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