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Stallkatta våres😊 #katt #pussycat #pussylove #pussyposse

11 0 Feb 24, 2018

We are connected by love. Waiting for the sun to set with this loving creature. No better meditation than petting your cat in the sunset. . . . #thewayofaseducer #travellight #beautifulearth #pussylove #ilovepussy #love

30 3 Feb 23, 2018

Did you know that according to ancient Chinese medicine your vagina has reflexology points that are connected to different organs? And that each part of your vagina is sensitive to specific emotions you experience? 🦄❤ When you experience certain emotions with frequency, and if you don't release these emotions they are being stored in your bodily tissue. Or better said the stress of the emotion get stored in your tissue. ❤🦄 For many women this shows up as, for example, pain at the opening of their vagina. When they have experienced over and over a feeling of unsafety. Or intense pain at the cervix during intercourse. These women might tell you they are struggling with reoccurring depression. 🦄❤ One of the very powerful practices that I teach during my 6 week Yoni Power-Sensual Confidence Program is de-armoring. Where you massage the specific reflexology points inside your vagina in combination with deep breathing and sounding. ❤🦄 Such a liberating, powerful and transformative practice! 🦄❤ I myself went from experiencing lots of pain in both the opening of my vagina and my cervix (and feeling unsafe and depressed so much) into being able to fully surrender and experience full body orgasms... ❤🦄 The power of de-armoring and sounding!

37 11 Feb 23, 2018

I have been getting 'downloads' to create a super amazing 6 week program to embody full sensual confidence. 🦄 Writing all the copy takes time, not because I don't know what to say, but because there is so much to say that my mind doesn't know where to start... 😊 🦄 Time to do some meditation to get the wild ocean of words to turn into calm waters... 😃❤🦄

27 4 Feb 22, 2018

• LA MUJER BARBUDA · PSSY PWR • Próximamente estarán disponibles mis primeras camisetas en colaboración con la gente de elgatnegregirona ! En color gris y negro. Para más info de preció y tallas mandar DM! Espero que os gusten! #tshirt #tshirtdesign #lamujerbarbuda #mujerbarbuda #tattoodesign #witch #beardedwoman #pssypwr #pussypower #pussylove #tattoowork #blacktattoo #blackwork #blackworkers #inked #blackart #black #illustration #ilustracion #elgatnegre #bink #banyolesink #feminism #feminismo #mkv #macksuve #v

49 0 Feb 24, 2018

Just a small part of my extended library 😃 I love reading books and continuously educating myself better. Learning never stops for me! 😊 What are you favorite educational sex, love and relationship books? Please share with me! I always love to know about books I don't have!! 😊 So, please share in the comments!! ❤

35 18 Feb 24, 2018

Just two #coolcats chilling 🐱😻🐱 . . . . . #pussylove #blackcatsofinstagram #kitties #meow #vintagelingerie #iloveher #shelovesme

32 2 Feb 22, 2018

Please take it ....! #wellthatsfuckedup #pussylove #everydaywestrayawayfromgod

5 2 Feb 24, 2018

Our primal brain is a very interesting part of our brain.... 😽 It is connected to our unconscious and subconscious. Our conditioned patterns of our behaviour. 😽 Science used to say our brain ones formed is not able to change. But resent research shows our brain has a big plasticity. 😻 But years of thinking certain thoughts, and then feeling the same way and then thinking equal to those feelings creates a MEMORIZED state of being in which we can emphatically declare our I AM statement as an absolute. 😽 Can you see how thousand of years of conditioning of a sex- negative culture has not only made our mind belief it is unsafe, dirty, a sin, something to feel guilty, a shamed of or disgusted about, but also has our body react in a certain way 😽 Pain, discomfort, dryness, all are 95% of the time a result of the underlying thought patterns and unconscious beliefs. 😽 To change all of this you have to start to change at a primal brain level... one of the ways to connect to your primal brain is through conscious breath work... And guess what ... through sounding and sticking out your tongue really far 😃 😽 I'll explain more about this in my upcoming 6 week Yoni Power - Sensual Confidence Program... 😽 I will post about it when it's ready ❤

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