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0 1 Feb 24, 2018

🌧🌧🌧🌧 #rainydays

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Pyjamaed musings #bedtime #rainydays

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1 3 Feb 24, 2018

#☂️ .​ إحفظهم يا الله أينما كانوا و أغث قلبي برؤياهم كما أغثت نظري و قلبي وكل حواسي بغيثك في يومك هذا .. 🌱​ ​___________________________​ ​ ​​ #jubail#rain#rainydays#winter2017#winter#flowers#spring#pink#plants#weekend#rainydays#ksa#khobar

6 0 Feb 24, 2018

No mom....I am NOT going out in thr rain!! #stubborndog #stubborngreatdane #lovemydanebaby #rainydays

1 0 Feb 24, 2018

Maulan na hpon sa kuwait 🌧🌧 Kaya itulOg munA hbAng wlA pA c mAmA #rAinYdAys

0 0 Feb 24, 2018

Verse 1 I know a man who sits on a wall  He wears black boots chewing on a piece of straw  He's really arkward he never speaks Just looks around at the people on the streets  He seems lonley sitting up there  Looking around with his hopeful stare I wonder if anybody ever talks to him  I was about to then the daylight turned dim Chorus Humpty Dumpy why you sitting on that wall  You're up there so high like god watching us all  Is there someone your hoping to meet  Because it seems your saving a seat  Humpty Dumpty are you ever scared  Would you come down if you where dared  All I can say is be careful up there on that wall  Humpty Dumpty please don't fall Verse2 One day it was pouring I could feel every drop I walked passed the wall suddenly the rain stopped I looked up and seem him with an umbrella over my head He said with a smile would you like to sit with me till it ends  We sat there for a while without saying a word Then he turned to me and started talking about a girl He said she wore green and had two different colored eyes And that he wished to see her again before he died Verse3 The next day I was riding my bike into town I could see from a distance I could hear the sirens sounds  As i got closer I could see blood but only specks  Some woman told that the man had fallen and broken his neck That night I went back to the wall and I seen  A girl crying she was wearing green I sat next to her and seen she had two differnt colored eyes  She turned to me and said why did my father have to die Last Chorus Humpty Dumpty I liked sitting with you on the wall  It really was like we were god just watching them all  I meant the person that you wanted to meet  She takes after you she's kind and sweet Humpty Dumpty I hope you weren't scared  I'll never forget you I wouldn't dare  All I can say is that you'll always be that man who sat on that wall And that I wish I was there next to you to save you that fall #country #writersofig #writer #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #fatherdaughter #fatheranddaughter #father #daughter #poem #poems #music #lyrics #lyricst #instagay #rain #rainydays #rainy #sad #musicians #musica #musiclover #green

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