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“Require us to seek out the love of others. Even with fear of rejection, of severe glances, of hardness of heart of some—do not permit us ever to give up our quest for love”. -PAULO COELHO {The Valkyries} . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Angels are among us . . . . . . . . #consumeonlylove #goodgram #loveall #workwithlove #lightworker #lightwarriors #thevalkyries #paulocoelho #intuitivesofinstagram #intuitivesoul #lightoflife #angelsareamongus #raisethefrequency #raiseyourvibration #raiseyourfrequency #enlightenment #itsachoice #bewhatyoudream #dowhatyoulove #literature

81 2 Jul 21, 2018

If this week has been about feeling all the raw emotions, just know this: Never trust your fears. They don’t know your strength. 👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 #boom #youarestrongenough #raiseyourfrequency #speakyourtruth #knowyourstrength

8 2 Jul 21, 2018

While I was working on my girls meal plans, I was able to take a picture of my boys playing under the desk💞 I love how Josiah is able to watch his mommy working on her passion!! #mommyofarainbowbaby #extremelyblessed #relentlessnation #soulpurpose #replacefearwithfaith #ambassadorofencouragement #letyourlightshine #iwill #becorageous #powerofshe #movementculture #walkthetalk #raiseyourfrequency #fridaynightvibes

6 0 Jul 21, 2018

Hey there lovelies! Just shouting out that today is the last day of the special for the dual kit. Open to new members only (sorry, current YL members). Comes with 13 oils, Ningxia red samples (the best antioxidant drink ever), thieves cleaner (this cleaner replaces every cleaner in your home) and all the other normal goodies. You will be getting a handbook from my team and a little basket from me (a reference guide, roller balls, a blend that I loooove and some other goodies). I’ll do a quick rundown of all of the oils in a few mins so be sure to check that out. . . But guys, seriously. I’m speaking from my heart strings. If you’ve been on the fence about hopping on board and getting serious about cutting toxins from your life, now is the time. Sure you could join at any time but why not do it when there’s this amazing special? Two diffusers? Yes, please! Extra oils, yep! All for under $200....whaaaa? 😳 Plus we are a tribe of women with the best resources ever. You will never walk this journey alone. 🙌🏼Let’s do this! ❤️

9 1 Jul 21, 2018

Including your own. Our ego loves to convince us to second guess ourselves and play small. It’ll show up in doubt, fear, judgment. But your ego is not who you really are, is it? You are love, you are worthy, you are one with the moon and the sun and the stars. Keep shining, the world needs your light. Wishing you all a blissful weekend!! ✨ #positivelyday

20 1 Jul 20, 2018

Weekend vibes 👠

19 1 Jul 21, 2018

✨Be in harmony with yourself✨

10 1 Jul 21, 2018

When the universe removes certain things or people from your life, it's because they were holding you back from reaching your greatest potential. Look for the opportunity that lies beyond..... behind every no is a greater yes!!💕 . . #hustlebelievereceive #blessed #blessings #selflove #love #positivity #loveyourself #singlemoms #single #parentlife #mother #bossbabe #selfworth #vibratehigher #tribe #raiseyourfrequency #hugs #smile #respectyourself #womenempowerment #acceptyourself #selfacceptance #higherconciousness #evolving #gratitude

10 0 Jul 20, 2018

take them💎🦄 via astrologyangelmediums Lately I’ve had a lot of change and opportunities come my way. For a second I wanted to overthink everything (Virgo tendencies) but since I’ve been consciously trying to be in a state of abundance and surrender I nipped that shit in the ass and am just going with the flow. Take your chances. Trust the universe. What is meant to be will happen. Don’t stress it. Trust your flow and your journey and most importantly accept yourself every step of the way. YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YLU BELONG. Whether that be in a struggle or in a win. And if you are especially in a struggle stop worrying and stressing so much. The universe has got you and that struggle is taking you where you need to be. #SelfLoveGirlGang 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

21 2 Jul 21, 2018

"It's like 1, 2, 3 Just as easy as can be Just the way you look at me You make me smile 😊 Ain't no need to complicate it We both know that's overrated We've been there It's safe to say it ain't our style It's just that simple, S-I-M-P-L-E Simple as can be" ❤️ * * Until I met this man, I didn't realize how simple love is. It isnt complicated like I used to think with old relationships that involved games and doubt and lies and insecurities. Love is finding a person who gets you, the real you! The person who makes you laugh and supports you. The person who let's you have your independence but makes you better when you're together. The person who makes you feel safe and secure. The person who never makes you wonder or question or doubt. * * So lucky to have found this simple kind of love ❤️😘🤗

12 1 Jul 21, 2018

My lovely friend iwillalwaysoilyou and I spent the evening at the denverbotanic on Wednesday 🌱 We are planning some awesome oil education and thought it would be so neat to search for our oils in plant form 😍🌱🌹🌸🌲 We are so fortunate to have access to such a gorgeous Botanical Gardens here 💖 We could get lost forever 😌 We were so filled with joy the entire time and could truly feel the high vibrations of all the living plants 💗✨🌀 It made me appreciate so much more all the love, care and research that goes into our essential oils. Even to the distillation process, which is SO incredibly important ⚗️ Young Living’s Essential oils are only distilled once and at very low temperatures which helps to ensure the absolute best final product! A product that has all the therapeutic properties you’re seeking. A product that is still technically living and radiating those same high vibrations that lift our spirits and promote wellness 🙌🏼✨🌱🌀💖 Only Young Living can guarantee this superior quality 👌🏼 If you want to feel that high you get when you’re surrounded in nature, you need Young Living Essential Oils! Why would you not want to feel elated and full of happiness? When your body is vibing high you’re raising your frequency which helps improve your wellness. That’s just a fact 🙌🏼😍🌲

9 1 Jul 21, 2018

Stop looking around for that peaceful moment, start searching inside you, it is there, you will find it. #yoga #nature #enlko #meaningfulmat #bepresent

44 7 Jul 20, 2018

Only one person is in charge of your happiness... and that's YOU! Visualise the life you want... feel it like you already have it... then release that intention into the universe and wait for it to manifest. #followyourbliss

1 1 Jul 21, 2018

5 Days, 5 healing sessions, you will raise your vibration and feel better and all you’ve got to do is sit back and listen! My July special offer runs out at the end of... well, July! Get this, my favourite online programme for just €50 [thats only €10 per healing session] and you get to keep them and listen over and over again! - live link in my bio xx

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