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wish I could turn back time to the good old days 💖 • I miss my zen so much i'm crying and it actually hurts ---- #mysticmessenger #mysmes #zen #hyunryu #rant #rants #lmao

5 0 Jul 20, 2018

Like seriously what fucking driving school did y’all go to? Don’t know how to turn on a median and don’t know you supposed to move your shit out the street if you are fully capable! MF don’t even be having no kinda damage just causing traffic to exchange insurance and calling the cops when they hardly ever show up for minor accidents 🙄🙄🙄 #houston #rant

8 2 Jul 20, 2018

Ranting in the city.

8 2 Jul 20, 2018

You are so beautiful on the inside and out. If guys don't notice that then they don't deserve you. Comment your advice.

5 1 Jul 20, 2018

So, yesterday I told my mom that one of my characters is gay and she said, "What?? People are going to be reading this! It's not normal! You don't want to make people think it's okay to be gay!" OKAY TO BE GAY. Can you believe she said that??! IT'S TOTALLY OKAY TO BE GAY. And YES I am aware that people will be reading my story. What does that matter?? I want to support the LGBT community, not bring it down unlike my mother. There are plenty of books, tv shows, movies, etc., that have homosexuality in them. The world is not full of perfect little Christian women like you, Mom. This happened yesterday and I AM STILL LIVID. #LGBTQ #rant

1 0 Jul 20, 2018

YES I AM CRYING YOU LUCKY HOE DSKSJSKSJ ---- #miraculous #miraculousladybug #meme #memes #rantaccount #rants #rant

4 0 Jul 20, 2018

I've been saving these for days when I REALLY need a pick-me-up. This week I've been mentally battling with myself and everyone around me, and this morning I got a text guilt tripping me for working today. My set schedule is Mon-Fri 3pm-11:30pm. Has been since March. They couldn't have scheduled differently if they wanted me there? Oh well. #bath #bathbomb #rant #bathrant #witchbaby #witchbabysoap

2 1 Jul 20, 2018

Stop asking me why I set ridiculous, impossible, unachievable goals for myself. Stop telling me I’m doing too much, or I’ve accomplished enough already. Stop looking for flaws in my character just so you can feel better about yourself and your lack of ambition. I only shared a microscopical amount of information with yall on here about what I’ve been working on but the ones closest to me know more about the goals I haven’t disclosed yet and the achievements I haven’t even celebrated yet. Great friends, great support staff but what I need are the ones around me saying “Don’t ease up! Keep applying pressure! No vacation, keep grinding! You could do more!” Those are the ones that will take your enterprise to the next level. Everyone else gets left on the ground floor. #rant

15 2 Jul 20, 2018

Krisp868 got to spin the wheel yesterday and made me rant about hotdogs for a bit... Another reason why burritos are the best 🌯🐻.

22 1 Jul 20, 2018

Most times I pull up a web browser and see a star rating on a lager, they come up mid ratings. I don’t look at untappd, beeradvocate, ratebeer and co to make a decision. There are very few people I trust to recommend a beer to me. I’m usually just looking for ingredients and brewery’s description when looking up. People wanting to tick a beer for a new badge or rate it to up some number on their profile end up drinking beer they don’t understand. These “everything has to be a hop bomb” people buy a Pilsner to get another tick and rate it a 2.5 because it’s boring. It’s not boring, they just have no business rating beers. They don’t understand style differences. These sites are a disservice to the industry because great beers get low ratings and people pass on them because some hazeboi thinks all beer should taste like a caprisungb. Thoughts?

11 7 Jul 20, 2018

Some friends just try to start trouble #rant

0 0 Jul 20, 2018

friday, july 20th 🍓 today i am going to splish splash! i am in a rush but here are my top ten songs, 1) after the storm/ kali uchis 2) ifhy/ tyler the creator 3) 3005/ childish gambino 4) telvision / so far so good/ rex orange county 5) riptide/ vance joy 6) driving to hawaii/ summer salt 7) surf wax america/ weezer 8) mr. blue sky/ electric lights orchestra 9) the brightside/ lil peep 10) mister sandman/ the chordettes 🌞 hastags #aesthetic #tumblraesthetic #aesthetictumblr #aesthetics #tumblr #tumblrfeed #aestheticfeed #tumblrgirl #vintage #vintagefeed #grunge #softgrunge #softaesthetic #palm #palmtree #florida #disneyworld #rant #music #tyler #tylerthecreator #topten #splishsplash #epcot #mexico #epcotmexico #waltdisneyworld 🐚

18 0 Jul 20, 2018

👋🏼Warning: Super transparent snapshot of real life right now, including a rant and an anthentic statement of gratitude to follow this happy cupcake picture that seemed perfect for a Friday, but has nothing to do with the situation at hand. * This past week has been truly testing, but also a testament to God not giving us more than we can handle... even when it feels like it's too much by our human standards. We’ve had a plumbing issue for more than 2 weeks. This past week it worsened and there have been plumbers at the house for 8 hours each day... you can imagine this being SLIGHTLY disruptive to newborn sleep patterns, a sleep deprived mama and super inconvenient to the village of people who have helped us while my husband is out of the country with the Army. Nothing says welcome to my home like "Hi, can you please wait to flush the toilet after you've peed at least 2 or 3 times". I’m serious🤦🏼‍♀️. * And last night... the s*$ # got real. No pun intended💩. Yep.. my greatest fear happened. Sewage finally started coming up from one of the showers (we are down to 1 of 3 functional showers in the house and I'm limiting shower time to 5 minutes when I have mastitis and any mama that has had mastitis knows how helpful a hot shower is on your boobies). Needless to say, I kicked it into high gear to start packing up our things. In that process I reached a whole new level of overwhelm because packing up all the things for a newborn is just ridiculous...I knew there’s a lot of stuff she uses every day but holy 🐮. In that long process, the nasty 💩water drained back down and the fumes dissipated. I made the decision to just block off that part of the house and stay at our home vs lugging our whole life to my mommas (which honestly may happen today if we can’t shower). * But here’s the BEST part and proof God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. JOY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME🙌🏼, because being up all night might have just been too much, but God gave us rest🙌🏼!

18 8 Jul 20, 2018


317 17 Jul 20, 2018

Don’t listen and don’t CARE about the shit others say about you. You be YOU. Your here for a reason. Your YOU for a reason. Sparkle. SHINE. Repeat. 💜✨ #rant #shine #unicorns #crystals #cleanse #release #mindbodysoul

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