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Most times I don't need your advice or curses, I just need someone to be there for me. To be my shoulder, someone who will be like "I get you, I understand, you will be fine!" Sometimes your presence means more than words! #inspirationalwomen #motivation #loveisreal #peaceofmind #beafriend #smile😊 #selfgrowth #selfworth #instaafterdark #tagafriend #familyfirst #youngworkingmother #toptags #naijabrand #hustlersquare #youcanonlygetwhatyougive #blackove #rant #youcantpourfromanemptycup

7 0 Oct 17, 2018

My music teacher gave me a sax solo and I wanted to cry bc but was so hard and out of my range for possibility. I had a lot of work today so yea

6 1 Oct 17, 2018

So ye. Rant. Read if you wanna. It kinda long. #ftm #trans #rant #transsexual #femaletomale #depression #mentalhealth #sad #happy #feelings #emotions #boy

9 4 Oct 17, 2018

opinion needed 🎮 / what's the truth about this game? who's loving it and who's hating it? the best and the worst of it? feel free to write even long paragraphs if needed ~

51 9 Oct 17, 2018

Our teaching method sha😭😂💔 ° ° Naija song by me🎤💆🏽‍♂ ° ° Disclaimer: This is totally fictitious and has no racially degrading intentions😌😌! I love my country..I think😏 ° ° TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION..thanks! ° ° ° krakstv tundeednut funny_african_pics laughnigeria yabaleftonline welove2laugh onlyinnigeria ebonylifetv krashshq

15 10 Oct 17, 2018

Been an interesting couple of weeks. From almost having my identity stolen on Facebook to being confronted by insecure, naive girlfriends. Just reminds me of how every October is filled with some bitter sweetness. The sweetness coming from the weather climate changing (finally) to bitter conflicts of change. This month to me is notorious of both, whether it's with others or with ones self. Any who...🚬🚬🚬 Shirt: texas_metal_show_podcast #selfie #temp #texas #outside #weather #fall #change #rant #meh #metalhead #natural #legs #boots #skull #shirt #glasses #altmodel #leather #podcast #reflect #bittersweet

251 0 Oct 17, 2018

It is when you are miles away from home that you truly miss everything it had. 5 days of unbounded happiness when the entire city gets out on the streets and celebrates a festival that transcends the boundaries of language, religion and community. A city so decked up and proud of its heritage that it opens its arms and invites the world to revel in its glory. A city where every lane is lit with colours and smiles. A city that offers creativity and art in abundance for 5 days only to be redone again next year ( Asche bochhor Abar hobe! ) much like life where nothing lasts forever. A city with its heart in the right place! . So if you are far from home and your heart yearns to hear the Agomoni melodies, to see your family on the Pushpanjali morning, or simply to see the mothers in your neighbourhood dance undaunted to the beats of the dhak....if you miss all of those lil things that makes Pujo a festival of joy, you aren't alone. Find it close by in a day, for an hour...find those melodies in a strange city that doesn't speak your tongue...find that one friend who misses the aloo in the biriyani as much as you do! . You can take a Bengali out of Kolkata, but you can never take Kolkata out of a Bengali! Subho Sharodiya! #homesick #rant #pujo2018 #bnwphotography

9 2 Oct 17, 2018

My Experiences with RAPPER troubleman31 and youngjeezyatl LONG RANT lol.. Video on my Channel 🔆🔆IN BIO🔆🔆 #rant 3rdeyerap

4 0 Oct 17, 2018

♡Seesaw♡ - 💞 - #aesthetic #rant #loveyourself #tumblr #l4l #quotes #bts #minyoongi #suga

2 0 Oct 17, 2018

i’m just gonna rant about I feel right now: I don’t know why I’m so messed up honestly. I am filled with anxiety and stress, that I can’t do anything. Not don for homework, not leaving the house, and I just feel sick all the time. Some of it is understandable, but then some stuff I just don’t get. Why am I this bad? Why am I so unmotivated all the time? Why can’t I do normal things that everyone else does everyday? God I don’t even know how to describe it. Honestly, I’m just really glad that my idol is Camila. I’m not just saying this, but she really does help me. Like a lot. She makes me feel better somehow and she inspires me so much. I don’t know what else to say 🤷🏼‍♀️😞💓💓 camila_cabello #camilacabello #rant #havana

0 0 Oct 17, 2018

Fr or when they talk about someone’s physical looks! Like what about you???? Let’s pick at you and see how perfect you are??? #rant #dontbeadick

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