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I thought I wanted an all white kitchen, until I saw this lovely white oak built-in cabinet from krystine_edwards. 👌

115 5 Jul 14, 2018

• S T R E E T V I E W Just because you’re the first build in your release to turn soil, pour slab and erect frame, doesn’t mean you’ll be lucky enough to be the first in your release to reach PC. The first lucky residents moved into their new home yesterday. Our neighbours started weeks behind us and they’re not long off reaching PC. And here we are 5 months in with another 3-4 months still to go. This photo was taken in the same position at the top of our street, 3 months apart. Crazy how quickly things have developed! Top photo taken mid-March 2018 Bottom photo taken yesterday (15 June 2018)

17 3 Jun 15, 2018

With the continued labour, skills and materials shortage in the building industry, ZEGO provides the perfect solution with many other benefits. Check out the progress on this site in Mosman achieved in only ONE day!!! #zego #zegobuildingsystems #ownerbuilder #insulatedconcreteforms #insulatingconcreteforms #mosman #residentialbuild #DIY #saveonlabour #saveonmaterialhandling #saveonheatingandcooling #norestrictionsonfinishes #oneweekperfloorlevel #concretehomes #reinforcedconcretehomes

38 1 May 30, 2018

• S L A B D O W N With Title Registration & Council approvals complete (Jan-18), a month later the slab was poured🤗

29 2 Jun 15, 2018

• F L O O R P L A N Welcome to what will be our home. We used one of the floor plans from our builders range and made quite a number of tweaks to how we wanted it. One of the major changes we made was to reduce the number of bedrooms - original plan had 4 bedrooms. With only a small family and no plans to make our family too much bigger, we decided to change out one of the bedrooms and make it into a playroom for our daughter. We removed a wall so our living space flowed straight into the playroom (media). It’s a small home. But it’s our small home and it’s also only our first home☺️ #babysteps

29 6 Jun 15, 2018

• F R A M E S T A G E As exciting as this should’ve been for us to have the frame of the house complete, it was just the beginning of a few headaches. TWENTY ONE FRAME DEFECTS were recorded! The largest number of defects in a single inspection our inspector had come across. We are building a 186sqm home, so not a very large build! Although minor defects, they could’ve been avoided had the builder taken at least an ounce of pride in his work. If we hadn’t have engaged in an independent inspector, these guys would’ve happily moved straight into Enclosed stage and bricked straight over the frame. Rectification of the defects delayed the start of our next stage by 3 weeks. We made sure to get the inspector back for a follow up inspection to make sure we were good to move into the next stage. If you’re wondering whether an independent building inspector is worth the money - YES THEY ARE!!! And I would highly recommend getting them to inspect each stage and also returning for follow up inspections if you have major defects or like us, a large number of minor defects.

22 6 Jun 16, 2018

• S O L D From paying our deposit (Jul-17) to the “Sold” sign going up on our block of land (Jan-18). It was a long wait between the two. Photo taken on New Years Day 2018📷

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