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Lloro de emisión con la sorpresa de este chico hermoso para sus padres Lo amo mucho #ruggeropasquarelli #ruggeristadecorazon💘 #ruggerista4ever

19 1 Jul 18, 2018

ruggeropasquarelli happy ruggerist day❤️ ¡no puedes imaginar cuánto te amamos a todos! ruggero I love you all the heart! meeting you was the most beautiful moment of my life! I was so excited and could hardly believe that you are really in front of me ... like a dream that has finally come true! you make so many people happy every day and we all love you so much and miss you! please come back to Germany! we need you. I can not put into words how much I love you you are the best idol in the world and deserve all our respect, thanks for everything! that you are always by our side and we are in your heart. I support you for so long and I will do it forever I promise you! ruggerista is not a word but a promise. RUGGERISTA FOREVER❤️ I can not put into words how that moment was! that was the best moment to meet you! I still can not believe that I really met my idol, the person I support every day, the person I love, the person who changed my life ... ruggero pasquarelli! It may have been a few seconds for you when I met you, but for me it was the most beautiful seconds of my life. please come back to Germany❤️❤️❤️ No puedo expresar en palabras cómo fue ese momento. ¡ese fue el mejor momento para conocerte! Todavía no puedo creer que realmente haya conocido a mi ídolo, la persona a la que apoyo todos los días, la persona que amo, la persona que cambió mi vida ... ruggero pasquarelli! Puede que hayan pasado unos segundos cuando te conocí, pero para mí fueron los segundos más hermosos de mi vida. por favor regresa a Alemania❤️❤️❤️ ruggeropasquarelli ruggeropasquarelli ruggeropasquarelli #ruggerista #ruggeristas #ruggero #ruggeropasquarelli #rugge #ruggeromylife #ruggerolovers #ruggeropasquareli #ruggerista4ever #ruggeristaforever #ruggeristaparasiempre #ruggeristasforever #ruggeristaday #ruggeristadecorazon #ruggeristafamily

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