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We were truly fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented friends beloved and revered in their respective fields. I'd previously thanked our Commentator/Host georgeboone, Emcee andretiangco, and Cake Supplier joybakes, all of whom are treasured longtime friends. But we have another dear friend who happens to be a brilliant artist not only in his culinary field but in his second love, floral styling. Responsible for executing the yearly altar decorations for the Feasts of Our Lady of Lourdes and La Naval at their respective national shrines, Chef Chris adorned our ceremony with aisle treatments uniquely ours harmonious with our motif. As our parish sacristan mayor reportedly told him, "Ngayon pa lang may nag-decorate ng ganyan dito for a wedding." He likewise gave me, our principal sponsors, and our entourage bouquets and corsages in the deep, rich, and vivid hues of our colors. Thank you so much, chefhernanchris, for the beautiful flowers that flanked us on our long walk to the altar, adorned our lapels and hands, and for the gift of your kindness, humor, and friendship 💜🤗. #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever #GameofThronesWedding Photos (except the fifth and last) by rvmitra #nsoll #nsollqc #nationalshrineofourladyoflourdes #styledbyhernan #violetwedding #purplewedding #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

9 3 Jul 13, 2018

I've always gravitated toward deep, rich, bold, vibrant tones. And while the predominant trend in recent years has been the clean, minimalist elegance of white combined with lush greens, I'm of the firm belief that colors aren't to be feared and that colors can be just as elegant and classy. As with the invitations, cake, accessories and most of the other elements, I had two requirements for the styling: 1) that it be in theme without being kitschy, and 2) that it make use of our palette of violet, gold, and marsala. I was very specific on the shades of flowers and with the help of my Matron of Honor feistymalou and our styling consultant, chefhernanchris, we were able to come up with a look that was rich in thematic hues. We received a lot of conpliments on the color pairings as well as the floral choices. It took quite a number of email exchanges, a ton of photo pegs, very detailed narrative descriptions, and a lengthy mock-up meeting but it was all worth it. Thank you so much, loridawncastrence of kbycunanan, for bringing my vision to life with the beautiful table styling and centerpieces 😀. #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever #GameofThronesWedding Photos 7 thru 10 by rvmitra Images 1 and 2 from mimabama Image 3 from andretiangco Image 4 from heartie0506 Image 5 from im_krissie #kbycunanan #kbycunanancatering #kbycunananstyling #violet #purple #red #marsala #violetwedding #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography #sampaguitagardens

13 2 Jul 3, 2018

Don't forget to visit us today at the Themes and Motifs Bridal Fair @ SMX! 😊 Model: Kring wanderfullkring MUA: Toni Aviles toniaviles Gown: Tyrone An Flowers: Rej Flowers and Styling rejflowersandeventstyling #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography #weddinggown #weddinggowns #bride #bridalshoot #photographer #photoshoot #gown #wedding #weddings #shoot #weddingshoot #weddingphotographer #bridal #weddingflowers #bridalflowers #bridalbouquet #bouquet

98 0 Jun 24, 2018

Thank you so much to aadverkbridalcarph for the handsome Chrysler 300-C and the awesome service from start to finish 👍👌👏! #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever Photos by rvmitra #aadverkbridalcarph #bridalcar #bridalcarforrent #chrysler300c #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

26 16 Jun 29, 2018

#MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever #GameofThronesWedding Invitation and Gift Tag Printing by neonovelties Gown by emilocampo Cake by joybakes Cake backdrop and flowers by chefhernanchris Flowers on Couple's Table by chefhernanchris Guest Table styling by kbycunanan Backdrop by kbycunanan Photos (except the last one) by rvmitra #neonovelties #emilocampo #emilocampogown #joybakes #joysangabriel #joysangabrielcakes #joysangabrielyoung #chefhernanchris #styledbyhernan #kbycunanan #rvmitraphotography #rvmitra #rvmitracouple

17 0 Jul 2, 2018

From the beginning, as with all the elements involved, I had envisioned a bold invitation suite dominated by our main color and reflective of our theme. We had booked a printer during one of the first wedding fairs we went to. Unfortunately, they could only deliver the deep violet background I wanted digitally and when the sample prints came out, they simply weren't going to do. Thankfully, I discovered Neonovelties through a wedding community and 1) they were the only printer among a host I checked out who had the right color board and 2) the only one (thanks to their fearless owner Leslie) gutsy enough to actually do offset printing (for the Entourage page) on dark material. Main Page in full gold foil stamping. Offset printing for the Entourage Page as well as the Details and Map Cards. Purple foil stamped monogram on envelope. Purple/gold foil stamped monogram gift tags. Thank you so much, Leslie and Dome of neonovelties, for helping me realize my vision 😀! #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever #GameofThronesWedding Photos 3 to 6 and 8 by rvmitra #neonovelties #invitation #weddinginvitation #invitationsuite #gifttags #foilstamped #offsetprinting #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

13 1 Jul 2, 2018

One of the last items we finalized were our rings, although we had a specific look in mind well ahead of time. At one of the bigger wedding fairs during the first half of 2017, we visited all the participating jewelers to see their wares and look for something similar to what we wanted. We met Jay-Ar Bernardo of A. Bernardo Jewelry when we got to their booth. We shared with him our pegs and he showed us the ones that came closest. What struck us about him apart from his obvious knowledge was his equally evident desire to educate and enlighten people about what to look for and how to make informed choices. We learned a lot during our inquiry and we actually had a candidate pair by the time we left. And even after scouring the displays of the other ring suppliers, A. Bernardo's remained top-of-mind. Several bridal fairs later, their design and quality still stood out, so with a little over two months to go before the big day, we put an order for a pair at the last wedding expo we attended. A month later, we went to their shop and ultimately decided on the upgraded set we really wanted. From our first chance encounter right up to the final choice months later, Jay-ar was as helpful and accommodating as ever. Theirs was one of the smoothest and easiest transactions we had in our preparations 👍. Many, many thanks, Jay-Ar and Dorie of abernardojewellery, for our lovely bands and the kind service from beginning to end 😊. #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever Photos (except the first) by rvmitra #abernardojewellery #weddingbands #weddingrings #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

11 1 Jul 1, 2018

One thing certain from the start of our wedding preparations was my choice of church ceremony commentator. The only uncertainty was if he'd be available and do us the honor. Thankfully, he was and he did 😊. To our delight, he also kindly agreed to be master of ceremonies for the opening portion of the reception program. We are truly fortunate to have had no less than THE pillar of nsollqc commentating and one of the most revered icons in Philippine FM radio, my mentor and our friend, Mr. George " georgeboone" Mercado. Thank you so much, George, for generously sharing your time and legendary broadcasting chops on our big day. We are honored, utterly grateful, and humbled. Much love from all of us - papa, mama, and feistymalou included, haha! #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever Photos by rvmitra #nsollqc #georgeboone #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

11 4 Jul 1, 2018

Another certainty during preparations was who would emcee our program. He would've been one of my Best Men if I'd been the groom, but thankfully, we now have such a thing as Men of Honor. How fortunate am I to have an experienced and respected film, televsion, and theater actor/director for one of my dearest, most trusted best friends? As someone who's practically my brother, he was the perfect person to take on the hosting chores because he knows my history and the stories that came along the way. But his contribution wemt beyond the mic in front of the guests. Behind the scenes, he was also our script, blocking, and creative consultant who sat with us through creative and technical meetings with the coordinator and lights and sound people. Thank you so much, my dearest andretiangco, for being my near-lifelong rock. You know me best. #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever #GameofThronesWedding Photos by rvmitra #andretiangco #weddinghost #weddingemcee #eventhost #eventemcee #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

8 0 Jul 2, 2018

Current theme on Galaxy S7. A lot like our gorgeous cake by joybakes as photographed by rvmitra of #rvmitraphotography 😀. #samsung #s7 #samsunggalaxys7 #themes #violet #gold #purple #violetwedding #GameofThronesWedding #purplewedding

15 0 Jul 8, 2018

A world of thanks to pie2david and teshikibuta for executing my imagined registration guide, Game of Thrones-style. Truly appreciate the effort and grateful for the gift. This Westeros seating map brought a lot to pull our theme together and we thank you both from the bottom of our hearts 💜🤗. #MarkAnChatsMarChtoForever #GameofThronesWedding Photos by rvmitra #registrationguide #seatingmap #seatplan #rvmitra #rvmitraphotography

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