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“We’re here because we care about you and we want you to get the help you need. Also, we hate you a little, because STOP freaking calling us!” 😂 From my Fab friend wheretheeffismyhandbook follow her she’ll never call! 😉

4 1 Oct 19, 2017

12 signs you suffer from yogic guilt: ⠀ 1. You don't have a home practice, but you promise yourself you're going to start someday, and the rolled up mat that sits in the corner of your living room acts as an outward representation of your shortcomings. ⠀ 2. Whenever you complain to a friend about your shitty day, you immediately follow it up with some iteration of "It's no big deal, I mean people are suffering so much worse than I am. So really, I'm fine. I'm totally fine. I'm so grateful. I'm fine." ⠀ 3. You sometimes lie awake at night wishing you could be vegetarian. ⠀ 4. You secretly judge other people's yoga postures while simultaneously criticizing yourself for judging them in the first place. ⠀ 5. When posting your yoga pose on Instagram, you open an incognito browser tab to look up the proper Sanskrit spelling so no one will find out you don't have it memorized. ⠀ 6. You believe your most recent bout of the stomach flu was karma for not calling your mom back. ⠀ 7. At the end of class when people bow forwards in gratitude, you bow for just a liiiittle longer than you have to, just to prove to yourself that you really really really mean it. ⠀ 8. You have a statue of Ganesha in your home because it's the only deity you recognize, and it sits there as a taunting reminder that you don't know as much as you should. ⠀ 9. Whenever you start to daydream about your cheating ex getting hit by a train, you stop yourself and send them "loving vibes" instead while secretly fearing you're now destined to get another bout of the stomach flu. ⠀ 10. Every time you miss a day of yoga class, you feel you are a little bit less deserving of calling yourself a "real" yogi. ⠀ 11. And speaking of which, no matter how long you've had an ongoing yoga practice, you never feel you're truly qualified to call yourself a yogi. I mean, you don't even have a home practice, you slacker. ⠀ 12. When you wear your Namaste tank, you hope people take notice of how spiritual you are, while at the same time hoping they don't notice, because hoping they notice isn't very spiritual of you. ⠀ 😉 ⠀ (This post may or may not be based on my own life. 🙈😂)

15 9 Oct 19, 2017

Me? Sarcastic? Never. #girl #sarcastic #80s #iwashotinthe80s #detail #expresayourself

9 0 Oct 19, 2017


199 4 Oct 19, 2017

"F*ck yoi trump" -Eminem Stay tuned when_im_justrock when_im_justrock . . . . . . . . . #eminem #trump #fucktrump #fuckyou #fuck #family #trumpfamily #funny #sarcastic #when_im_justrock

149 0 Oct 19, 2017

Loool them haram brothers 😅

19 1 Oct 19, 2017

What an amazing day! tortus is one patient guy - I learned so much. And the way we potters see what we've learned is to cut pots open. I've got some things to work on tomorrow, for sure. Can't wait to get back to penguinfootpottery - it's an awesome facility!

51 1 Oct 19, 2017

😂😂 Its right though water is the best detox primescenes #healthy #health #water #sarcasm #sarcastic #sarcasticquotes

1 0 Oct 19, 2017

Hey guys, ab main badhaunga fake hype aur karunga aapko force coz Why Don't You Tube jeetna Hai so... Haha chuck that.😅 Team SarcaNeers ❤🔥 present to you our teaser for 'Honest JEE preparations'🔥 which is gonna release on 24th of OCTOBER (Mark the date) Wait for it🔥 Also subscribe to our channel "The SarcaNeers" drishtiiijain jigar_jain29 hunain.adhikari omkar_2225_ shailee._ #sarcastic #engineers #jee # sarcaneers #humorous

10 0 Oct 19, 2017

“ Mamma ... ma INCAZZATO è una parolaccia? “ No Amore mio è un Concetto , a volte uno stile di vita 😎 . . . #me #giada #lezionidivita #mylife #myheart #sarcastic #smile #lifestyle #followme #incazzato #goodnight #selfie #instagram #instamoments #picoftheday #MG💛

27 1 Oct 19, 2017

When someone walks through and friends, family, coworkers look at me for the comment. Ya'll know I'm just sayin' what no one else wants to. #blessyourheart #sorrynotsorry #nofilter #funny #sarcastic #speakup #ispeakmymind

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