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E che non si dica che posto solo foto acchittata! Questa da casalinga disperata struccata occhialuta e trascurata ma orgogliosa della sua torta. Perché l'autostima è il frutto del lavoro su sé stessi non dei like ricevuti Nb. Quando è ho rovesciato la torta si è rotta😅 #brain #cake #selfawareness #selfacceptance #enjoyyourself #psychology

0 0 Sep 23, 2018

Genuinely happy to be me, living my little life, on this Sunday morning in Yorkshire 💜 Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you have a lovely day 😘 #cambridgeweightplanjourney #cambridgeweightplanconsultant #selflove #selfacceptance #selfrespect #happy #lovemylife❤️ #lovemypeople

4 0 Sep 23, 2018

Rund um den 21./22./23.09 vor jetzt genau acht Jahren hab ich mein erstes Studium abgebrochen. Damals war das für mich ein ziemlicher Weltuntergang, auch weil viele Sachen auf einmal zusammenkamen - gleichzeitig löste sich meine erste Münchner WG auf und es kamen noch einige andere Themen dazu. Konstanter Misserfolg im Studium und Konflikte in der WG und anderswo hatten eine heftige Depression mit sich gebracht. Und weil es jahrelang mein Traum gewesen war, Theologie zu studieren, und irgendwann mal Pfarrer zu sein, fühlte sich ein Abbruch wie ein Scheitern an, ein Versagen. "Wer bricht denn schon ein Studium ab", dachte ich mir damals, "das machen doch nur Loser". Und so traute ich mich ein Jahr lang nicht, wirklich offen und authentisch darüber zu sprechen wie es mir im Studium (oder überhaupt) geht. Bis ich dann tatsächlich abbrach und anfing darüber zu reden und nicht nur absolut niemand mich als Loser bezeichnete, sondern "plötzlich" auch viele in meinem Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis anfingen, über ihre Zweifel und Brüche und eben einige auch über ihre Studienabbrüche zu sprechen. Und über Scheitern, Depression und andere psychische Themen. Inzwischen weiß ich, dass es weder ein Fehler war, Theologie zu studieren noch das Studium abzubrechen. Diese Zäsur hat mich näher zu mir und vor allem näher zu den Menschen in meinem Leben gebracht, egal ob ich sie kurz oder lang kenne. Sie hat mich in einen Beruf und in eine Profession, und an eine Hochschule und in eine Community gebracht, der/die genau das war und ist, was ich jahrelang woanders gesucht hatte. Sie hat mich viel über mich und meine Prioritäten, Wünsche und Ziele gelehrt und darüber, dass ich meine eigenen Gedanken und "Lehrsätze" über mich selber nicht zu glauben brauche. Und sie hat mich gelehrt, dass es nie zu spät ist, etwas zu verändern, Gedanken und Ziele umzustrukturieren, neu anzufangen, aber auch wieder aufzuhören. Dass es OK ist, sich Hilfe zu suchen, wenn mal was scheiße läuft oder mir entsprechend geht. Und dass es OK ist, glücklich zu sein und auch einfach mal zu genießen wenn alles oder vieles gut ist (und das auch nicht ständig reflektieren oder hinterfragen zu müssen).

10 1 Sep 23, 2018

Let the simple things make you happy today! Mine is a cup of tea watching the awful weather outside! Simple things we’re grateful for this Sunday....what’s yours?... . . . ☕️ . #ttccommunity #selfacceptance #inspirationalquotes #loveyourself #wellness #ttc #ttcandme #fertility #fertilityjourney #journey #sunday #cosy #peaceful #bebrave #bestrong #courage #keepgoing #uk #worldwide

9 1 Sep 23, 2018

Only after I was destroyed, did I learn to understand myself. And only in the process of recovering, have I realised who I truely am and who I’m truely meant to be. - - - - - #keeponkeepinon #whatsreallyimportant #quotestoliveby #selfdiscovery #selfacceptance #perseverance #understanding #selfie #mirrorselfie #ootd #pumas #supreme #discovery #quote #wisewords

13 0 Sep 23, 2018

last Sunday I threw up at the airport, slept all day, and was filled with shame and guilt over my actions from the night before. today I’m up at 9 AM and heading to the library to work on my dissertation! I think I’ve made the right choice 💜

8 3 Sep 23, 2018

I’m convinced that I’m ugly - I’m not a fan of botox, plastic surgery, those weird chemicals people use to mold themselves to their ideal “perfect person”. So I tend to feel stuck - with this nose, this pale skin, these freckles on my round face. I look at my “big beautiful blue eyes” (as everyone calls them) and can’t help but notice endless flaws - reasons not to see what they see. “Nat, you’re so beautiful”, my sister, my friends, often say. I deflect: “It’s only because you love me” I respond. I’m convinced that the people who remind me of my glowing beauty fall in love with my beauty within and thus, are blinded and don’t see the truth. Their flattering words - as genuine and authentic gifts are not accepted. An old friend and I caught up after a very long time apart. She kept saying - “Nat, you are so naturally beautiful”, I caught my response, “really?, you really think I’m beautiful?”. She was serious, she truly thought I was beautiful - also, on the outside. I sat there, wondering if I could feel this way about myself too? Self love. It’s shocking that this is not a required subject we learn in schools throughout our lives. Rather we’re meant to reach conclusions on this journey on our own. Even the most “wanted” individuals struggle to truly accept the essence of self love and often drown in their own insecurities. One day I’d like to disrupt the traditional way we learn about ourselves & loving ourselves. We often learn from movies, magazines, and mirrors. We compare ourselves to others: our siblings, peers. We place our “value of beauty” on an online beauty market - swipe left, swipe right. So quick to judge. The most I’ve ever loved myself came from Action & Surprise. Testing my limits, failing, starting over and at all costs finding my way to success. I look at myself differently in the mirror on those days. My big blue eyes, as big and as blue as the sea I just surfed - despite how many times I told myself I’d fail. We often believe we’re safe in the shallows and vulnerable in the deep. The sea has taught me exactly the opposite. I dare you, leave the shallows, and tell me - when you’re in the deep, what do you find? Who do you find? 📸 eddenram

6 1 Sep 23, 2018

FREE YOURSELF . I’ve made mistakes. Some that I have regretted. Some that I haven’t been proud of. I’ve hurt people. I’ve been hurt. I’ve held onto guilt because of things I have done in the past. Holding on hurts. It continues to show up. . The thing is we all make mistakes. Holding onto the mistakes we have (work, friends, love) made keeps us stuck in the past & reliving the guilt because we haven’t forgiven ourselves for it. CAN YOU RELATE? . The thing is we make mistakes for a reason, it’s something we have chosen to do at that time and you can keep repeating it & passing the blame until you learn from it. Then you can take ownership of the choices, actions you have made. Forgive yourself for not being perfect, for being human and realise that making mistakes is part of life 👏🏽 We are all in this together with no map, doing what we think may be best. Mistakes helps guide us 🔛 . Embrace the mistake don’t let it define you, let it guide you. Forgive yourself, you never know until you make a decision if it’s the right one or not. Free yourself from the guilt of not knowing, the guilt of being you and let the mistakes you make be opportunities of life. . FREE YOURSELF for making mistakes that were part of your path. You change, you grow, you are you and your mistakes done define you ✔️ . #freeyourself #ownwhoyouare #freedom #selfacceptance #forgiveness #gratitude #vulnerability

28 1 Sep 23, 2018

Rock n roll ➡️ Punk ➡️ Alternative music ignites me. I appreciate all forms and genres of music. When I feel stuck about what song I would like to sing, I think about what brings an immediate smile to my face. Unfortunately, I have always held myself back from being free about what music I love because of the colour of my skin 😧. It may seem odd but strangely and sadly this is true. Falling in love with Paramore, the Manics, The Foos (plus many more) have brought me to life. I'm still accepting myself and learning to be free in expressing my joy and love for this music. #fallinlove #alternative #blackpunkgirl #rocknroll #thankyou #paramore #foofighters #manicstreetpreachers #queen #queensofthestoneage #blur #kingsofleon #bjork #skunkanansie #punkgirl #alternativegirl #acceptyourself #selfmotivation #selfacceptance #joy #fire #indie #topofthepops #Britpop

12 2 Sep 23, 2018

note to self, to all my students, and to everyone: Some people may give great importance to what they wear and look every minute of every day, Others may not care as much! I believe like music and other forms of art, the way we look is another form of expression and empowerment and thus one should not follow the ongoing 'fashion rules' as we say in maltese the 'massa' so as try to fit in. They should flaunt their beauty, their own personal style and their mood through their everyday looks. No need to try to fit in any of the categories created by us and do not be afraid to explore new ideas, it is okay to grow and change and like new things :) You may not be liked by many or none at all but if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing if you feel radiant in how you look it give the sense of empowerment and confidence and that's what counts :) I know we are social creatures and we tend to take note of others opinion especially about us but how will you make everyone happy? do not be a brand, do not be a style, beYOUtiful and be content, that is contagious and will make others happy :) . . . . . #beyourself #beyoutiful #beyou #selfacceptance #style #fashion #empoweringwomen #beautiful #nomakeup #cateyes #tassels #stripes #art #teachersofinstagram

38 3 Sep 23, 2018

Alleinsein bedeutet nicht die Abwesenheit von Liebe, es bedeutet auch nicht, dass man ohne Begleitung ist. Es ist der Augenblick, in dem unsere Seele zu uns sprechen und uns helfen kann, Entscheidungen für unser Leben zu treffen. Wer gut mit sich selbst sein kann und sich nicht in Arbeit vergräbt oder Zerstreuungen sucht hat Glück. Denn wer niemals allein ist, kennt sich selbst nicht. Und wer sich selbst nicht kennt hat Angst vor der Leere. Diese Leere gibt es aber nicht, es gibt nur die ungeheure große Welt, die sich in unserer Seele verbirgt und die es zu entdecken gilt. . . . . . . #attitudeofgratitude #blissfull #lifejourney #motivationquotes #mindsetiseverything #livenow #mindbodyspirit #beherenow #alignment #presence #lifelesson #selfacceptance

17 1 Sep 23, 2018

I haven’t posted on here in a while but I’m back hopefully for good 🤞🏻 . I’ve been having a rough time recently with my mental health and body image so I didn’t want to come on here and pretend to be happy mentally and with my body when I was very clearly not. This page is all about honesty so I’m not gonna come on a pretend to be something I’m not. . In the last month I have hated my body I have hated myself I have had suicidal and self harm thoughts I’ve felt like a failure and felt useless To be honest I’ve probably had every bad thought I could have and if I was to write them all down I’d be here forever. . Self love and self acceptance is a hard journey especially when you put bad mental health issues on top of it but I’m holding on. I’m holding on for the good days I know will come. . I’m not gonna stop fighting. I have hope things will get better 💜

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