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ARE YOU STILL ALIVE BC IM DEFINITELY NOT . . . #shadowhunters #shadowhunterscast #shadowhuntersbts #shadowhuntersseason3 #aleclightwood #matthewdaddario

32 0 Feb 25, 2018

Chapter 24: Magnus knew that the best would have been when he would have talked with Alec about their relationship and about his own past. Magnus didn´t gave up and came every day to the house when Luke wasn´t there but every time Alec ignored him and didn´t gave him a chance to explain everything. But after the fourth day was everything was different. At first Alec was relieved when Magnus didn´t came over but deep down in his heart it felt wrong. He couldn’t calm down and he had the same feeling like back then when Magnus told him the bad thing. Had Magnus gave up? Why didn´t he fight more? Alec didn´t knew what he should feel anymore. He wanted Magnus back by his site because since they were separated Alec felt a constant coldness inside his soul but on the other side he was so angry at Magnus because he broke his heart in pieces. Alec didn´t knew if he could repair it ever again. When Alec was back from work the whole house was empty and he felt alone again. He tried to distract himself but he couldn´t lie to himself anymore. The truth was that he wanted Magnus to knock at the door and that he could see into his deep golden eyes again. It doesn´t matter how angry Alec was at Magnus every time he looked into the ocean deep eyes his heart beat wild and he was totally lost into them. It was like he was in a different dimension. Alec tried not to think about it anymore and lay down onto the black leather sofa. He turned on the TV but after a while his eyes got heavier until he closed them completely. One arm lay under his head and the other one lay beside the sofa and his fingertips nearly touched the ground. Alec didn´t knew how fast the time went by and woke up when someone touched his shoulder softly:” Alec?” Alec recognized the voice and opened his eyes slowly and he couldn´t hold back a yawn:” Hay, Luke.” Still Alec wasn´t fully awake:” Did you slept well?”….REST IN FIRST COMMENT . . #shadowfics

42 2 Feb 25, 2018

Alec Lightwood invented heart eyes!! 😍 Season 3 please get here quick!!!! 💙😫 #malec #shadowhunters #shadowhunterscast #aleclightwood #matthewdaddario #magnusbane #harryshumjr

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