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When they tell you to shut up and dribble 🏆⚡️via espn

24 1 Jul 16, 2018

nsi.universal talks about the importance of athletes speaking out on issues of social injustice in the upcoming episode of ‘The Sports Walk’ #thesportswalk #socialinjustice #activism #athletes #sportstalk #shutupanddribble #freedomofspeech

25 0 Jul 12, 2018

Lebron’s last game in LA against Kobe, I.e. the passing of the torch. As you can hear he had love there and many knew it was a matter of time before he came. I never bashed him. Didn’t care too much for some of his antics early on and how he was when he came to Mississippi for Mo’s camp (we may have another collabo opportunity for redemption but that's down the line). However, his talent has never been denied. Just like Kobe had to mature, Lebron did too. What I respect the most compared to Jordan and Kobe he has been most active with social issues in addition to community involvement. We welcome you to our elite organization which YOU KNOW will build your brand well beyond basketball. You all see those banners up there? Guess what? Your team STILL doesn’t have any more banners than we do. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Let's go #LakerNation. We will not #ShutupandDribble #BiggerThanBasketball #TurnerCare #TreatingTheWholeAthlete #TreatingTheWholeCommunity

17 0 Jul 3, 2018

Earlier this year I had the amazing opportunity to be the Director of Photography on a 5 camera commercial sponsored by uber - Everyone involved knew it was going to be something special, there was a special buzz and energy in the warehouse that evening as we all knew what was about to unfold on camera was going to be very special. It’s the moments in life like these that I live for! 5 BILLION views later this video has been the most important sports and culture video of the year and this week it won a cannes_lions award. kingjames and kevindurant spoke from the heart and were very courageous doing so and we listened. Leading the topics of conversation was done impeccably by carichampion. I’d like to thank waltercmay who directed this project and tuccigrams who produced it for bringing me on board and my brother eli.eli.eli.eli.eli who not only took this picture and was the photographer on this project but also helped me with the rigging and lighting and prep that went into capturing this moment in history!! Please swipe to see BTS pics - Feeling very honored this Friday evening at the end of another long week!! #shutupanddribble #NBA #all-stars #uber #cinematographer #arrimini #honered #dp #STOKED

102 10 Jun 23, 2018


13 0 Jun 9, 2018

Cop shot the kid - that's a song on this album. I challenge those who like Hip-Hop to understand the verses in their music. This music has always been more than a beat and a posturing Emcee trying to convince you of a lifestyle you know nothing about. Listen to the words from the conscious rappers like Nas and you should learn something on the state of black America in white America. If you have really been listening, your so called fan status would have nurtured some type of socially conscious thinking. Instead, globally this art form has imitating, immature posturing so called Emcee's trying to convince you that what they are saying means anything. You know hip-hop has its soldiers, the ones who will postulate about who was the sickest Emcee of all time and those who live to talk on the state of hip-hop today but few have developed that consciousness. Why arent you hip-hopers supporting #blacklivesmatter or have picked up a book by #richardwright for example? The discourse has been hijacked by that beat and that posturing Emcee who convinced you that black people are two dimensional. Think about it, if you were really listening to the verses hip-hop would have real grass roots soldiers uplifting not only the culture but the people. Where's that third eye you hear so much in the rap? I speak on it cause I see the hypocrisy. What can I do to bring you around to my way of thinking? It's alright man, go back to that beat and that posturing Emcee. And you know what else? Eff the NFL!! #nas #hiphop #hiphopshouldbeamovement #noconsciencenesswithmymusicplease #shutupanddribble #idontwantcaloriesinmymusic #blackconsciousness #blacklivesmatter #puteverythingonitbutholdtheconsciousness

17 0 Jun 16, 2018

amazing work yet again from losdejos n fokohaela because sports aren’t political yea riiiight! #shutupanddribble #football #soccer

14 0 Jun 10, 2018

The white lie face #shutupanddribble

125 9 Jul 1, 2018

So LeBron James..who if there were NO NBA would be the tallest high school dropout fry guy at McDonald's gets $154 million dollars but can't #ShutUpAndDribble Haven't watched a game since class players retired and trash like this started filling the rosters. Haven't watched an NFL game since Krapernick first took a knee because HE wanted to be a racist and bring libtards screaming from the rafters siding with the poor oppressed millionaire who was raised by affluent WHITE parents who probably feel like shit and wondering how they failed him. Aaaand no MLB or NHL because they've become stale. Oh and soccer suuuuucks. So yeah let's talk comics. #FuckBronBron

3 17 Jul 2, 2018

#Repost stash4506 💥. " Can’t Go to #School Because they #Shooting🔫. Can’t drink the #Water it’s #Polluted 🚫. Can you tell what the #Flag means to you? I wonder if we should #Burn it or #Salute it 🇺🇸. They say it’s #HigherLearning #Institutions But the #College getting richer from the pockets of the #Students #Whoa That’s A Shame Shame Shame on you Then they go and blame LilPump for the youth Who Think #DroppingOut is cool #Harvard I’m approved But it’s hard for me to choose Between #StarvingToLearn And taking my #Tuition to start a #Business and earn Oh now we realize and they starting to get concerned #FreeYourMind keep searching 💯💯💯. get in line or be Oprah Because if your #opinion is only worth a 100 #Million I guess it’s still none ya business is it KingJames ? #ShutUpAndDribble

11 2 Jul 5, 2018

Shut up and dribble and or pass. These overpriveleged athletes living their pampered lives have no room to speak on oppression. SHUT UP! Deus vult! • • • Hashtags #trump #MAGA #makeamericagreatagain #shutupanddribble #factsdontcareaboutyourfeelings #MURICA #mypresident #mycountry #theholyland #savetheholyland #justice #crowder2028 #shapiro2024 #trump2020 #crusades #cleanse #deusvult

19 1 Jun 12, 2018

#Repost thesportswalk with get_repost ・・・ nsi.universal talks about the importance of athletes speaking out on issues of social injustice in the upcoming episode of ‘The Sports Walk’ #thesportswalk #socialinjustice #activism #athletes #sportstalk #shutupanddribble #freedomofspeech

44 2 Jul 12, 2018

I do a lot of thinking on stuff. This post is really only going to be seen by people who take the time to read. I suggest reading because I believe it's something many should at least keep in mind. Let me know some of your thoughts down in the comments💭 #FastRacer #justmythoughts #think #considerate #bothsides #thinkoutaidethebox #insight #kobe #ye #kanyewest #kobebryant #shutupanddribble #lauraingraham #lebron #discussion #slavery #thinkofothers #friends #relationships #arguments #openmind #credentials #positivity

62 9 Jun 27, 2018

#BlackFriday — Poor kid that had the cops or suspected #racesoldiers called on his landscaping venture by other #whitesupremacists which is very tragic but a perfect example of their expectations & PRE-DEFINED role for black folks in this system of #whitesupremacy #racism! Many black folks have bought into this PREDEFINED role where we are supposed to spend our entire lives SERVING other groups chasing money with little to no purpose for it besides SPENDING IT and in servitude for predominantly PEOPLE OF NO COLOR...I’ve been sent here to tell you that that’s a LIE, a Farce!!! We are not here on this planet to just #ShutUpAndDribble, we are supposed to build institutions for our SURVIVAL & ADVANCEMENT!! We must repair ourselves despite the children of the Devil never doing so even tho they have a moral obligation but sadly they’ve proven to be IMMORAL...we still ain’t got no #reparations so we are going to have to LOVE OURSELVES, EACH OTHER, & OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE enough to repair it until these white folks in power do decide they are human beings and not Devils‼️ I doubt that day is going to come, so you best believe I’m not waiting on no cracka...I’m going to use the life I have to build something for me, my family, and community! I hope there’s more Kings & Queens out there that’s who are just as serious #EmbraceTheBuild #LetsBuild #Groupism #GroupEconomics #GroupPolitics #GroupEducation #GroupProtection ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 #WealthBuilding is the NEW #CivilRightsMovement

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