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Little jewels hanging over our garden fence.

3 1 Aug 18, 2018

P.A.U.S.E 🖤 Hope everyone is enjoying this weekend as I drink some ☕️ & get ready to go to work. Rainy, late summer days are my fave, although I would like to ask the weather to be kind today. ✌ For those enjoying the outdoors & few last summer days and for us, who need to work outside! Pause, relax & enjoy the weekend! #slowliving #cabinlife #goodvibes

13 2 Aug 18, 2018

Hang out spot 🦔 #naturalstyle #inspo

13 1 Aug 18, 2018

We took this picture in my grandfathers farm house in the Lithuanian countryside yesterday when I use to live with my grandmother . . . my grandfather lived here until he passed away about five years ago . . . this cabin in the woods is more than one hundred years old . . . I have not visited the farm house in almost 20 years and it blew my mind seeing how everything was still exactly the same . . . it was caught in a time capsule while the entire world around it changed . . . it held fond memories of being a little girl in a big big world staying in a big farm house in the big country side . . . but on this day walking in here it all seemed so small compared to the memories I held . . . I felt humbled and a bit freaked out . . . what an amazing experience to visit the place once more before it makes way for more modern buildings and a brand new world . . . Photo credit jaco_davidson . . . #farmhouse #countryside #lithuania #lithuaniangirl #humblebeginnings #simplelife #simpleliving #humbled

38 0 Aug 18, 2018

Repost my.burleigh.reno ( get_repost) ・・・ You know your child loves school when it’s Friday night & he’s doing his homework which isn’t due for another 2 weeks! That’s my boy! . . Happy Friday Evening All xx 🍃Travellers Palm

15 3 Aug 18, 2018

Work 🍭

23 1 Aug 18, 2018

Saturday night done right ✔️🙌🏼

24 1 Aug 18, 2018

I love how these two help each other be brave 🙈😍⠀ So glad Duncan gets to have some awesome cousins for besties 😍 ⠀ ⠀ #letthembelittle #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged

41 5 Aug 18, 2018

Ο κύριος διαβάζει εφημερίδα business . 💖 🐋 #greece #greekislands #greecebygreeks #wu_grece #makeamoment #makersgonnamake #simplelife #simpleliving #mytinymoments

66 0 Aug 18, 2018

|Listening to this soulful song by Surinder Kaur| . Har vele channa mera tere wall munh ve Bullia ch naa tera, akhia ch tu ve Jado hassdi bhuleka meno painda ve Hasia ch tu hassda Ehna akhiyan ch pava kive kajla 've Akhia ch tu wasda . #soulful #poetry #timeless

8 1 Aug 18, 2018

Weekends are for plant shopping. Visit our #geofleurstockists at the following locations: ____ - thehepworthcafe - Wakefield ____ - northstarcoffeeshop - Leeds ____ - laynesespresso - Leeds ____ - fredaldous - Leeds + Manchester ____ - houseofkoko - Leeds ____ - refoundobjects - Corbridge ____ - idlehandscoffee - Manchester ____________ Or if you can’t make it to any of those physical locations, you can shop online 24.7 at #geofleur ____________

110 1 Aug 18, 2018

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11 2 Aug 18, 2018

Repost saarmanche ( get_repost) ・・・ reloaded // ready to start some new projects

12 1 Aug 18, 2018

Pure yummy goodness. Buttery, flaky, savory melt in your mouth flavor. This is what Saturday mornings should taste like. Pass the gravy, please........, Have a Merry Saturday friends! ——————🍳——————— #magnoliatablerecipes #jojosbiscuits #bestbiscuitsever #saturdayfood #comfortfoods #buttermeabiscuit #familyfoodlife #bestbreakfastever #buttermilkbiscuits #texaslifestyle #growingupsouthern #breakfastfoodisthebestfood #startthedaywithrealfood #simpleliving #keepinghome #simplehomestyle #fwi818

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