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Reminiscing #snowscape #japan

10 0 Apr 26, 2018

same time, same place, one year apart i knew when i first arrived that iceland would be one of the most beautiful places i’d visit. little did i know when i went back the next year it would be ten degrees colder, the lake would be half frozen, and it would end up being one of the coldest places i’d visit too.

38 3 Apr 26, 2018

❄️ #snowmustgoon

399 77 Apr 26, 2018

Working for a company that is a big supporter of the arts and the founder of Toronto’s #luminatofestival we have a lot of art that surrounds our offices. This one was hung on my colleagues wall. Every time I’d visit his office I’d tell him I loved it. He’s given it to me to hang in my office 😀!!! It’s inscribed by D. Forsythe, entitled “Snow Scape”. This is an oil on paper monotype print and when researching it appears to be a Doug Forsythe piece from here in Ontario. It’s lovely and I’m certainly going to enjoy it every day! #dougforsythe #snowscape #ontario #canada #winter #solitude #peace #trees #quiet #canadianart #stjosephprinting

7 0 Apr 26, 2018

ice_revontulet様。「いわて幸福フォトコンテスト・春」への御応募ありがとうございます。 #いわて幸福フォトコンテスト春 #Repost ice_revontulet ( get_repost) ・・・ Geibikei in winter! 冬の猊鼻渓。寒かった。 #geibikeigorge #winter #gorge #snowscape #iwate #tohoku #japan #猊鼻渓  #冬  #岩手  #東北  #寒い #iwate_nextplan

9 0 Apr 26, 2018

Snow study part 2

351 5 Apr 26, 2018

Photographer: Laura-Elizabeth Taylor Location: Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

34 1 Apr 26, 2018

Incredible photo by helenschettini 🙌🏼 who else is pumped for next season? The crew at stoked are already counting down the days until we are riding japow 😎

69 1 Apr 26, 2018

“ilta” ink and gouache on paper 46x66 cm

230 5 Apr 26, 2018

On the way up to Chevalier the other day with jonathanbanjo and antonthorin, searching for the steeps 🚀

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