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From now on anybody interested in my work please follow my new Instagram mindbodyspiritcl It is too confusing booking/speaking to clients on my personal Instagram & this way I can reply to your messages faster. ✨

6 1 Jun 22, 2018

The color red is directly connected to our emotions and determines how we connect, as well as interact, with others. I often see shades of red around healers and highly empathetic people. When I say healer, I am referring to any kind of healing a person can bring about. This healing often comes from a shaman, surgeon, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or similar type of person. But ultimately, red has no boundaries when it comes to agents of the healing arts. I have been feeling sad these last few days, which usually causes me to turn inward and retreat from social media. But, I thought it might also be useful to share how I use color energy to help in times like these. If I feel disconnected from a loved one, or can sense I am avoiding any uncomfortable feelings in my own life, red is the perfect color for me to work with. Red is often associated with love or passion, but to me it invokes emotional awareness of all kinds. To help get clarity on my emotional state, I will invoke red energy through a variety of ways. This week I visualized red regularly, intending for it to help me understand my emotions better. I would see red light pouring down through my physical body and illuminating me with a red glow. I also wore more red, as a reminder to be mindful of my emotions. After doing this consistently throughout the week, one thing became clearer to me. Mainly, I have been ignoring a feeling of helplessness. My mother, who was diagnosed with cancer several months ago, recently started hospice. Hospitals provide hospice when a patient is terminally ill. When a loved one is dealing with an illness, it's natural to want to swoop in and fix everything for them. But because she lives in Texas, while I am in California, I have been struggling with the guilt of not living closer to her. I am so grateful that my sister lives near her and can help (To read the rest of this blog, please click the link in my bio).

43 9 Jun 22, 2018

Magnifico primer día del Residencial de Mediumnidad en la Casa Toya, Aluenda. Os comparto algunas fotos del taller que di hoy. Un grupo genial y con muy buena energía. Un placer!!✨👼 Mañana más #conferencia #conference #mediumship #spiritualism #yoga #esoteric #spiritualawakening #spiritualcoach #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchcraft #afterlife #magic #ghost #meditation #anime #gothic #theunknown #manga #médium #clairvoyance #psychic #mistery #gothgirl #universe #crecimientopersonal #spiritualquotes #mindbodysoul #workshop

22 0 Jun 21, 2018

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86 2 Jun 21, 2018

When I stumbled on John O'Donohue's work in 2008 and almost immediately found out he had recently passed away, I felt like I was mourning the loss of a friend I had never met, one whose work I was only just introduced to. It was an odd sensation to feel the loss of someone I don't know. But I guess when you leave a big piece of your heart out in the world, it resonates on some invisible plane. I'll never know John the man, but I've gotten a peek at the essence of him through his words. Last week I got to spend some time with people who loved him very much. While I'll never have the chance to meet him in this lifetime, he'll always feel like a bit of a friend. I've been so honored to see the effect he's had on those who love him. And then I think, what if he had never put pen to paper? How would my life be different? How would theirs? I have no aspirations of being world famous, but what if pouring my own heart out becomes etched on another's heart in a similar fashion to what I've experienced? I can't imagine how different I would be without the help from my friends I've never met. . Pour out your heart. Write the words you feel in your bones. I promise someone will want to listen.

54 3 Jun 21, 2018

Once you are in control of your mind, the rest comes easy ❤️🙏❤️ . . Get the ebook today 👇👇👇 . ❤️👉 'Sculpt The Life You Have Chosen: A Step-by-Step Guide' ... just 6 Concepts and 3 Qualities (link in bio). 👈❤️ . . An afternoon to read, a companion for a lifetime! 🙏🙏🙏 . . If you are not already, follow spiritual_development_site for daily inspiration! . . #spirituality, #spiritualdev, #spiritualdevelopment, #spiritualgrowth, #spiritualawakening, #nextebook #awakening, #spiritualinspiration, #spiritualquotes, , #spiritualpath, #yoga, #healing, #meditation, #awareness, #intuition, #consciousness, #enlightenment, #liberation, #personalgrowth, #personaldevelopment, #personaldevelopmentbooks #selfhelpbooks

34 1 Jun 22, 2018

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37 2 Jun 21, 2018

*when one of your clients tells you that she manifested 37,000 dollars !!! Eeeek !!! Listen - this manifestation sh*t is real. You are a powerful co-creator (whether you BELIEVE this or not) and the more I work on myself and with my clients, I realize just how true it is that WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE POWER THAN WE KNOW. Do you want to know how my client manifested 37,000 dollars? Do you want to know the secret to manifesting whatever you desire? The secret is to change your energetic vibration. The secret is to step deeply into self love and confidence, to heal your beliefs, heal your past, and release anything energetically contradictory that may be interfering with your manifestations. This is what I teach you how to do in Self-love, Healing, and Money Vibes. So many people want to know how to manifest the abundance, joy, and freedom that they have been seeking. And the answer is simple: Do the inner spiritual work! Invest in who/what you need to invest in. Learn what you need to learn. Do the freaking work, and NEVER give up. That is what Sherie and I did, we did the work that I share in this course around Self-love, the mindset of miracles, and manifestation. She committed to the process. She watched my videos - she healed she shifted her beliefs she stayed in positive expectation and she sold her house and got 37,000 dollars. Which left her able to pay off some bills, buy a car, + start her life coaching business(which btw she has already gotten her first few clients for). I teach what I teach, because I know that it is not magic, it’s not a lie, scheme, or fad that I am using to take your money - I know that manifestation is real because of the work that I do with myself and with my clients. Because of the RESULTS that we are getting. Want to know the secrets Sherie used to manifest $37,000 and read her personal testimonial? Click the link in the comments to learn more about Self-Love, Healing, and Money Vibes ( the doors close on Friday!) It is a course and coaching experience. It is all the information + coaching that you need to manifest what you want(things that no body is talking about for free on the internet) *link in bio

4 1 Jun 21, 2018

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