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This is not a transformation post. As a strength coach and owners of a gym our biggest struggle with people, is their fixation with the number they see on the scale🤷🏻‍♂️ In these two pictures I weigh exactly the same weight, 95kgs. The only difference is I made better choices with my nutrition🍕 Stop obsessing with the scale🙄 and focus on how you feel, and what you look like naked😉

45 3 Feb 23, 2018

For #flexfriday , here is gracej271 doing a very slow dragon flag. #abs #strengthcoach #fifam #fitness #escapemovementcenter

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32 1 Feb 23, 2018

Hier soir c'était ma séance de deadlift 🏋 Histoire de se chauffer les lombaires pour le 18.1... 😅😇 . 1x295kg (en video) 3x3 à 250kg (dernière série en vidéo, avec plus de vitesse au verrouillage) . Merci à mon bro arnaudbpress pour mleses encouragements! 👊 fabreynaud le bonnet chartreuse est adopté 😅😂👌 . . strengthshopeurope dromfit preparation_high_performance powerlifting_genova #preparationhighperformance #powerlifting #powerlifter #preparationphysique #italianathlete #athlete #powerliftinggenova #strong #stronger #powerliftinglife #crossfit #coach #strengthtrainer #strengthcoach #factorylife #crossfitbaillargues #body #muscle #performance #perf #power #strength #liftangry #beastmode #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitfam #frenchie

40 3 Feb 23, 2018

CLIENT PROGRESS// 💥 katejones04 front squatting 57.5kg here for the first time (BW 60kg) 🙌🏽 not quite getting the depth, so we’ll take the weight back down a little and get really comfortable before coming back and trying again. . zebibm and toyaashakur front squatting 35kg, with huge improvements to technique and gingerwineninja squatting for 30kg - again huge technique gains! . Zebib was hating the bar pressing against her skin in her vest so I lent her my jacket. If you find front squats super unpleasant, squatting with a jumper on will change everything. Don’t let discomfort be the thing that stops you. Front squats are wonderful. . For coaching enquiries DM or email pennievarvarides #ohmyquad

104 6 Feb 23, 2018

Today the DOMs struggle is real after powerlifting yesterday, despite a rest day on Wednesday...still can’t get my head around a second rest day, one is hard enough, but I’m thinking this may be your approach soon gainsglutesglitter 😂 #restandrecover #restdayssuck #learntorest #recoveryiskey #restformusclegrowth #ihavetolearn #donthinderyourgrowth #strengthtraining #strengthcoach #coachknowsbest

4 5 Feb 23, 2018

I am very serious about my travel plans! It is one huge motivating factor to pay off my debt ASAP! Yet it’s frustrating hearing all the ‘haters’ who think it’s not possible or it’s stupid to pay it off early. I can’t wait to be a nomadic strong financially free human being! • • • • • Training the front squat and overhead press today! Super exciting time calls for super big weights!!! • • • • Comment or DM me if you want to know what I did in my training or talk about debt payoff! • • #strength #conditioning #strong #lift #lifting #barbell #olympicweightlifting #powerlifting #strongman #coach #coaches #strengthcoach #athleticperformance • • #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #babysteps #debtfree #financialfreedom #debtfreejourney #budget #thetotalmoneymakeover #zerobasedbudget #thedebtfreecommunity #debtsnowball#Financialstrength #FinancialStrengthCoach

20 1 Feb 23, 2018

☁️ How calorie control effects body composition ☁️ • ☁️ This picture is pretty much as simple as it gets. Calorie control and intake will be the main factor that dictates whether you gain weight or lose weight ⚫️ • ☁️ For example, let’s say person X has a total daily energy expenditure of 2000 calories. During a maintenance phase they will look to consume that amount of calories for there weight to stay the same ⚫️ • ☁️ If person X is looking at increasing there weight/adding some new muscle tissue they will need to put themselves in a calorie surplus (each individual surplus will differ between person to person). At a base line they increase there daily intake by 250 calories above there maintenance level in order to start increasing weight ⚫️ • ☁️ 4 months down the line (this is an example time frame) they have added some new muscle tissue, they’re stronger and feeling good, however beach season is fast approaching and they want to diet down and get those abs popping. They now need to place themselves in a calorific deficit, so whereas before they were consuming 250 calories above maintenance they now need to drop there calories around the same BELOW maintenance⚫️ • ☁️ It really is that simple, eat more = weight gain, eat less = weight loss⚫️

18 1 Feb 23, 2018

How my clients feel😂😂😂 #personaltrainer #personaltraining #strengthcoach #functionaltraining #cf #bettereveryday

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Educating the newest members of the ETR coaching team the foundations of what creates true strength...💪 starting with the Arm Bar. Pumped to be launching our Grand Opening Challenge in just over a weeks time. Last few spots left for those who want to learn what it takes to build a solid foundation. PM me to apply. #fridaysatthebar #staystrong

18 1 Feb 23, 2018

coach_mooseek and myself have started a podcast! ... The link to our opening episode is in my bio. ... If there’s any guests you’d love to hear from or any suggestions for the podcast, let me know!

15 3 Feb 23, 2018

Some really nice paused doubles from Harvey this week, finally out of the woods in terms of injury which is great news! Time to build towards the all England! 👊🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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