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#marmaris #summer2018

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Tradizioni😌🏝 #summer2018

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#summer2018 #Baby💑

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~ È quando le aspettative sono ridotte a zero che si apprezza veramente ciò che si ha ~ 🌹 #sea #summer2018

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Mezquita de córdoba #cordoba #españa #spain #andalucia #summer2018 #andalusia

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Ну что, пару дней назад #summer2018 объявило себя is over✋🏻 Прогноз погоды мягко говоря «не радует», а вид из окна вообще ужасает 😒 так что в голове один вопрос: когда там шубу уже достать можно ? 😏не упустите момент выставить последние фото с отдыха с подписью «как хочется вернуться» 😁🌴☀️ Но на самом деле, не очень то и хочется) я бы предпочла сейчас лучше пролететь вот это 💩время года и оказаться ближе к Новому году🎄 как то так 🤷🏻‍♀️ ❓а у Вас как❓

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Ukraine was the first country I visited! It was my dream to visit this country for a very long time and considering it is so close to home it strikes me odd why it actually took so long for me to go. Definitely highlights of my trip was staying in Lviv and meeting lots of people through couchsurfing meetup. I particularly enjoyed this little restaurant called “Atlas” they had the best cherry cheesecakes for breakfast. Another place worth visiting is the beer theatre called “Pravda” where they have the best selection of drinks and live band plays every night! Also if you want to have an interesting experience go to “Kryivka” where in order to enter you must say “Slava Ukraini” you get a shot to drink and you can enjoy the place! What I really liked about Ukraine is that it was so traditional, still very untouched by tourism (even though of course I met many backpackers) but I loved that it was so quiet and you could enjoy the country for how it is. It met my expectations and I really want to go back again! Lviv I preferred much more to Kiev, it had a small town feel to it as opposed to the massive Kiev by the Dnieper river. Ukraine is one of the countries that I really want to go back to. There is something about it that makes you smile. People were very nice, I had so many great experiences, tried the best traditional food and learned so much about their history. I think you can also understand the Ukrainian crisis a bit better once you go there, for example it shows in their aversion of the Russian language, they much preferred speaking in polish with me than Russian! If you still haven’t been to Ukraine, definitely go! . . . . . . . . . #lviv #ukraine #travel #traveller #traveladvice #polishgirl #polskadziewczyna #oldtown #eurotrip #summer2018 #backpacking #solotravel #travelgram #instadaily

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• Mercat Central • 🇪🇸 #valencia #spain #summer2018 #holiday #architecture #mercatcentralvalencia

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