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The auntie life is just so rough... #summertimeandthelivingseasy #poolsidechillin #summerinthepnw

11 0 Jul 22, 2018

It's a beautiful evening to get out with my girlfriends and see the Eugene Symphony in the Park. I need more of this! #girltime #ladiesnight #symphonyinthepark #cuthbertamphitheater #summertimeandthelivingseasy #pnwonderful

8 1 Jul 22, 2018

This beauty is finally blooming #alaskapeonies #peony #907 #summertimeandthelivingseasy

6 0 Jul 22, 2018

Strollin’ downtown 📸 nat.jarvis

18 3 Jul 22, 2018

Simply a perfect day!

26 1 Jul 22, 2018

Covered in dirt, ice-cream, BBQ sauce and who knows what else, but with her precious dragon prize in hand. 😍 It was hot hot hot, but we survived the fair! 🙌🏻 #bigskycountryfair #summertimeandthelivingseasy #summerinmontana #lastbestplace #lovewhereyoulive

61 1 Jul 22, 2018

Sometimes we just can’t get close to our fears until all threats are removed. The theme of the day today for this sweet dude of ours was “confident and strong.” After we did some wave time even after he took some beating on the rocks (we have a general rule you can’t go in from the ocean unhappy or scared) we found this fella on the sand. Usually Mark is pretty scared of the big crabs but once we examined that this 🦀 was dead (probably a pretty recent death) he was so pumped that he was holding the crab and felt so proud. That’s still progress too... sure it wasn’t alive but we all know that when we are fearful of things rational reasoning doesn’t always work. We kept thinking how Mark would lose his absolute mind if this crab was faking its death... thankfully it wasn’t and was a great subject for an afternoon dissection project.

38 1 Jul 22, 2018

Bebe bums, great friends, delicious food & beers, a cute dog, and sunset surfing. Does it get much better than this? Thanks for the killer time win_to_rea & loganp010 all photos by Sally psphotosbysally (obvi) ❤️🤘🏼☀️🏄🏼‍♀️

57 1 Jul 22, 2018

Haven't been posting much, been too busy enjoying summer!

43 2 Jul 22, 2018

Living my best life.... until motorcycle time. #summertimeandthelivingseasy #coppertonebooty #305tillidie

12 1 Jul 22, 2018

Margs + roof deck + 👯‍♀️ = ❤️ #coyoteblue #connecticut #giantscorpbowl #roofdeck #summertimeandthelivingseasy #somuchlove

7 1 Jul 22, 2018

#summertimeandthelivingseasy beach day with some of my favorite people ☀️☀️☀️

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