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Day 12 - Wake up early and watch sunrise. What a better day to choose this one for the day I am here in Kerala in the houseboat... Woke up early to see the sun rising, before that the view was just so Amazing, this picture can't do justice.. The sound of soothing bhajan from the nearby temple and the birds flying in the sky and trees and water everywhere was somethung really calming.. And then taking a walk in the village and drinking tea just added more to it! #Day12 #wellbeing60days #peacefulmorning #sunrise #Keralatrip

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These are a few of my favorite things. Esoteric wisdom and metaphysics, tarot cards, coffee, and my morning journal time. I’m writing a piece like I used to write. (Solgave Animal Solutions 2.0?). In a wild twist of fate, it keeps looking probable we buy back over SAS. How and why? That’ll be told if it happens, but all parties on board including the guy I sold the business too. What we achieved in 6 months of R and D and 1.5 years of launch is this. We had a client list 100 deep, 2nd place in Startup Cup, 20 public events including 16 Monthly Pack walks that Im most proud of. A staff of 5, mentors and volunteers. The mindfulness workshops she held the last year paid our rent during slow months. What I’ll ponder in a blog later today with the SAS logo as the image - is this. How can Sunniva and I work together in 2 countries as 2 people not even together by most every definition. How can the pack walks go from good to great - I see acoustic music and grilled foods. (Hints at evolved concept walks) Her alpacas and diverse animals in Sweden would finally give them a story each week. I think she could do weekly videos on our original SAS FB page and website, and I could develop a strong team again and explore growing into new regions as it was always intended too. My Solgave Clothing shirts and their message could get a monthly voice and real hands to touch them. As I wrote on this account before, I wanted to work with Sunniva and make sure her Energy gifts were utilized. We toyed with ideas like SAS that could lead to online workshops and a chance for her to still live remotely but begin building a new Brand around her mystical self. Then this SAS window opened, with new owners wanting to get back to Vermont, and I am wanting to be part of Fayetteville community that is my soul home. We shall see, it’s just interesting to ponder. Pros and cons. Blog link up by 9 PM tonight #writing #solgave #animals #nature #holistic #zen #meditation #yoga #coffee #journal #sunroom #sunrise #writer #artist #inspired #leadership #growth #healing #esoteric #metaphysical #spiritual #photooftheday #faith #surrender #journey #wisdom #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur

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La veille d'une nouvelle année ✨ . . #birthday #sunrise #reunionisland #seaside #goodbye

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Watching the transition from night to day on a plane is beautiful 😌 #france #sunrise #snowboarding

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N says: “look through my goggles, everything looks better!” She’s right. How cool is this? #rosecoloredglasses #littleosbies #sunrise #arcticwinter

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Such a beautiful morning ❤️❤️❤️ #beautifulday #sunrise #newday #lifetolive #goingtobegood #keepmoving #soloved ❤️❤️❤️

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It’s not a loss if it wasn’t worth keeping . . #sunrise #dusk #bluesky #mountains #scenery #nature #photography #myphoto #myphotography

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