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Have been housebound for over a week but so worth it to see Yuki growing stronger every day 😀 #enjoylife #sunsets_ng #sunsets_captures #sunsetskies #fallseason #fallsunsets #colorsplurge #nofilterrequired

4 0 Oct 16, 2018

Taking in a gorgeous, fiery sunset sky display this evening over the city. Gotta love colorful sunsets like these! Pics taken from around San Jose, CA. (Thursday around sunset, September 27, 2018) *Weather update/forecast:
By Friday, a low pressure area was to approach the coast and temps were to begin to cool. Then by Saturday, there was to be a few showers over the higher elevations of the north state with a chance of an isolated shower elsewhere. By Sunday, we were to see partly cloudy skies. Temps were forecast to be below normal during the weekend as well. Looking a bit further down the road, by Monday of next week, a stronger closed low pressure area was to be approaching the coast. This system was to bring more widespread showers to Northern California Monday & Tuesday and was to keep temps below normal. We may even be looking at our first measurable rain in months! This low pressure system was forecast to be east of our area by Wednesday or so and high pressure was to be back along the coast… Are we finally starting to see a change in the weather?

10 1 Oct 16, 2018

288. Its those days again when it gets dark very early. So when I leave work, I'm always greeted by the lighted ferris wheel from the neaby park. #autumn #autumnnights #ferriswheel #lights #illumination #ferriswheellights #sunset #sunsetskies #wheninjapan #timetogohome #afterwork #kasairinkaipark #kasairinkaikoen

4 0 Oct 16, 2018

Never to be repeated ~ the changing face of natural beauty #sunsets #sunsetskies #stillness #beaches #pinksunset #beautiful_world

5 1 Oct 16, 2018

It has been raining perpetually for the last 2 weeks: this is proof positive that the sun has been trying to get through though! #teacountry #hillcountry #sunsetskies #sunshineandclouds #aftertherains #silverlinings #thotalagala

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