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Earth Hour 2018! Lights off, candles on! 🌍🌎🌏 #earthhour2018 #oneplanet #sustainability #zuinigoponzeplaneet #hetisnogromantischook #kaarsjesaan #bijdeboekverkoperthuis

1 0 Mar 24, 2018

One of my favorite things to do with my little Urban Garden is allow many of the plants to over winter. It provides a lots of good snacks for not only us, but also the chickens and bunnies throughout the winter before the new plants come up. The best part is, because I allow most of them to flower and go to seed, they often start the cycle on their own all over again. Pretty soon I'm going to see more and more little baby kale, arugula, tomato, tomatillo and few other starts coming up everywhere.

1 1 Mar 24, 2018

Remember it is #earthhour today ! Remind your friends and family that one hour of switching off lights and any electric appliances will make a huge difference to our planet. Your participation matters ! 🌏💡♻️

4 1 Mar 24, 2018

#TheGreatSlave #Expedition: Extremely cold, #unconfortable, #hard, #risky, #uncertain... . Any ambitious project involves #risk, #mistakes and a lot of #effort If it's really important to you, everything will be worth it. If it's not very important it will always be absurd to fight so much for it And you, do you bet or not on your "X" project? . 📸: ichalez

21 1 Mar 24, 2018

6 1 Mar 24, 2018

My life is like a stroll on the beach... as near to the edge as I can go #thoreau #environmentaltip has it been raining in your area? If so, try washing your car in the rain next time! What better way to wash your car than using nature’s fresh water direst from the sky?! ♻️🌧 My goal is to help sustain our earth so future generations can experience the same beauty of nature that I get to everyday earthtosaniya ... ... ... ... #naturephotography #nature #snow #water #love #mammoth #ocean #beauty #sustainability #flowers #sustainingnature #earth #environment #recycle #environmentalscience #surf #hawaii #california #skiing #snowboarding #moutain #hike #yosemite #fightingclimatechange #earthwonders #adventureisoutthere #goodvibes 🤙🏽

12 0 Mar 24, 2018

We believe that to make an Individual, Family, Community, Region and therefore, the Nation “better” we need to empower individuals towards achieving their inherent human potential #community #communityfirst #communitydevelopment #australia #australiancouncil #economicdevelopment #microbusiness #smallbusiness #economicdevelopment #communitygroups #socialentrepener #socailchange #aboriginal #aboriginalculture #landcouncil #sustainability #bobneville #communityregeneration #bobneville #microfacilitation #education #economy #surveys

5 0 Mar 24, 2018

social media isn't always a happy place and it can result in feelings of loneliness, unfulfillment or unhappiness. so I wanted to take the time to remind you that you are loved, worth it and special. you don't need instagram "goals" or "aesthetic" to be valued. you're you and that's good enough!

5 1 Mar 24, 2018

5 Reasons You Don’t Have To Go Keto: # 1 => No Fat Loss Advantage # If you enjoy a ketogenic diet and it helps you to lose body fat, that’s awesome and I’m all for whatever works before you. # However don’t feel like you have to go keto to lose fat, because at the end of the day when it comes to fat loss any diet that helps you create a calorie deficit will work. # No diet has a real fat loss advantage, but picking an approach you’ll stick with for a longer period of time is a good move. # The initial water weight that you lose on keto can be highly motivating for people, but the majority of this is water weight. # When keto is compared to other diets with calories and protein matched for fat loss they all perform the same. # What you should consider is choosing a diet that you enjoy and caters to your personal preferences. # There’s  a ton of different ways to achieve your goal with nutrition so don’t get too married to one approach. # I’ve made this mistake in the past when using a very low carb diet and fasting a ton beyond when I should have. I refused to check my ego, and was drinking the kool aid too much which lead to me feeling burned out all the time and  left my digestion was a wreck. # Keep an open mind and if your nutrition isn’t helping you reach your goals be willing to pivot and try something else. # #evolvenutrition #nutrition #calories #macros #fatloss #nutritionologist #coach #nutritioncoach #keto   #progressoverperfection #ketogenicdiet #portland #health #iifym #metabolism #energybalance #flexibledieting #evolvenutritionaltherapy #nutritionist #portlandnutrition #dieting #nutritionaltherapist #weightloss #sustainability #lowcarbhighfat

3 1 Mar 24, 2018

Some lovely early forage for #pollinators at rbgcanada today. #Witchhazel isn't a big nectar producer but it flowers when there aren't as many other plants around, making sure that pollinators choose them for a visit . . . #earlyspring #bees #beekeeping #beespluspeople #sustainability #plants #hamont #dundasont

1 0 Mar 24, 2018

My husband took this photo in Norway last summer, a country I consider to be the most beautiful I've ever set eyes on, nestled in a feeling of nostalgia for a world I've never known. We drank water from rivers, streams and lakes which poured with abundance around us, breathed truly clean air for what felt like the first time in my life, and at fruits of the land which we foraged ourselves. ___________________________ I saw a woman knitting a sweater on the porch of her house with an insulated bark roof full of flowers above her. Turbines turned in the distance creating clean energy through the simplistic existence of nature. The past and the future so effortlessly married in idyllic harmony, hinting with modest honesty at what we as a collective society have lost touch with. ___________________________ Today, at 8 PM GMT wwf_uk wwf is hosting #EarthHour, a global movement calling for international action on tackling climate change and wildlife loss. The event itself acts, in a way, as a moment of silence for the planet by shutting the lights off for an hour and reflecting on what changes we can make as our #promisefortheplanet in the coming days, months, weeks and years as we try to steer the ship of humanity towards a brighter future. One which extends the dreamy present Norway offers to all the lands on this bright planet we call home. ___________________________ If you need some inspiration for your promise, I've shared links to collections of sustainable switches kate_arnell 's natalyelbaz and I put together, each one attainable to achieve if you set yourself to it one small step at a time. 📷 flaco_d_oro

20 2 Mar 24, 2018

🌏EARTH HOUR🌍 Glöm inte bort att släcka lamporna nu mellan 20:30-21:30. Årets tema är ”One Planet Life” - ett hållbart liv, något som alla människor borde ta ansvar över att ha som ram för sin livsstil, både för klimatet och det egna välmåendet. Mat, transport och konsumtion är tre exempel på områden där man som individ kan göra en skillnad för att minska klimatpåverkan och bidra till en mer hållbar framtid 🌎

2 1 Mar 24, 2018

#EarthHour 🌍 is happening in approximately 1 hour. Are you participating? . Earth Hour is a global movement where millions of people turn off their lights for one hour, to show support for action on climate Some ideas of what you can do instead of being on your phone or watching Netflix: . 🌍Play a board game . 🌍Do some journalling. 🌍Fold laundry without distractions. 🌍Read by candlelight. 🌍Meditate. 🌎(Add your own suggestions in a comment!) . . . It's also a great time to reflect on the life and work of some of the greatest scientists of our time. We often think that scientists are on the opposite side of the scale from artists and poets, but the words below prove otherwise. It is impossible to study nature, and space, and not be moved by the beauty of it: . . "It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known." - Carl Sagan . . "I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe." - Richard Feynman . . “The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in mathematics as surely as in poetry.” Brian Cox professorbrian . . “My view is that if your philosophy is not unsettled daily then you are blind to all the universe has to offer.” Neil Degrasse Tyson neildegrassetyson . . “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” Stephen Hawking

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