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Got a shelter in garage of awesome neighbour. Now I can do my best!!! . . . . . #surf #surfboard #surfboardshaper #wood #lovenature #sustainability

1 0 Dec 18, 2017

#Repost humanagreement Close your eyes and imagine an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of Texas, but that no human occupies. Unlike the pristine paradise you were most likely imagining, the 'island' we are describing is the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. 7 million tons of plastic garbage compose this nine-foot deep, 270,000 square mile patch. But the problem is more ubiquitous than just one floating mass of plastic: when the plastics do finally begin to photodegrade they just breakdown into toxic micro-plastics that are consumed by fish and other marine organisms. Floating plastics also further facilitate the spread of invasive species. The problem may seem daunting, but there is so much amazing, innovative work people are doing to find a solution! A group of researchers from Yale university have discovered an Amaozonian fungi that can digest Polyurethene, a compound in plastic that was previously thought to be non-biodegradable. A man from the UK has invented a machine that turns 1kg of plastic into 3kg of oil. Adidas has just produced a new line of shoes made exclusively from the plastic found in the oceans. These are all awesome solutions, but ultimately the biggest solution is YOU. Let's make a vow to reduce the use of plastic before it gets in the oceans. It may seem like each action to reduce plastic is just a raindrop, but remember that entire oceans were also formed drop by drop. ♻️🌊Author: Camille Morales chameleonaire23//Photography: Ian Espinosa #trashisland #recycle #recycled #compost #reuse #greenlife #thinkgreen #eco #ecofriendly #actonclimate #renewableenergy #nature #ocean #ecosystem #water #waterpollution #waterbodies #govegan #life #sustainability #health #thefuture #animalrights #environmentalist #oceanconservation #fossilfuels #extinction #anthropocene ( #themothernatureproject )

4 0 Dec 18, 2017

First of many. Its never gonna be perfect, but its certainly unique, thats why its beautifull. . . . . . . #surfboard #shaping #sustainability #woodwork #travel #learnbydoing #canada #britishcolumbia

4 0 Dec 18, 2017

You probably guessed we are suckers for blue, but add in great food and smells? Heaven. mananaatx | nicolesometimes #weekendvibes #holidays

8 1 Dec 18, 2017

Do you know what a Doula is, or what they do? Most first-time parent’s, and sometimes repeat parent's, do not know what a Doula is. Or they have heard of Doula’s, but they still do not know what they do/are for. I was very fortunate to meet Alyssa Kinney of bellarosebirth a certified birth and postpartum Doula, and also a certified childbirth educator at the thebirthingcircle of Frederick Birth and Babies Fair. She was very kind to let me interview her so I could help others learn more about what Doula’s are and what they do. Click link in bio to read my interview with Alyssa and learn about the awesomeness of Doula's!

0 1 Dec 18, 2017

I'm delighted to see so much information in the media at the moment about plastics harming our seas and marine life. I think a lot of it is thanks to the amazing Blue Planet2 series, my hero David Attenborough + the team. The fashion industry is guilty of a lot of awful actions, including pollution, child labour, animal cruelty + waste, to name a few. But having a fashion business does't have to be like that, it can give back, be ethical + sustainable. The best part (+ often the part people forget) is that it doesn't have to be expensive, boring or unfashionable. For instance, did you know that you can get amazing quality swimwear fabrics made from recycled plastic that has been recovered from the sea? I'm really passionate about sustainability + would love to help you make your business more eco-friendly, so much so, that I offer free help in this area. Feel free to leave a comment, or email me with your questions...⠀

4 1 Dec 18, 2017

Ready to start the work week off on the right foot. This week may be my busiest of the year before I have a couple of weeks off so I think my hit of manablend in my smoothie might help me along. Mother Nature's goodness is coming at me through my sprocketandsteel straw! Happy Monday everyone! 💚 . . . . . . #eco #ecofriendly #ecofriendlyliving #ecofriendlyideas #sustainability #wellness #abundance #manablend #sprocketandsteel

3 0 Dec 18, 2017

Working on the business plan. #sustainability #indesign #businessplan #companyvision #durfondernemen

0 0 Dec 18, 2017

A big thank you going out to everyone who donated towards Christmas meals for our students and their communities in their villages! Our focus was on sustainability. We gave our live hens which produce eggs, seeds for their gardens, rice, beans, fruit, maize and tea. #manysmiles😄 #foodforchristmas #sustainability #nonprofit #socialimpact #feedthechildren #volunteeringinafrica #activism

0 0 Dec 18, 2017

Are you trying to declutter your home? 🏠 . . . 📷 plantedinnature

8 1 Dec 18, 2017

“To Maharaj-ji of whose ashirbad (blessing) this is a manifestation.” - ‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Dass. “The uprights are Pine the rungs are ash between each rung the grass of months is pressed bard as a saddle At the foot of the ladder on her back Belly distended like a grey risen loaf a dead ewe legs in the air thin as the legs of a kitchen chair she strayed yesterday ate too much lucerne which fermenting burst her stomach the first snow falls on her grey wool a vole in the dark systematically eats the ear on the ground at daybreak two crows haphazardly peck the gums of the teeth her frosted eyes are open Every ladder is lightheaded on the topmost rung The seeds have flowered into the colours of the world and two butterflies white like the notes of an accordion pursuing touching parting climb the blue sky Far above the ladder’s head instantaneously their white wings change into blue And they disappear like the dead Descending and ascending this ladder I live” - Pig Earth, ‘Ladder’, John Berger, “Into Their Labours” Listings: Images 1-3 Stacey Keck Colliton, CBTB; images 4-5 peggybellar catskilldreamteam #Catskills #realestate #sustainability #intotbeirlabours #johnberger #ramdass #catskilldreamteam #upstate #newyork #nycwatershed #bernarvenet #modernart #artpluscommerce #intentionalcommunity #neurosummit #cabinporn cabinporn

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