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Kaya tayo nasasaktan dahil inuuna natin ang puso bago isip. #hugot #patama #tagalogquotes

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God sent you to me as a special gift from above to teach me life’s lesson and to be my better half. I love you!

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"2 Minutes" I was just only gonna ask for 2 minutes 2 minutes to swallow because of the pain in my throat from preventing my tears 2 minutes to mark my mind that I cant do anything 2 minutes to fix what Im going to say 2 minutes to have the courage to nod and show that Im okay 2 minutes so I can again look into your eyes Just 2 minutes But it lasted for 3-5 It exceeded 2 but still failed Failed to smile and show that you shouldn't worry about me Failed to nod when you asked me if Im okay because Im really not Failed to control the tone of my voice because I was having a hard time speaking Because the truth is It felt like the time I spent with you only lasted for 1 minute 1minute of freedom 1 minute of staying But after the 2 minutes asked That even exceeded and all I let you go like others who left in the end I turned my back after waving and walked with a heavy feet The tears that Ive been preventing fell Because even if I force the poeple to stay or not, they will only be careless and leave The little happiness that it brought is replaced by a pain that can last long Whatever I do, its inevitable It's inevitable for people to leave Because everything has an end And that end is the limit. " #fuckedup #life #depression #stressed #nochill #blanknotes #poetry #poem #blanknotes #spokenpoetry #blank #poemph #spokenpoetryph #poetryph #tagalogpoem #tagalogpoetry #tula #tagalogquotes #artph #broken #love #art🎨 #writing #writersofinstagram #writer #writers #poetsofinstagram #philippines #anxiety #anxietyattack #depressed

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Day 531, Kapag matanda na ako yung araw na nakilala kita yun yung babalik-balikan ko.. #filipino #tagalogquotes #lovequotes #inspirationalquotes

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