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Dystopian NYC art for the cover of the END OF DAYS E.P. which has some classic jams on it including an entire conversation with a disgruntled aging raver that is hilarious, complaining about going somewhere else to roll (!) “...because there’s all these little 12yr olds running around” that we love to break out at 6am to play because everybody bugs called Metal on Metal and check out our track called 297 lol twisted deep tech! Available in our online wrecka stow #samuridjs #endofdays

72 1 Feb 24, 2018

Last Minutes in Barca ☀️ tonight I’ll be back in Berlin and playing the first time at the notorious Mensch Meier! Playtime 4-6, Mainfloor. Really looking forward!! 😍 #techno #technoberlin #berlintechno #barcelona #berlin #techhouse #rave #technomusic #housemusic #menschmeier #tanzausderreihe

99 1 Feb 24, 2018

Otro dia de locura pero de disfrutar. Empezamos con el tributo a la musica electrónica y acabamos en Code. Las que nos quedan juntos amigo!!! #techno #technospain #technoberlin #code #fabrik

19 0 Feb 25, 2018

Mola Mola Campaign published in hufmagazine Photographer & retoucher: eyes_dice and #IzabellaChrobok @ KEYI STUDIO ( Stylist: zumi723 Clothing brand: molamola_official  Assistant: ellissssy Models: sariyawong and berlin_bunny_ See the full campaign at

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