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*DRUM ROLL PLEASE* . . . It's the moment you've all been waiting for... . . . We are excited to officially share our first 2018 speaker announcement! . . . Please welcome Eric Bischoff, partner at Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television (BHE), where he produces television projects for NBC, A&E , VH1, CMT, E! Entertainment, truTV, Discovery Networks, Spiketv, Nickelodeon and more... His work as an on-camera talent for Turner's World Championship Wrestling, and eventually as President for the program, has been credited for re-inventing the professional wrestling genre. He will be speaking at our upcoming "One Step Beyond" TEDxNaperville 2018 Conference on November 10th. Don't miss it! . . . Check out the ticket link in our bio for more information on our upcoming 2018 roster and more!

3 1 Aug 14, 2018

Seriously though, Mark your Calendars and get your tickets! Visit tedxyearlingroad for more information. Come listen to some wonderful stories from some amazing speakers as well as myself. Oct. 24th! #thankyouskateboarding #tedx #skateboarding

64 15 Aug 14, 2018

Luz - ¿Qué identificas cómo luz? ¿Lo que no ves mientras estás en la oscuridad? o ¿Lo que ves en ti y proyectado adelante de ti? . Hay mentes que en vez de apostarle a la luz, prefieren escapar de la oscuridad corriendo hacia atrás. #MaestríaMental

41 1 Aug 14, 2018

¿Cómo influirá la re-naturalización de las ciudades en nuestra salud física y metal? LAB Interactivo con Raúl Sánchez Francés, moderador del debate #TEDxValladolidSalon de Julio 2017, estará también en #TEDxValladolid 2018 - HERITAGE. Un LAB para descubrir y debatir los beneficios de la re-naturalización de las ciudades desde el punto de vista de la innovación social. El empleo de soluciones basadas en la naturaleza como medio de mejora del bienestar (wellbeing), de inclusión social, y mejora socio-económica en entornos urbanos. ¡Pide ya tu entrada y accede a ellos! #sostenibilidad #wellbeing #bienestar #medioambiente #socinn #innovaciónsocial #TEDx #TEDxValladolid #Heritage #Patrimionio #Valladolid #CyL #Spain #innovación

20 0 Aug 14, 2018

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22 0 Aug 14, 2018

Watch Bharadwaj Sundar speak out about breaking stereotypes and challenging notions through the visual medium, when he speaks at #TEDxNapierBridge 2018. ... TICKET LINK IN BIO. ... #tedx #TEDxNapierBridge #darkisdivine #chennai #madras #chennaidiaries #Slingshotproductions #artist #ShiftThePerspective #chennaievents #BharadwajSundar

21 0 Aug 14, 2018

Right Place // Right Time. I was so fortunate to get to meet Dr. Luke McKay, alias luuuuuuuke, and take pictures at his Ted Talk at tedxbozeman + then I got to take portraits of him there. Heck yeah! He is a local scientist studying microbes in hard to live places all over the world - Yellowstone, Hawaii, Antarctica and more, plus, he loves Beyoncé + is a pretty Fun-Guy 🍄. He is also pretty fascinated with the idea of life on other planets and I think that’s preeeeeetty sweet. In fact, when I was in Middle School I wrote in my diary how disappointed I’d be if we didn’t discover some sort of life form out there within my lifetime, oh 13-year-old-Blair. No pressure, Luke, but 13 year old Blair is *counting* on you! ☺️🔬✨🌌 . Luke is featured in a new documentary now streaming on netflix, ‘The Most Unknown.’ This documentary follows nine scientists across the globe who are engaged in research to answer really deep questions, like the nature of consciousness and how life began. I highly recommend giving it a watch. #sciencerules #astro

24 1 Aug 14, 2018

#Repost tedxsvnit with get_repost ・・・ Surmai Kaushik A backpacker, a conservationist, an educator and a marathon runner. While working at Mahindra Susten- Mahindra’s clean technology arm- Surmai Kaushik got the greatest opportunity of her life- to go to Antarctica with Robert Swann. While this may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, it certainly was for Surmai who has been trying to raise awareness of climate change for her entire life. With her background in climate science, she was a perfect pick for the program Mission 2041- which aims to clean up more than 300 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. Kaushik consistently saw the horrible effects of global warming on the poor continent of Antarctica which was covered with melting glaciers and destroyed wildlife for native animals. Kaushik has actively pledged to address this problem by bringing up more clean technology in India with the help of Mahindra Susten. Buy your tickets: #tedxsvnit #stopandthink #tedx #competition #photography #art #photos #drawing #sketch #moviemaking #filmmaking #movie #film #shortfilm #shortfilmmaking #ideas #creativity #artist #post #openmic #surat #poetry

50 4 Aug 14, 2018

Per Massimo dieci minuti di break al mattino mentre ogni tanto da una letta alle email, mangiando uno yogurt magro greco e bevendo un caffè nella tazza comprata ad Amsterdam oppure in quella di Walt Disney acquistata proprio ad Orlando. La sua compagnia ideale a colazione? Sua figlia, dato che insieme non la fanno mai e gli piacerebbe trascorrere l’inizio giornata conversando con lei. Vale per il nostro club ma anche per sua figlia una sola regola: la colazione va fatta sempre. Guida la Practice Insights & Data di Capgemini e oggi ci ha parlato delle BlockChain, in un discorso totalmente coinvolgente e stimolante contemporaneamente sogna di viaggi e di montagne, queste ultime la sua smisurata passione. Il suo ultimo ricordo di felicità lo ritrae al mare a Pasqua, nella loro casa mentre nel suo telefono ci mostra le fotografie del backstage del #TEDxVicenza, un momento che reputa straordinario essendo stata la sua prima esperienza di questo tipo. Grazie. #PortaitBreakfastClub

11 1 Aug 14, 2018

TedX !! A dream coming true!! SUPER HAPPY!! SUPER PUMPED! SUPER EXCITED! Will be talking about the power of Drum Circles at this mega Life event!! #TheBigAnnouncement #tedx #tedxshivajicollege #24thAugust #music #drumcircle #drumcircles #destress #drums  #drumming #entreprenuer #mumbai  #gratitude #happiness #mentalhealth #health #bonding #digitaldetox #energy #stressbuster #cheers #passion #djembe #djembefola #teambuilding #amrutbhat #AmrutDrumCircle

43 1 Aug 14, 2018

"My process is slow, but I believe in myself" Bollywood has a plethora of actors but there are only a few who manage to strike the right chord within our hearts. In a film industry, where movies are constantly moving towards being a box office hit rather than being critically acclaimed, this surprise speaker of ours brims with hope. His identity is synonymous with being confident, honest, humble and most importantly, hopeful and he is none other than the man with an irresistible personality and jovial demeanor, Saqib Saleem Having infiltrated the film industry as a model, and gradually proving his merit as an actor, his art shines throughout his small yet significant journey. Having made his debut in the movie, Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011), his career took a miraculous flight towards more intense and challenging roles. From acting in comedies to acting in action thrillers, there's nothing that this man cannot do. By doing roles that defy the accepted notions, and giving interviews that break the stereotypes of exactly how an actor or more importantly, a male should behave, he makes one rare find for a TEDx speaker. By taking us through his journey of success and failures, of making mistakes and learning from them, our prodigious speaker will take you on an emotional roller coaster and fill your hearts and minds with knowledge, experience, and hope. Very Few Passes Left Contact for Passes :- Udayveer +91 94178-89969, Utsav : +91 97797-82083, Gauri : +91 82830-56618 #tedx #tedxggdsdcollege #connectingperspectives #ideasworthspreading #greatideascancomefromanywhere #speakerpost #greatmindsdiscussideas

34 0 Aug 14, 2018

This Friday, our 3-part series will be released into the wild at TEDx: Intention. Here is a quick look at a piece of "Duality". /////\\\\\ . . . . . #video #videoart #visuals #av #audiovisual #trippy #psychedelic #colorful #sony #a7ii #practical #light #lightart #tedx #mpls #Minneapolis

23 3 Aug 14, 2018

Prof. Gurit Birnbaum is a social psychologist from Israel, who will be joining our conference in October. 🎉 When she isn't contributing to TIME magazine, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, she researches to the functional significance of sex change as relationships progress from initial encounters to long-term commitments and what are the processes whereby the sexual behavioral system contributes to relationship development, maintenance, and deterioration. If you do not want to miss her talk, get your tickets for SIMPLEXITY here: ➡️ . #TEDx #TEDxVienna #igersvienna #igersaustria #guritbirnbaum #psychology #psychologist #speakerannouncement

6 0 Aug 14, 2018

‌ همراهان همیشگی تداکس‌تهران؛ ‌ اگر به مشارکت در برگزاری رویدادهای آینده‌ی تداکس‌تهران علاقه دارید، وقت‌اش است که با مراجعه به سایت تداکس‌تهران - - و تکمیل فرم‌های پیشنهاد سخن‌ران/ پیشنهاد شهروند نمونه/ ثبت‌نام داوطلب ما را یاری نمایید. ‌ #TED #TEDx #TEDxTehran #تد #تداکس #تداکس_تهران

119 0 Aug 14, 2018

I'm stoked by the buzz around this old miniseries! Welcome to video 3 of the 4 part series. - If you're feeling inspired, give me a follow and watch videos 1 and 2 in my feed - The message is building and you're just in the middle of it. - Learn more about getting me to speak at your next event, function pregame or school district. - I'm.easy to reach, glide through my DM or message me through - The sky is not your limit. • Take Flight. ™

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