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0 0 Oct 16, 2018

Our founder and CEO jenngrahamatl is out here killing it! This weekend she gave the talk of her life at TedxCapeMay about how we can restore civility and find common ground through food and meaningful conversation. ⁣ ⁣ She also led the official kickoff of our national #commonground conversation that explores why there is no better place than the dinner table and no better time than now to have civil conversations on ANY topic, but especially politics. We're so excited to make this conversation available nationally!⁣ ⁣ We will share her #TEDtalk as soon as it is available!⁣

8 2 Oct 16, 2018

7 2 Oct 16, 2018

Meet Sarah Rudback, owner of Well & Good Design Studio and a member of our Executive Team. She's excited to help bring TEDx to our area to foster a culture of curiosity, and be a catalyst for improved collaboration and innovation. And we're happy to have her. Thank you, Sarah! #TEDx #TEDxWenatchee #TEDxWenatcheeED

1 0 Oct 16, 2018

Tbt. Tedx comes tmuc. P.S Superstar with two gorgeous ladies. #tedx #tedxtmuc #tedxpakistan #tedxrwp #saamiansari #photoshoot #photography #portrait #pro #isb #rwp #bahriasprings #armyteam #batman

20 0 Oct 16, 2018

If you're not prepared to be wrong you'll never come up with anything original . . Ken Robinson #TED #tedx #tedtalks #creatividad #creativity #create #art #arte #handpainted #kadashadesign #hechoamano

3 0 Oct 16, 2018

This month's feature kylehernandezta ... Excited to announce I’ll be opening TEDx POS this year with poet ariellemjohn . . I consider it a huge honor to share the stage with individuals who are contributing meaningfully to my country. . . tedxportofspain is space to think, learn and share. Future Proof for me means ensuring everyone has access to spaces like that. _____________________ #ted #tedx #tedtalks #futureproof #progress #grateful #poet #spokenword #trinidadandtobago

8 0 Oct 16, 2018

完了,“燃”后? TEDxPetalingStreet “燃”年会虽然已落幕数日,余火却没被浇熄,反而持续升温,脸书上依然是排山倒海的你tag我我tag你,以及各位讲者+同志陆陆续续的美照刷新(感觉就像一场马不停蹄但不言累的接力赛😂)。 这是一场温度恰好的火。无论年会前、年会中、年会后,从志工、讲者、采访者、观众及其他人身上所聚集的正能量像是被化成了滚滚燃油,在身体里的引擎带动着全身温温稳稳地转动。有幸能在这个大家庭里一路上带着新奇、好玩、探索、如海绵般四处吸收的心情结识了众多有趣人有趣事。感恩地总结一下心历:还没学完,还会继续学。除了觉得好玩,好爽,也好奇PR team怎么会是个过度温馨的小家庭哈哈哈。真的真的,非常感谢每个人给予的教诲!没你们,怎会有我? 最后想说今年的空杯装得七七八八了,已经换上新的空杯,期待着装满明年的有趣人有趣事,就这样一直玩下去,嘿。🔥 #TEDx #TEDxPetalingStreet #TEDx茨廠街 #TEDx茨厂街 #Passion2018 #燃2018 #天生敢为真我不藏 #你终将在时代的苍穹里绽放属于自己的光芒

6 0 Oct 16, 2018

❗Inscreva-se❗As Vagas Limitadas, por isso garanta o seu ingresso e venha conferir palestras incríveis! ✅LINK: . ➡Dia 24 de novembro na Fundação Aperam Acesita Garanta já o seu ingresso!

16 1 Oct 16, 2018

They say more people fear public speaking than death. How about you? Here’s the story behind my TED talk if you dare... #tedx #tedxsouthmountaincommunitylibrary #tedtalks

2 0 Oct 16, 2018

❌ 90% degli early bird ticket sono SOLD OUT! Il vostro entusiasmo per questa 5° edizione di TEDx Bergamo è meraviglioso ✨ · · · #TEDx #TEDxBergamo #tedtalk #Wonder #earlybird

2 0 Oct 16, 2018

This girl is such an inspiration, most of us may know her from popxofashion and girliyapa. I have been following her for over a year now but I recently came across one of her talks on Youtube where she shared her journey, from being a depressed teenager (which most teenagers are) to being a successful blogger and Youtuber. She mentions how as a teenager, she had no friends, a boyfriend who wasn't that into her and parents who had lost trust in her. She finally decided to do something in life, to be her own boss and started her own fashion blog. She started from 1000 followers and now she has over 400K followers! I think the main reason why I'm sharing this is to tell myself and all girls out there that you should never give up, we all ho through ups and downs in life but that's just part of life. Always do something, start something, never think about people! You never know where you could be 10 years from now! You're doing a great job komalpandeyofficial and we hope you continue to motivate and inspire more of us!

8 1 Oct 16, 2018

Tisza Kata író, coach, társadalomkutató 1980. augusztus 30-án született Marosvásárhelyen. Diplomáit az ELTE Bölcsészettudományi Karán, valamint az ELTE Pedagógiai és Pszichológiai Karán szerezte. Doktori kutatásait az öregedés, az életminőség, a párkapcsolati és társadalmi egyenlőtlenségek, az identitás, valamint az előítéletekkel szembeni küzdelem témakörében végzi. Egyéni coaching praxist vezet, legfőként élethelyzeti elakadásokkal foglalkozik. Hat szépirodalmi művet jegyez, sajátos műfaját terápiás irodalomként értékelik. Társadalmi munkája az emberi méltóság megőrzését szolgálja. November 30-án Kata arról mesél majd nekünk, hogy a saját élmények, az életútkutatás tudománya és a művészet hogyan egyesülnek az irodalomterápiában, és miként fejti ki segítő hatását egy-egy ilyen művészi alkotás üzenete. Különleges előadásában ötvözni fogja a tudományos eredményeket a sajátos hangvételű költészettel. Fotó: Reviczky Zsolt #TEDxLibertyBridgeWomen #tegyükodamagunkat #2018nov30 #előadó #tedxwomen #tedwomen #tedx #ted #speaker #tedtalk #tedtalks #tedxtalk #writer #coach #sociologist #ideasworthspreading #nők

7 0 Oct 16, 2018

We are so excited to continue to announce the speakers for TEDxDirigo What If. The conference will be held on November 3 at Innovation Hall at the University of New England. Tickets are only $50 thanks to the support of our generous sponsors. Get your tickets now while you still can! Link in bio.⠀ ⠀ DONNA CASSESE⠀ ⠀ Donna Cassese holds a B.S. in Forest Management and has been with Sappi for over 40 years. She has had diverse roles within forestry, operations, and manufacturing. After nearly 15 years as a forester she transitioned into managerial roles in the Woodyard, Waste Treatment, Pulp Sales and Human Resources at the Somerset Mill in Skowhegan, Maine. Following this, Donna became Plant Manager at Sappi's Allentown, Pennsylvania facility and then transitioned into the Supply Chain group at the Somerset Mill. In 2006 Donna became the Director of Inside Sales for Sappi's North American operations. In 2008 she became Managing Director of the Westbrook Mill. In 2014 Donna returned to forestry as the Director of Wood Supply Strategy with responsibility for developing and implementing wood supply strategy in Maine and Minnesota. In January of 2018 Donna retired and now works as a consultant for Sappi, leading government relations work in Maine.⠀ ⠀ #tedxdirigo #tedx #ted #forests #maine #sappi #innovation

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