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Information related to #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting of the mosst favorite pixars😍❤❤😙 #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting

88 4 Sep 2, 2018

STAR DREAMERZ 🌠👭👫insert iamcamz25 #bestoffriends #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting #despididanight ✈️ urrutiajulie jac.k15 gntan07

15 2 Aug 3, 2018

Happy “Supreme Four Zero” B’day my dear laurenfonda 💖😘💞 #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting

99 6 Apr 5, 2018

My Sweet Princess #love #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting #gemukyangbahagia

34 0 May 4, 2018

Then and now with my college fam😂🙌🏾 #TBT #Squad #GlowUp #LaFamilia #TenYearsOfFriendshipAndCounting #Blessed

62 0 May 31, 2018

It’s a feeling like no other making the decision, the promise to yourself and your loved ones, to follow your passion. To follow your dream. It’s both terribly scary and incredibly exciting all at once. There’s truly no other feeling like it. So I thought. But there also this other feeling. The feeling when you see someone fulfill that promise they made to you. Someone you love, someone you cherish. That feeling, I’ve come to learn, can indeed stand on its own. A week ago, my best friend was selected to join the legendary, world-renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. My best friend got her dream. Courtney, I know you are in awe but I am not. You are a servant to your God. You are worthy of this honor. You are fully deserving of this. And you most certainly have earned it. I am beyond blessed to have to been apart of your journey thus far and can not wait for what’s ahead. I will always be in your corner. I will always be your cheerleader. Congratulations, babygirl 👑 • • • #finally #secretisOUT #Godsplan #icouldvesaidalotmorebutimworkingoncontainingmycrazy #BSAbred #newyorkapproved #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting #AAADT #shesjustgettingstarted

136 7 Apr 25, 2018

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Happy B’day again mseva_maria 🍶🍶🍶💋💋💋 #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting #allinblackleather

79 1 Mar 9, 2018

This infuriatingly beautiful, brilliant, funny, kind, warm, loving, and majestic unicorn of a woman turns 24 today! You have been by my side for nearly 10 years and I can't wait to see what the next 60 will bring! Watching you become the woman that you are has been so amazing and inspiring. Thank you for being my sister and for tolerating my wacky ways. Happiest of birthdays my lovely! I love you you more than pie. #happybirthday #istayedupuntilmidnighttopostthis #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting

33 2 Mar 23, 2018

10 Years of Friendship #tenyearsoffriendship #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting

42 0 May 27, 2018

Ten years later ❤️

57 2 May 28, 2018

Shout out to my sisters who are always down to be goofy af 1 second then have a heart to heart the next. Just missing iphigenee #Sisters #SMAGirls #TenYearsOfFriendshipAndCounting #LoveYall #BBB #Seattle

32 1 Aug 20, 2018

Happpy birthday to my gorgeous bestie! I hope you have the best day ever & I can’t wait to celebrate with you on Saturday! Love you bebe 🍾💕🎈👩‍❤️‍👩 #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting #itsyourbirthdaybitch

108 1 Apr 25, 2018

Whenever mom is home this is where you’ll find me, attached to her! Whether she is cooking, showering, sleeping, peeing, I will always be there with her! No matter how many times she accidentally steps on me (I don’t move fast enough sometimes) #bestfriendsfurrever #bellaappreciationpost #namedaftertwilightbecausemomwasaweirdthirteenyearoldwheniwasadopted #tenyearsoffriendshipandcounting

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