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Givré! #winter2018 #hiver2018 #thedayafter #verglas

3 1 Jan 24, 2018

●~THE DAY AFTER ~● Hi everyone, so it is the day after surgery and I'm almost 100% positive I'm still high AF on anesthesia 🤣. My surgeon visited and said all went well and he was very happy with me. The only side affects I am feeling is slight nausea when I get up, aling with light headedness and when I sip my water it slightly hurts, but it's all normal. I am very grateful I'm not experiencing any shoulder pain that know others have. I have been up for a shower, brushed my teeth and hair and just chilling getting in micro naps between nursing staff visiting. I am so pleased with the staff at Murdoch Hospital in Perth and my surgeon Dr Alan Thomas is AMAZING! My anesthesiologist was also amazing, very calm and down to earth. At this stage I am so happy with the decision I have made and so proud I brought myself to hospital as my partner didn't fly in from sea until last night! Now the rest of my life begins! ✌

20 14 Jan 24, 2018

Good mooorning! #atwork #milano #wakeup #downtown #thedayafter

14 0 Jan 24, 2018

Waiting for dutch baby girl #party #friend #thedayafter #love #waitingforbaby 💓

11 2 Jan 24, 2018


258 3 Jan 24, 2018

Day-after-Birthday ice cream bar. #haagendazs #vanillaandmilkchocolate #celebrateallweek #thedayafter #eatdessertfirst

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