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Wonderful food and great wines! 😏👌🍷 I see amazing things happening here... Obrigado antoniogalapito ibecky124 abellotera micaelduart leonor.pedro.92 and the rest of the team! Keep rocking! 🤘👊 . . . prado_restaurante #lisbonfood #prado #thelisboans #lisbon #foodlover #menu #biodinamicwines #biologicfood #foodie #portuguesetraditions #portugalonthemap #portugueseexperience #besttables

70 34 Dec 11, 2017

Love this picture welcomebeyond . #Repost #thelisboans #lisboa #lisbon #wheretogonext #cascayer

34 1 Oct 18, 2017

TRAVEL: While we may currently only be checking in to the office, we're lucky to have friends like _itsbeautifulhere, who recently checked in the delightful family-run boutique apartment hotel thelisboans in Portugal and shared her stay with us. Read the feature on est today | Photo by thelisboans

1172 13 Nov 21, 2017

i t ‘s | the little things ❤️. Daily love from the thelisboans. #thelisboans #itsbeautifulhere

416 16 Oct 22, 2017

Horst and Marlies from Hilden, Germany, stayed with us. He was finishing reading his wife a book when we dropped by their apartment for a chat. "I wouldn't like to be a young boy and do everything again. It's good that we have the age that we have now. And our experience. That, you can only have when you are like us, 75. If you are only 20 or 30, you don't think much about things. So for us, it was better to be young in our time. Now, our children, they have to do it their way. If they need help, we are here. Also, it's important to not forget things that happen in your life. Don't remember them with sadness all the time, but don't forget them either." #thelisboans #knocknock

129 18 Sep 21, 2017

p e r f e c t | corners at thelisboans ✨. Every single design detail here has been so thoughtfully considered. The rugs on the bed are all unique from each other and carefully hand-crafted in Alentejo. The furniture is designed and handmade by the talented folk here at The Lisboans. Each apartment features different azulejos in the bathroom and the kitchen, as well as unique and interesting art (we have a whole collection of 1950-70s National Geographic mags in ours). And the tv? Well, that was more for good measure (guests were asking for it!!!) rather than one of their standard design features : ). Light-fillled and wonderful, it’s really beautiful here. #thelisboans #itsbeautifulhere

419 5 Oct 20, 2017

Looking out of our room, pre-sunrise in Lisbon and yes, it was this pink 😊

55 4 Dec 2, 2017

"여행은 살아보는거야" 처음 에어비앤비라 영어도 못하는데 괜히 한거 아닌가 생각도 햇지만, 안했으면 완전 후회할뻔 !! 덕분에 유럽에서 오빠가 요리도 👍 . . . #써니인리스본 #여행 #유럽여행 #해외여행 #여행스타그램 #여행은살아보는거야 #리스본 #리스본숙소 #에어비앤비 #리스본숙소추천 #airbnb #lisbon #lisboa #thelisboans

47 5 Nov 11, 2017

This picture was taken in the 19th century. And this building used to be a very busy factory of canned goods (candied fruit, preserves, and even biscuits). Time left it in ruins until nature took over and covered it with ivy and bindweed. That is, until The Lisboans recovered it. And we thought to ourselves, what better tribute could we pay to an old canning factory covered in vegetation, than turning it into a traditional grocery store, where you will soon be able to buy products like those once made in this very same place? #pradomercearia #prado_restaurante #thelisboans

52 0 Nov 17, 2017

Today is a day of firsts. The first day of December and the first day of Prado. Our farm-to-table restaurant is finally open, in soft-opening mode. Book a table, come in, find out... and tell us what you think. Here's to the first of many meals. prado_restaurante Book at #prado_restaurante #thelisboans #openingday #farmtotable

102 12 Dec 1, 2017

hellofrankiestudio, or Francis, from Amsterdam, stayed with us. She was just posting an entry on her blog when we dropped by her family's apartment for a chat. "I think that if someone makes beautiful things, it's nice that people are able to see it. I want to show beautiful design, places, things people make with a lot of love. Most of the time, I find things that I don't want to share with the world and just keep them to myself but, on the other hand, I think it's part of the deal, so I end up sharing it. It's beautiful to see things through my child's eyes. Because he sees things in a totally different dimension. Walking with him in the street is very interesting. He makes you look up to the sky more. You see more things in the air. Last year, I became better at my offline life. I don't feel the urge to post a lot of stuff. I think quality always wins over quantity anyway, so... I'm more able to go offline these days. Also, because I need to pay attention to my little guy. And family comes first.". #thelisboans #knocknock

127 9 Sep 27, 2017

It's been about a year since we first opened our doors. A year of meeting new people, a year of making new friends... basically, a year of being just who we are. Lisboans. #thelisboans #frontdoor #boutiquehotel #friends #designhotel #welcomebeyond #prettyhotels #welcome #bienvenidos #bienvenue #willkommen #benvenuto #velkommen #tervetuloa #dobropozhalovat #hwanyeong #yokoso #huanying

396 23 Dec 7, 2017

Proud to see our sister restaurant #prado_restaurante featured on condenasttraveller . Big thanks to nunoviajante #thelisboans #prado_restaurante #pradonews #lisboaconvida #condenasttraveller #foodandtravel

135 6 Nov 1, 2017

Since we're already missing Lisbon anyways today, here's another one of the thelisboans apartment, we stayed in.

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