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Pure joy! Look at those smiles after reaching summit of Moose’s Tooth!! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides elias.the.spaniard

290 3 Apr 21, 2018

TJ getting some great turns today. sanjuanmtnguides

70 1 Apr 20, 2018

About time to start hugging rock!! Book a day with SJMG to climb-all levels welcome!! sanjuanmtnguides #thelocalexperts #rockclimbing

253 4 Mar 27, 2018

Our town welcomes everyone! Check out our website for upcoming hiking, climbing, skiing spring and summer trips! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides ouray_co

218 2 Apr 3, 2018

Our fearless leaders hard at work on Summit of Red 3 before sweet pow run down Champion👍 #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #backcountry

239 2 Apr 15, 2018

Safe to say we are pretty stoked about these new additions to our fleet! Yet another reason to come play with us!!! Thank you wagnerskis!! sanjuanmtnguides #thelocalexperts #skiing

251 9 Mar 30, 2018

Local artists of these beautiful lines... #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #backcountry #earnyourturns

588 17 Mar 17, 2018

“The truest wisdom is a resolute determination”... Napoleon Bonaparte sanjuanmtnguides #thelocalexperts #rockclimbing

239 5 Mar 28, 2018

Alaska alpine climbing season is here!  SJMG guide Elias Des Andres Martos are all set to fly into the Alaska Range and the Ruth Gorge for a week of great climbing. Stay tuned for updates!! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #climbing

229 2 Apr 18, 2018

Even though we are still skiing and ice climbing spring equinox has us thinking of this! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #blackcanyon #springequinox

343 2 Mar 20, 2018

Happy feet in Red Rocks! Thank you vasquefootwear for making our hikes even more awesome! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #hike

179 1 Apr 12, 2018

Good morning Ouray! Ain’t over till it’s over!👊And let the weekend begin! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #ouray #visitcolorado

678 12 Apr 13, 2018

Oh yea...easy like Sunday morning. #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #backcountry skolstudio natedisser markiuppenlatz

230 2 Apr 15, 2018

Good morning San Juans! This is our ikigai!🙏🏻 TELL US WHAT YOURS IS! Share your photo and tag sanjuanmtnguides with the hashtag #sjmgikigai and we will enter you to win some SJMG swag! Ends at 11:59 MST tonight. #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #ikigai #backcountry wagnerskis

249 3 Mar 22, 2018

SJMG elias.the.spaniard leading clients on the cornice pitch that accesses the summit ridge on Moooses Tooth “Ham and eggs route”! #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #alaskarange

238 3 Apr 20, 2018

Wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Ouray Ice Park team for all of their hard work this season!! Thanks for all you do! ourayicepark sanjuanmtnguides #thelocalexperts

350 4 Apr 2, 2018

Good morning Sunday!! Time to get your climb on 👊 #thelocalexperts sanjuanmtnguides #climbing

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