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🧠 From morning till night, consciously or unconsciously, you fill your mind with a variety of thoughts. 🌱 But the thoughts that you think of all day, have an impact not only on your actions, but they also act as a seed to what thoughts will further arise from them. 🍽 Feed your mind good thoughts, and only good things will come of it. Feed your mind bad thoughts, and only bad things will come of it. 💕 Feed it Faith. Feed it Truth. Feed it with Love.

16 1 Jun 25, 2018

#FACTS #TheMoreYouKnow #

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A moment of silence for the amount of time you've wasted reading this #NatGeo #factsonly #themoreyouknow #peachesneggplants

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#FACTS #TheMoreYouKnow

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Man ... ugod_zilla is a fucking G as in a GENIUS AND A GANGSTA!! Lol I’ve been saying this for years and fools be saying I was being blasphemous.... nah man ... reading a lot of books stating that God gave us free will to experience the actions from our decisions as a learning process was telling me in my face that God don’t do for us unless we take it upon ourselves ... it’s like the more I read the more I relate to Lamont ... I just wanna drink a 40 and have deep convos and share experiences with the God! GOOD READ! #bookworm #readingisfundamental #brainfood #knowledgeispower #themoreyouknow #wutang #ugod #raw #goldenarms

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