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The body is a figment of our mind used in this realm to manipulate energy. So because the body is a possibility of the mind then I ask Where am “I” truly located ? This holographic realm is made up of electrical signals that we receive through our nervous system and is then interpreted by our brain. Now how can our brain that is enclosed in darkness interpret what is illuminated ? Do you ever think about what is truly real because of this ?

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Here we go. Here are the greatest list of teachers today. Period.

9 2 May 21, 2018

We absolutely LOVE creating custom one of a kind jewelry for you all!😍🔮✨🙌🌟 it’s honestly a dream come true being able to birth special healing relics to life for the rise of the collective consciousness💚✨🌟🙏🏽 If you have ever been interested in a special Reiki Light custom never be afraid to message us! It would be our absolute HONOR to create a special healing light Amulet for you based on your specific energy signature🔮💜🔥💫 Thankh you infinitely for your loving support beloveds! Wishing you all an amazing and magickal day sol far🙏🏽💖💗💜✨🌻 _ #gems #gemstones #crystal #handmade #handcrafted #ruby #thirdeye #meditation #minerals #crystalhealing #handmadejewelry #spirituality #healingcrystals #beautiful #stones #wirewrappedjewelry #healingstones #healingcrystals #wirewrap #twinflame #etsy #wirewrapped #twinflame #spiritual #ruby #healingcrystals #energy #energyhealer #twinflames #reiki #crystalhealing

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#Mondayvibes you cant control everything that is happening around you but you can always control how you react to the situation never let anything stop you from your #gutfeellings if something doesn’t feel right make a positive change and learn to transform any negative thought , feelings or actions by opening up that #thirdeye of yours to see clearer of what you need in your life mentally physically and emotionally don’t blame anyone or even compare yourself to any one in life for that only brings negative thoughts and emotions under that that the good bad things is balance in our lives but if we learn to see people as they are and not judge them you learn to take anything personal you learn to take peoples actions at ease even if you thought before it was negative see how your life starts to change day by day you start to realize what life has been teaching us ...not everyone problems are ours but we can learn to love and learn to let god in and LEtgo of any doubts or fears about anything or anyone there are great positive possibilities of people and places if we choose to love and let’s go of doubts & always see good in people even if you don’t think so we are all one we must learn how to control and balanced our minds #yinandyang #nojudgements #loveforall #dontcompareyourselftoanyone #nooneisperfectinthisworld

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Two eyes to look, one to see ✨

5 1 May 21, 2018

may it guide your #manifestedmondays .|• Manifested via thirdeyethoughts | #manifestedminds

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