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4/20 #happy420 #420 #thisblackgirlrocks

9 0 Apr 21, 2018

🤷‍♀️ sorry I didnt know how to str8in up my video 🤦‍♀️ #melaninpoppin #thisblackgirlrocks

61 1 Apr 9, 2018

I just want to say thank you to this beautiful soul who puts in so much work behind the scenes inspiring us to greatness, thank you for having your hands in everybody's business lifting and caring and carrying and loving with persistence, comedy and aggression! You absolutely Rock!!! bubblesml thank you and thank you and thank you...... #mammamaria #baglady #sister #momsister #thisblackgirlrocks #superwoman #stillmade #houstonstrong Journey on tou #queen you P.s. #stolenpictureslookbetter

68 5 Apr 13, 2018

I would like to take the time to wish my Lil baby sister a Happy 20th birthday. Man I can't tell you how much I love you and how you have grown to be a beautiful young lady. Today is your day and the time clock is ticking but no rush baby girl I love you with all my heart. Don't let that age fool you I will still pull up and pull out on these Buster's. __markeishaaa #babygirlallgrownup #happybirthdaysis #lewgang #educatedblackwomen #thisblackgirlrocks

66 7 Apr 12, 2018

Pan Seared Salmon over sauteed veggies, baby spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms. With yellow rice. #BB💋 #bubblybscatering #perfectingmycraft #thisblackgirlrocks

25 0 Apr 7, 2018

To my day one. The girl I always followed and copied. Stole all her books while she was reading it. Clothes, style, and friends stolen too. I have see you grow as I grow and you are still amazing. You still overcome. You still breakdown every wall that comes to you. I already know how great your tomorrows will be. Thank you for letting me be on the journey with you! Happy birthday! And next year we need a turn-up... you and theexpertease need to start planning. * Happy birthday!! tashspice04 * #morethanmysister #myfirstfriend #lovehertolife #itsherbirthday #goshawty #loveyou #thisblackgirlrocks

20 5 Apr 14, 2018

Saturday mood 😘 #mymelaninispoppin #myblackisbeautiful #thisblackgirlrocks

36 1 Apr 14, 2018

Last year I took home the BLACK Girl Rocks Award from Mississippi, this year I won female model of the year for the Memphis hiphop awards ,and on last night I received the award for "Browngirl of the Year Award/Best Entertainer"!! Huge thanks to Ms.Nikki for honoring me and allowing me to use one of my many talents to help bring the show to life on last night. #ThisBlackGirlRocks #BrowngirlOfTheYear #ModelTrainer #Coach #Dancer #Choreographer #Instructor #WhenInDoubtMakeEmEatIt

96 4 Apr 16, 2018

My sweet pea, Kayla Jones, has been nominated for an NAACP award at her institution! I know her mother is smiling down on her and so very proud! Please take a moment to vote for her. She is so very deserving of this honor! Link is in our bio👑💜 . . . . . #thisblackgirlrocks #blackgirlmagic #missblackamerica

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