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Off to 2 hour meditation course.. I need all the help I can get. Frankincense is one of the sacred ancient oils that if essentially good for everything but specifically for meditation, mental tranquility, grounding and connection with self. .. bring it on 🙏🏼 #thisisyoga thank you thisisyogasydney #frankincense #younglivingessentialoils #groundingmyself #selfcare #mummytime

4 2 Jul 20, 2018

| “What is one thing that was good during that time?”, he asked me. “What’s just one thing?” - He made me sit there and think about it. He made me give him an answer that also wasn’t somewhat directly associated with something sad or negative. - “You can’t tell me that over [insert event here] that there wasn’t anything good that happened.” - He was right. Even though it’s harder to see the light, it wasn’t all darkness. - And I’m so grateful, not for having gone through [said event], but to now have people in my life to remind me of the good. To have best friends who call me out on my thoughts and actions to really make me think through them -logically and positively. - #TBT to September 2015 when I could barely lift on foot in #FloatingStickPose . It’s crazy to look back and only see a different life - how much stronger you are now, how far you’ve gone and how you’ll never go back even if you wanted to. - Memories abound for #AnglesOfSummer #AloYogaChallenge - Hosted and sponsored by the lovely twistedgalpal bohemian_heart elliegriffinyoga _monette erika_yoga_and_unicorns erikafischeryoga aloyoga

56 1 Jul 20, 2018

Cuando llega el viernes 💃🏻 y sabes que vas a comer gambas 🦐 en la playa 🏖 . #mtraining #viajes #yoga #motivation

83 5 Jul 20, 2018

Yesterday I hysterically cried and deliriously laughed. Not because I was hysterically sad nor deliriously amused. Simply junk had to m o v e. The pressure cooker maxed out, the densities erupted and the flood gates swung w i d e open. The thing is when we a l l o w, let ourselves b e and say y e s to whoever, whatever, wherever we are, we move with and not against the organic intelligence encoded in our DNA. Riding the rapids and t r u s t i n g our body-raft to carry and hold us through all the wild undulations and sharp turns. The enraptured unfolding vaporises the resin, a l w a y s rivering us back into the valley of bliss. Delighting in its ability to feel anything and everything and all the things as they come and as they go. Neglecting nothing. Recklessly romancing. Lucidly intimate. This is the freedom path 💫

59 4 Jul 20, 2018

[ Wu Wei ] Action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort. Do nothing, allow yourself to be moved. Day 06 #stralayoga 300HR training. Learning to move our whole body in a wu wei, way 🤸🏻‍♀️

24 3 Jul 20, 2018

We’re getting closer! How would you like a bit of Anne Buur Studio - Yoga Wear in your wardrobe?

51 3 Jul 20, 2018

Here is a photo of me after my Admission Ceremony as a legal practitioner of WA 👩‍🏫 perthveganeats insta-asked me, “Do you miss law?” My answer: 10% yes (really just because I miss strutting it in a dress and heels 👠 in the CBD) and 90% no. Even on the first day of law school I felt it wasn’t for me but I’m not a quitter so I nerded it up and did all the summer and winter units I could to finish my degree as quick as I could to get outta there 🤓! #struggletown My previous career path: 1️⃣ I worked as a clerk for heaps of firms from first year uni all the way through. From my very first placement in medical negligence to the badass dogs in criminal law to family law serving court docs. 2️⃣ I ended up at Synergy where I worked alongside Legal Counsel for the merger. 3️⃣ The Sustainable and Business Development team recruited me and there I was pricing wholesale electricity. Lucky for me, I never needed to work long hours but the desk job really wasn’t my thing. . Formal education 👩‍🎓 is paved in a way that leads you to certain careers. 🥇Get good marks ➡️ Study med/dent/law/eng ➡️ Work full time and ‘earn’ a living even if it means missing out on finding out what our hearts truly want. I made a choice to shift my priorities before it was too late. Get in early and get out early 😅 and this changed every bit about who I am. Never did I imagine sharing with you my experiences through the arts and wisdom of this path of yoga. . 💬 The other question I get asked a lot: do you regret doing law? No. Just like in my last post, I believe every single experience happens for good reason and if not for law I wouldn’t have found yoga when I did. There’s divine timing for everything and even if it doesn’t seem so at the time, you can only do your best to always move forward with trust and leave the rest to the universe. 🙅‍♀️

88 6 Jul 20, 2018

Bring you all the #fridayfeels with these two #yogangsters mrgoldie markrhinosmith 💥💥💥 looking on fire after class with mistereley at theyogaquarter let’s get the weekend started 👊🏾 #yogaeverydamnday #thisisyoga #mendoyoga #urbanyoga #sunshinesavasana #globalyogis #teamyogangster #boom #london #innit

66 9 Jul 20, 2018

What’s stopping you from what you want to do? wanderabouts sending it on her last days in YVR

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