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🔻🔺So many patterns🔺🔻 . . . . . . . . 🌵🌴🔮🐚⛵️🏔🏜🏔⛵️🐚🔮🌴🌵 went skating all day, and now now we’re going #camping. #vanlife is the #life, having so much fun! #happy #weekend #patterns #selfie, sometimes life has its patterns and sometimes you get to make it up as you go along!! #topbun #stripes #bay for the #day #mountains by #nightfall!! #california #dreamin 🌜

17 0 Sep 23, 2018

#naturalhair #topbun

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It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Why not do both?! Break unhealthy habits while making healthy ones! ⚖️ • • Give me 21 days and I can help you do that! I can help you achieve results! Let’s create healthy habits BEFORE the holiday season! 🦃🎄 • • It’s 21 days, 30 minutes a day, with a simple meal plan! It’s the first workout program I ever completed start to finish, and I did it at 5 months postpartum. ✨ • • Interested?! Want info?! Comment below and I’ll be in touch!! I’d love to chat with you!!! 💕

17 1 Sep 23, 2018

So thankful that I rediscovered my love of books. ❤️Share a good book you’re reading.. or an audiobook you’re listening to. . . Fun Fact: In high school, a boy broke up with me because all I wanted to do was read my book. 😂✌🏾 #priorities I finished that book in 3 days. . . . #knowledge #readmore #lifelearner #motivation #leader #progress #keepgoing #fitness #saturday #topbun

44 5 Sep 22, 2018

So let me tell ya what I’ve been doing the last couple weeks that has really helped me to get things done at a higher level than I was before. . - 1) I’ve been coming straight home after work & going directly to get my workouts in. I don’t sit down, I don’t nap. I just come home, throw on my workout clothes & go out the door. The first week this was a HUGE challenge for me. I was tired & unmotivated EVERY day I did it. By the time week 2 came around I was feeling much better! I began having a shift on a cellular level. Like the kind where the new habit feels much more natural to me than what I was doing before, which, really only wasted a bunch of my time so I couldn’t get as much done & left me feeling like I had more to do & “little time” to do it. Choices y’all. You have time most of the time, probably just don’t “feel” like it, so then it creates the idea of “not having enough time.” . - 2) I’ve begun going to bed much earlier! Because I haven’t been napping or laying around after work the last few weeks, my brain & body are ready for bed at a much earlier time than the yooj. I was staying up until 12:30/1:30 most nights— even work nights! This was not working for me to help me feel my best each day physically or cognitively, so it needed to change. Insert, no mo gangster napping after work & this has shifted also! I now go to bed at a much more reasonable hour, around 1130/ sometimes 12 & now even 1030 which was unheard of for me before... who am I? 😳 lol . - 3) When I’m feeling the lack of motivation/inspiration that I need to get my ass up & moving towards my goals or whatever I want to do, I use the 5 Second Rule! So what this rule does is it helps to activate our prefrontal cortex. That thinking, feeling, decision-making part of our brain, & it repaves neural pathways to help you form new habits. I simply count down 5-4-3-2-1 & I 🚀 blast off like a rocket ship! Give this method a try next time you have something you want to get done & then force yourself on ONE to get up & go. It’s a little bit cuckoo but it works like a charm.

124 7 Sep 22, 2018

When your #styleicon unintentionally becomes your little sister, you go with it. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂🙈🖤 📸: sabrinahdz #cjlatagmail #cjlagirls #ilovecjla #cjlagraphictee #graphictee #topbun #messybun #adidas #iwanttobelikemylittlesisterwhenigrowup #reality #rachelhollisinspired #ootd #capsulewardrobe #clothes

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#REFORM community, friends, and family xo #kellys50th #topbun

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just #serving some bun today. 😊😊😊😊🙂🙂🙂☺☺☺☺ #wraps #headwraps #topbun #black #hair #updo #florals #headtie #scarf #scarfstyles

6 1 Sep 23, 2018

Yesterday, after an amazing workweek and even better afterwork meeting with my fave brand reps.💋 #Smiles4Miles #CorporateCurlyCutie #TwirlGirl #TopBun

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