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My website is up, FINALLY! ⬆️ . Head over to the link in my bio (I've been dying to say that for months 🤓). Subscribe to my blog and take a peek at my page. . You don't wanna miss the first post, so you should subscribe now (make me happy and just do it, ok?). . I won't bombard you with frequent posts in your inbox because I'm too lazy to write insightfully that often. I'll save the mindless bombardment for your Insta feed. . The blog will be very informative and occasionally nonsensical (errr, maybe I lied above). . Eccentric and authentic with a bit of (questionable) intelligence and artistry fused all into one - just like me. . Hope to see you all there 👩🏽‍🎤 . ƤƦĬƳᗛ . 📸: tayloroakesproductions 💄: blushboutiqueartistry Bts: alyssa_raye_productions . . . . Why are you still here? Go subscribe!! ⬆️

185 20 Jan 20, 2018

A lot of people get frustrated when they work with trainers and don't see results. While I get results for my clients in the first session, sometimes the best approach is to work with your dog over the course of a few weeks or months. In that case,training packages are the way to go. They ensure consistent guidance and progress, and I've designed all my new packages to mean you get to work with me at significant discounts. You can check out what's on offer by clicking the link in my bio. . . . . #yyz #the6ix #toronto #torontolife #torontopets #torontodogs #torontodog #mydogrunsthe6ix #leslieville #leslievilledogs #eastyork #doggo #rescuedogsofinstagram #torontoyoga #torontofood #yyzliving #yyzcoffee #dogsofinstagram #doglife #torontodogtrainer #torontodogwalker #parkdale #yorkville #thejunctionto #dogtraining #dogtrainer #dogwhisperer

44 3 Jan 20, 2018

My practice helped me learn to set my own boundaries through developing my mind-body connection 💆‍♀️ I used to push myself to the point of burnout, but I’ve learned how and when to be still 💖✨ Saturday, January 20: 🗓 8:00am: 90 min hot yoga 10:30: 90 min hot yoga 1:30: inferno hot pilates 3:00: 60 min hot yoga 4:30: restorative yin yoga 6:00: 60 min candlelit hot yoga #beacheshotyoga #bhyignited #yogatoronto #torontoyoga #canadianyogi #instayoga #hotyoga #bikramyoga #infernohotpilates #yinyoga

26 2 Jan 20, 2018

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar . ••••• ✨🙏✨ ••••• . Or known that you need. . . (SOUND ON) 💥 Not my typical post ... no beautiful beach ... not a prepared shot. But this is IT ... this is my yoga. . . I went to the studio after work and couldn’t get into it. Other people were talking and making jokes during class. 🙄 To be honest - I wanted them to SHUT THE F UP so I could just focus and yoga. (No fault at all of the teacher - jafferyoga you’re GREAT 😘!!) . . I picked up dinner, came home. Tired. 😔 But I had told myself I’d practice my class sequence, so I did. Didn’t really feel it. I rushed through it. Starting to get nervous about teaching again. . . And after that - almost 2 hours of yoga by this point - I forced myself to practice my pincha. Not because I wanted to (actually I really didn’t want to) but because I told myself I would today, I did. . . I did a little prep work but when it came to my hamstrings they WOULD NOT open 😖 ... I had no patience ... I could barely breathe or lower my chest at all in pyramid, a pose that normally (and especially after 2 hrs of yoga) I can bring forehead to shin with steady breath. . . I kept kicking. Nothing. Frustration. Kick. Fall. Kick. Fall. Kick. Fall. . . After about 10 mins of flopping around unsuccessfully I stopped and mentally told myself: 2 more tries each side. That’s it. Let go. Just try. It’s okay if it doesn’t happen today. It’s okay. . . And then literally the next try, this happened. . The longest freehold of my life. (There’s only ever been 3 😆 of them) . And then ... no smiles or celebratory yelp. . No feeling of accomplishment. No feeling actually. . But pure surrender. 🙏 Freedom. . Tears. Release. Gasping. . . Gratefulness - not for the hold, but for practice. . For the privilege it is to come and leave everything here, on the mat. Frustration, struggle, judgment. . . OKAY WOW 😳 RAMBLING SU!!!! . . CONTINUED IN COMMENTS 👇

327 83 Jan 20, 2018

Good morning, Toronto! Time to practice! It’s Led Primary day with me! So get up, get coffee’d & get moving! It’s been an epic start to the year. New opportunities arising, new information coming my way, guiding where I’m going. But when it all comes down to it I’ve gotta make some decisions. Change has me scared crapless of the idea of failing. Am I making the right changes or am I being safe? When it comes down to it safe isn’t a guarantee. And change is always good. So do I jump? Or do I change direction? Doors open at 715am. Class starts at 730am. See you on the mat 475 Danforth Ave - - #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #mysore #mysoretoronto #toronto #torontolife #torontoyoga #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogatoronto #fitness #fitnessmotivation #dailyquotes #sinkorswim #makeithappen #change #instayoga #squeezeyourbutt #danforth #yyz #practicepracticepractice #community

27 0 Jan 20, 2018

A super sweet human offered to pull a card for me - which ended up being 2. 👍🏼 but I have never had cards pulled or read for me. But it was a total enlightening moment as it was everything I needed to push me that much further. There will be no more fear - I mean it will be there but I won’t let it hold me back from my true potential.

34 4 Jan 20, 2018

In the last 12 years of my yoga practice I’ve learned a lot. I transformed my body and mind, taking the courage to embrace many changes and new adventures around the world, like right now, living here in Toronto, Canada. Some of these times were really tough (working on yourself requires lots of energy and focused attention!!!) but naturally afterwards I was able to find a period of rest and I absorbed the benefits. I feel the Divine in myself focused in my heart. This is a subtle beauty that doesn’t need big words to be described, it is simply made by presence and kindness for myself and for others. We live in an endless wave, we are men and women at work!!! ... The only way is to embrace the journey and to look for harmony. The good news is that luckily we are not alone in this journey, even when we think that we are ... I believe in friendship, kindness and love... thanks to joismanju and ashtanga_yoga_firenze and to all my teachers along the way for making my life more rich... BTW I am still working to make sure I don’t take myself too seriously just to smile as much as I can and hug everybody!!! Haha... call me if you need a hug! -) #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #yogalove #yogachallenge #yogamom #toronto #torontoyoga #torontolife #india #italy #italygram #yogaretreat #yogaitalia #friendship #kindness #love #aspirations #divinelife #divine #divinefeminine #toronto #torontoblogger #yogacommunity #community #sacredheart #sacred

40 6 Jan 20, 2018

#30dayyogaliving - Day 19 #ustrasana ( #camelpose) kinoyoga  omstarsofficial Bend but don't break. The camel pose, a back bend as well as a heart opener. It's important to remember to stick your hips out in this pose and to extend your back as your lean backwards instead of just dropping down. This will help reduce the chances of pinching the nerves along your spine. Use of blocks is a good way of elevating the ground to your hands if your back is not ready!

56 4 Jan 20, 2018

Follow inspiretoronto, a personal development community for GTA residents passionate about positive growth and living to their fullest potential! Today's inspiration comes from thedailyvibez. ----------------------------------------------------------- #toronto #6ix #torontophotography #blogto #mississauga #richmondhill #toronto_insta #etobicoke #markham #torontoraptors #igerstoronto #brampton #greatertorontoarea #the6ix #lovetoronto #torontoigers #416 #northyork #torontophoto #yyz #torontobluejays #greatertoronto #gta #tdot #scarborough #igtoronto #torontoyoga #torontoblogger #torontomapleleafs #torontolife

58 3 Jan 20, 2018

🔈Turn up the volume to hear the typical soundtrack of my yoga practice. Also, have you tried handstanding around an active toddler? So hard! #yogaandtoddlers

59 6 Jan 20, 2018

💓 - Strive to live this way, letting the day guide you but never letting yourself give up on your dreams.

61 5 Jan 20, 2018

Sleep, little dove, Peacefully wandering through the infinite realms Rest your wings from the wild winds Let them bellow above Calm your mind with this sweet lullaby Love is around, nestling you in its warmth For when you are awaken, A thousand mad ravens Raging above in a wild storm Shall not frighten a beautiful soul of yours Shall not break through And the magnificent light of your magic being Shall illuminate the darkest corners of the Universe 🌿 #ohdearword #yogalife #yogainspiration

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