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Always loved there're rivalry 🔥

19 1 Mar 20, 2018

JESSICA JONES: CHAPTER 12 The Black Panther took an open swing with his claws, only for the Sorcerer Supreme to step in and block his attack. A shower of sparks flew as the vibranium claws scratched against the mandalas of light. Nimble and relentless, the Panther kept his pace, landing one strike after another as Doctor Strange fought to keep his guard up. “Get behind me!” said Strange. “T’Challa is not himself!” . “Fuck it,” muttered Jessica, shoving the doctor aside. The Defender lunged forward, landing a solid kick at the Black Panther’s chest. “What the—”A purple glow streamed through the warrior-king’s body, but beyond that there didn’t seem to be any damage done. Her opponent quickly retaliated with a kick to her shoulder, sending Jessica smashing to the closest tree with a crack of trunk and bone. . “Jessica!” shouted Strange. “Stay down!” . The pain was real. This was not a dream. It had felt like she was hit by a metal beam. “Why can’t I hurt him?” . “His suit is laced with vibranium weaving,” said Strange. “He’s basically bulletproof!” . “Bulletproof, huh?” Jessica pushed herself to her knees, ignoring the biting pain on her shoulder. “I’ve beaten bulletproof before.” She cocked her head to the skies, then looked down again. “Listen, Doc. I got a plan. Can you distract His Highness for a minute?” . As the Black Panther leaped forward, he landed three consecutive kicks at the sorcerer’s magic shield. On the last kick, a ray of light blasted from Doctor Strange’s hand, blinding the warrior-king. “Whatever you’re planning, do it now!” . To be continued... 😎 #toyphotography #instanovel #fanfiction #instagood #toycrewbuddies #toydiscovery #toygroup_alliance #toycollector #toyslagram #toystagram #toysaremydrug #toyartistry #toycommunity #toyunion #jessicajones #netflix #mcu #InfinityWar #krystenritter #blackpanther #avengers #stephenstrange #doctorstrange #xmen #netflixandchill #defenders #marvellegends #marvel #studiojap

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