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Asikin aja yekann~

73 1 Jul 23, 2018

What should’ve been a routine reconnaissance mission had turned into the opposite after Rebel Spy Cassian Andor had accidentally tripped an Imperial perimeter marker. “K2, where are you? They’re right on top of me!” He whispered as loud as he could into his comms. K2SO, a reprogrammed imperial droid and close companion of Cassian’s, was back at the ship preparing for exfiltration. Cassian had known immediately that he had messed up when he kicked the small metal rod protruding from the ground, and he instantaneously prepared for a fight. As he waited for K2’s response, he took shelter in the remains of a house that had been long bombed out from the fighting. It wasn’t long before he heard the approaching sounds of Stormtrooper boots running over gravel, along with their distinct audio chatter, revealed how little they knew of the situation. “Alpha 2 this is Alpha 2-7. We are at marker niner-four-six with no signs of intruders. Preparing to conduct sweep of nearby area in search of threats and neutralize any that are found. Alpha 2-7 out”. . Cassian switched his A280-CFE off of safety and put his finger on the trigger. As usual, he was going to have to blast his way out of another jam... . #tcb_lineupducks #starwars #starwarstheblackseries #starwarsrogueone #rebelalliance #cassianandor #rogueone #stormtroopers #starwarstoyfigs #actionfigures #toysyn #toysyndicate #toycommunity #toypops2 #toyslagram #toyphotos #toygroup_alliance #toycrewbuddies

275 6 Jul 23, 2018

Cloudy | #reizstyle | #tcb_lineupducks

79 1 Jul 23, 2018

Ududdulu (merokok dulu) . . . . #tcb_lineupducks cirebontoyscommunity

79 3 Jul 23, 2018

Hyper Kabuto

92 4 Jul 23, 2018

I barely do iron man minfigure. But this one is amazing. #tga_burn #tcb_lineupducks #toyspoison_fireinthehole

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