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Looking towards 31 like, damn how’d you get here so fast?

2 1 Jun 19, 2018

Once in a while... Do one thing that scares the total sh*t out of you.. Like going ziplining with a hangover 😂 #justriobainKereita 🇰🇪

13 1 Jun 19, 2018

The Queen 💙📸

20 3 Jun 19, 2018

Un Peuple. Un But. Une Foi. 🇸🇳 🦁 • One People. One Goal. One Faith. #home #team221 #lion #teranga

16 1 Jun 19, 2018

❤Double tap if you love this lake! - 😍Fiordland National Park - 📸: jess.wandering

299 23 Jun 19, 2018

We would tell you it's a magical place but you have to see it to believe us. Don't you dream of sitting atop the highest point of Anguilla, basking in the warmth of the beautiful Caribbean sunshine, gazing at the endless blue seas decorated with magnificent boats? Listen to the gentle waves make music, the feathery sand at your feet and a glass of cold cocktail your hands. Our resort brings magic straight to you! #sunshine #visitviewfort #viewfort #luxury #luxuryresorts #luxuryestate #pureanguilla #travelnoire #travel #instatravel #luxurytravel #anguilla #thecaribbean #caribbeanluxuryservices #hospitality #scenery #blueskiesandwaters #relaxation

6 0 Jun 19, 2018

I feel like every office has 3 people who do all the work and 15 people who just walk around with salads.

13 4 Jun 19, 2018

È un posto bellissimo 📸💙

22 1 Jun 19, 2018

It’s cloudy outside, but there is sunshine in my soul today🌞✨🏵💫💙🔅🔆 #happytuesday

5 1 Jun 19, 2018

SHARING FROM A RECENT READ: • All opportunities come with an expiry date. If you don’t grab it, it’s likely going away at some point. • You won’t always have the chance to step forward to do all those beautiful courageous things. Your life, experiences and faith are your green lights/signals to Keep pushing forward. Stop looking for more signals. • Remember, no one is ever remembered for things they planned to do! • 📷: me analysing things and looking for a clear sign in the sky that may never come 🤣 • Because we need motivation on Tuesdays too #tuesdaymotivation #captionhasnothingtodowiththepicture #butithelpswiththeanalogy

19 2 Jun 19, 2018

A view of The Old City of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives. The city is surrounded by eight major gates, Herod’s Gate, the Damascus Gate, the New Gate, Jaffa Gate, Zion Gate, Dung Gate, Lion’s Gate and the one pictured to the right, The Eastern Gate, or the Golden Gate.✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is the oldest gate in the Old City, having been constructed in the 6th or 7th century AD, it is said to be the gate where Jesus entered Jerusalem from Mount of Olives.  The gate was sealed shut by Suleiman the Magnificent, a sultan of the Ottoman Empire in AD 1540–41 to prevent the Jewish Messiah from re-entering the city of Jerusalem which is prophesied. The Gate is under the control of the Arabs as is the Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock stands which is where the original Temple once stood. || #TiredOfMyBiblePostsYet #AhWell #MoreToCome

1 1 Jun 19, 2018

⬅️swipe left⬅️. In that backpack is my drone + DSLR + lenses. I put my backpack in a garbage bag, tied it up, and put it on a floatie (i overpaid €25 for, supply and demand) and swam across that body of water behind me. Just so I could go to the top of the big hill in the second pic and launch my drone and get unobstructed pics with my camera. For the love of the game. _____________________________________________________ #GoBeGreatTravels #DJIPhantom4 #Drone #DronePhotography #travelnoire #travelholic #photographerslife #travelphotography #travelphotos #blackguystraveltoo #travelbag #workhardtravelwell

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